Thursday, August 18, 2005

Friends graduating!

I've been in massage therapy school for 9 months now. I have 3 months to go, but they have classes graduating each quarter. Tomorrow night several friends will be graduating, leaving me behind! (but only by 3 months!)

For the last graduating class (there were only 4 from my day time classes) I made each of them a lap quilt to take with them either to snuggle up with themselves or use in their practices to keep their clients warm.

This next class is TOO BIG! There was no way to make everyone a quilt, so I was going to pass on it completely....but last night my heart was tugging at me as these friends get ready to go off into their lives, many of which I might not cross paths with again.

I had a thought......what if I took two quilts that I *WAS* going to donate to the guild's charities, and then drew from the names of all the graduating friends, so that TWO people could take home quilts from me? I think it might be fun! Might add some spark to the last day of school for them.

So last night I sewed on some labels, and this morning I took pics of these two "simply strippy" quilts. They are very fast and fun to make. I hope they like them. I know they aren't representative of alot of my work, but I figure they can be loved hard and used well, even if they aren't heirlooms. But you know what? let's face it.....these friends are NOT quilters and they are not going to judge my quilts as if they were going to Paducah or Houston!

I'll take my camera to school and see if I can get pics with the winners and their new quilts :c)


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  1. Great story Bonnie, and really great quilts..*VBS* As always !


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