Thursday, May 14, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! The road to Soldotna!

Yesterday was long. And not so fun. A girl can get tired of airports, of packing and hauling luggage, and waiting on planes that don't take take off.

But when the destination is a location as fascinating as Alaska in May, it is worth every bit of the hauling, the waiting, and the endless hours of flying to get here.
We got in after 10 p.m. last night and it was broad daylight. Thank heavens for hotel rooms with blackout shades!

Absolutely starving, we needed to grab something for dinner. With it being so light outside, you would think there would be many things open - not true. Everything looked strange as parking lots were empty and stores were closed in the daylight. But it was nearly 11pm!

Smart people were home sleeping behind their own blackout blinds.
A drive through Dairy Queen was our rescue, and we were soon eating our dinner back in the comfort of our hotel room in Anchorage.

A good night's sleep, and we set out today to do some exploring around Anchorage. We spent a couple hours at the Alaska Zoo! There were many buses of children there on school field trips and it was fun to watch their reaction to the animals.

A little bit of shopping for road trip provisions, and we are now on our way to our destination in Soldotna - my first workshop is tomorrow!

One more night of good relaxing sleep and I should be firmly in this time zone!
Blog updates will come as I am able, and they will be coming from this time zone, so you will need to remember where I am and when to look for posts!

Love from the land of midnight twilight --


  1. Even in great zoos, such as in San Diego and here in St. Louis, I always think the animals look so pathetic in their enclosures.

    Glad you are safe and sound in Alaska. Rest up. Wonder what time the sun comes back up in the morning?

  2. Oh, Soldantna is so pretty. And all of Alaska is fascinating and beautiful. Have a wonderful time.

  3. Bonnie, you said 'we' are hungry...and 'we' just got here.....did Dave go with you? Or are you talking about your host/driver?
    I lived in North Dakota and remember how it was daylight till after 10pm in summertime. Hard to get young ones to settle down at night sometimes!

  4. Anonymous10:29 PM EDT

    God bless you!

  5. Glad you are here. I just arrived in Soldotna. And for those interested, sunrise is about 5 am to orrow, though there will be light nearly an hour earlier. We love our long summer days!

  6. I love the picture of the polar bears. Thanks for all the pictures. I love them

  7. Welcome, Bonnie! It has been a LONG almost two years since you were here last. I CAN"T Wait to see you tomorrow! I am eagerly awaiting our class on" Texas Tumbleweeds! It will be a Great, FUN next two days!

  8. love love love soldotna and it has been too long since our last visit!

  9. How blessed u are to do what u love and to go do it at all these beautiful places. Loved your Italy pics.


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