Wednesday, August 24, 2005

2am...in the wee small hours

I need to post an update here. I guess the fact that Jeff is driving me nuts is a good sign? :c) His lab results are better, and the jaundice is receeding. I guess not everyone gets jaundice with mono, and that is why mono never crossed my mind when I saw him so yellow head to toe!

We went back for more blood work on monday. Things are progressing, and I think he should be fine to go back to school next monday or so. This is good, because he is driving me crazy! It's been hard to explain to him that even tho he feels fine, he has to be careful because mono is taxing on your spleen.....anyway, he's never been known thus far to ever over-exert himself, so I don't think we have to worry about his spleen rupturing.

My blood work came back negative on all counts. HOORAY! No mono for me, so I can resume school tomorrow too.

Thyroid showed on the low side of normal, but still normal. Not anemic....

I think I am just legitimately tired through and through from just pushing myself too hard. I'm going to start a vitamin supplement, and drink more water, and take better care of myself and hopefully the tired monster will go away and let the real Bonnie come out and play.

Not alot of quilting has gotten done, but I have done some deep cleaning on my house, which was much needed! I have some crumb/crazy blocks that I am turning into puss-in-the-corner blocks by adding shirting sashings and cornerstones around them. Not sure if I will set them strippy, or with alternate blocks...it was just something that I didn't have to think to hard about while adding the sashings around them.

Thanks for all the care and concern! It's nice to know someone is actually reading this stuff I post here :c)

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  1. Bonnie, you nut. You realize you are pushing yourself too hard. That's good. But your list of things to do to help doesn't include DOING LESS. Try relaxing a little. Or relaxing a LOT.

  2. Bonnie, soooo good to see you back. And am so happy that the tests are negative for you. It would be a gift to yourself and your family if you would shift gears to park or nuetral and make like a quilt..just lay there...*VBS*
    I'm anxious to see what you've been playing with..Had to go back into your archives and have another look see at that little bit crazy quilt you did back in July. A whole lot more playing is a good prescription I think !

  3. Bonnie, It's great that you aren't going to miss more of school! I look forward to seeing more quilting projects. However, please take it easy. It wears me out just reading what goes on in your day! :)


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