Friday, August 05, 2005

Comments, Guestbooks and noreply-comment@blogger.com

I had a lady sign a comment on my page....and because I have email notifications that someone has left a comment, her comment shows up in my email. In my haste, I reply to it, and only as it's sending do I realize that it will be gone with the wind because the address was noreply-comments@blogger.com Auuughhhh! (*&@#&(*&!

I wish blogger would tell you WHICH post they were commenting on when they send you this little notice. I had to scroll through everything on my blog trying to find which one she commented on. What if it was clear back in the archives?

So..I find her. I click on her name, and it tells me she has no page and no email address. I think she joined blogger just so she COULD comment? But how do I reach her back with answers to her questions? I posted a comment in reply to her comment, on a post I made long ago. I hope she can come back and find the answer :c)

It is easier for me to reply to someone who doesn't HAVE a blog if they just sign the guestbook because there is a place to put their email address if they want me to reply. I can't do telepathy. I don't know their email addresses unless they give them, and I can't send telepathic messages with the answers to their questions unless I have a way to reach them back.

Now that THAT is off my chest....I'm back to cleaning the quilting room. I bought a litle 5 drawer plastic cart thing at Sam's Club today. I put my overstock of cone thread for the quilting machine in it, and the top drawer has templates and gadgets and some idea books for the long arm as well. Can one ever have too many plastic organizer thingies? I don't think so!

A while ago someone had given me a box of thread because they thought it was what I would use in quilting. Now someone will shoot me because I just made room junking this stuff....it was HUGE HUGE HUGE industrial cones of WOOLY NYLON. Doesn't work with my kind of quilting! Oh, who knows, maybe it would in a pinch, but I don't think I want to hang on to it to find out. I need the room! Are the fiber-art police going to come arrest me? I need to condense, downsize, organize and shift things around in here. Besides that, it's just too darn hot!!


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  1. Bonnie, I don't know how you read your e mails but I use outlook and found if I position the cursor over the name of my blog in the e mail then the bottom left grey bar of outlook says which post the comment has come from,

    can you make sense of that?
    and yes it would help if the post title was included perhaps we should suggest it to blogger,


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