Wednesday, May 20, 2015

On the Streets of Florence!

If you happen to get lost, you can find a bronze map of how the city of Florence is laid out….amazing to think of centuries upon centuries of growth in this city.

And you are right, there is NO WAY to do Florence in a day.  It’s just not possible.

But it is perfect for a taste tester – a teaser, if you will – for the next time you come back, because you WILL want to come back!

We walked and walked and walked, and walked some more,and around every corner was another wonder to be seen.

I posted about the Cathedral already – but there is more!


And it was a beautiful day for walking!


Just watch out for those who stop to look up!


Street scenes and interesting building architecture!


Mid morning sun behind a castle looking roofline!


People and more people everywhere – Florence is busy on a Saturday!


Chalk masterpieces happening on the streets.  Watch where you step!


Lots of people friendly dogs out too!  Buon journo!


Statues and more statues!


Loved this!  A Children’s marionette show in the street!


Beautiful desserts on display!

I think the most fun of all was this:

We were walking toward the Ponte Vecchia and my friend Jill said “Look at this cable….those go to the sound guys over there.  This is a movie set!”  Turns out that Dan Brown’s INFERNO was being filmed in Florence on this day, and we were there to witness one of the scenes being shot on the river.

I can’t wait to see this movie to see how they worked this scene into the plot line.

When in Florence, one MUST pet the brass boar for good luck:


It’s a Florentine Tradition!


Nothing says relaxing in Florence like an afternoon side walk café, a cappuccino and a nutella broiche!

We also spent a lot of time in the Piazza Santa Cruce, photos still to follow as I am able.  The church was magnificent, wait until you see what we saw inside!

I loved this Italy trip, I can’t wait to go back!  In fact soon I will have info on our Mediterranean Cruise happening in August of 2016 and it will be the best of both worlds…cruising, sewing machines on board, and ports in Spain, Italy, and France!  It’s going to be 12 days of bliss and wonder –I'll let you know more as details firm up.

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  1. The Cruise sounds like a dream. Thanks for sharing the Pictures from your Italy Trip. The desserts look decadent! How fun to see a Movie in the Making. They probably didn't know they had a Quilting Celebrity in their midst.

  2. Please take me with you. I have never been on a cruise

  3. Loving looking at your photos of Florence as I am visiting Venice(for the second time). Haven't been to Florence but it is on my list! Italy is just so beautiful, the buildings are amazing. Walking in Venice is like walking through a well known painting. As a European we have pictures of Venice wired into our brain, so you already 'know' the landscape before you arrive.

  4. When you mention the "map" It jumps to my mind quilting was the map of freedom one day.
    Enjoy your cruise


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