Friday, August 12, 2005

I finished my midterm practical yesterday! YES!! I got a 98% for a hands on neuromuscular exam. So happy me. It is really stressful having instructors watch you working on a "client". I also turned in my required 50 "outside of school" massages paper work....I've had to practice on 50 guinea-pig-people, and it wasn't as hard to find that many people as I thought. Seems like people hear "free massage?" and they just come out of the woodwork and onto the waiting list :c) The term paper/case study is also turned in....so my plate is clear until next wednesday when I have another exam. A few breather days in store, and some evenings studying, but nothing like what it's been.

I came home yesterday with a desire to sew something, but not having energy for anything big. I decided the little string blocks could be a little quilt if I only made 6 more blocks...slapped on some borders, and voila, even the desire to quilt it quick hit me and it was done in no time.

I wasn't sure on thread color, and since this is small, I wanted to do something pretty to blend with all the scrappy strings, so I used a verigated rayon that goes from kind of a teal blue to pink to cream...
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  1. Morning Bonnie...the nearly finished little string quilt looks marvelous. I still like that pink..LOL. I think you are right about the inner border, it really does unite the piece. Great job !! as usual..*G*
    And WOW...98 on those hand muscles...way to go ! Enjoy your week of well earned freedom from the studying.

  2. Envy, envy, envy. Bonnie, you are so darn fast and so good. Envy, envy. Free massages, envy, envy. The quilt looks darling - very happy. Congrats on the quilt and the tests.

  3. I love string quilts, and this one looks great! I really like your quilting too...I cannot believe how FAST you work.
    Oh, and good on you for doing well on those very difficult tests. Jen


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