Monday, February 18, 2008

House Warming!

Look at these too wonderful house blocks that have showed up! TOO CUTE! These were made by Janet Wermel and Paula Wychopen! They must have been on the ball with Tonya's housewarming party post because they showed up already! Paula also sent along some crumbs and ugly fabrics..just for me! *LOL* JUST what I need! :cD

Thanks Ladies! I've got to put up a design wall so I have something to pin them too..they are SO cute! :cD

Today's to do list:
Target for shoe cubbies for my closet
ENCOURAGE Jeff to pick up job applications
contact all the credit card companies etc, and change addresses
call the window people to come fix the bedroom windows

I've already taken the dogs for a long walk this morning...not as much to exercise THEM as to exercise ME! This is my goal..power walking with them each morning around 7am to get the day going.

Of course our snow is long gone, and we have SUNSHINE today! AHHHHHH!


  1. Bonnie, I'm so excited for you and your new home. I really want to participate in your house warming party, but we are also getting ready to put our house on the market and I've already packed up all of my fabric. I was only allowed to keep the supplies out for any current projects! :(

    Your new home is beautiful and its so fun to be able to watch you turn it into your own!
    Jessica from Poulsbo

  2. So glad that you received the package! And glad you liked the uglies....thanks for taking them off my hands! LOL

  3. Wow Bonnie, you have gotten so much done with the unpacking. I know how hard it is to be ruthless with fabrics though! I'm impressed! It sounds like you are enjoying your new adventure in NC -- keep on enjoying!

  4. wheee, so glad you've gotten some new houses aleady. very fun. of course mine is just halfway done. Good luck getting through your list of chores and I've got that new phone number in the address book. Hope you get some fun time to sew soon.

  5. I haven't done the no land line thing; but, I am considering it to cut cost. I have a business line land line they said that no one would take you seriously if I didn't have one) and a personal land line and a cell phone. Have you always used your cell phone as a business line? I have enjoyed your pics of your new home and hope you and your family are enjoying immensely.


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