Saturday, August 06, 2005

ARgh Again!

I think something is up with my website, because I can't get it to open. I can't get the webhost services homepage to open either, so maybe it's a universal thing with whoever has pages hosted by global space solutions? I tried to peek at my FTP files to see if everything was there....I can't get that to connect to the server either, but I did get mail to download. Something is fishy! This makes me feel rather panicky...Mhhhhmmmm! I think it's time I get one of those USB port data storage stick thingies. The good thing is, I have been with global space since 1997 and have NEVER had a problem with them. I'm hoping it's just weekend maintenance or installing new servers or SOMETHING *fingers crossed*

So...because of this, anything I have uploaded to my blog FROM my webserver is not showing up because they are stored there, not in blogspot. Lesson to be learned? Upload pics TO blogspot, not have them linked somewhere else. I"m sorry for the pictures that have gone awol, hopefully they will be back when my web server gets whatever maintenance they are doing done. (At least I hope that is what they are doing!!!) That also means I am missing side bar stuff like the sign my guestbook, view my guestbook, email me links...*sigh*


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