Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A Little Bit Hexie Workshop!

Walk through these doors….taking in every detail.

The chandeliers.

That tile floor.

The rounded archway and the gorgeous doors ---

The history of this place!

How wonderful it is to gather here with quilters  who came from all over the USA, from Canada, and from Australia to spend a week in Tuscany together.

Yesterday morning was a slow relaxing start to our whirlwind trip here…a day to relax and sew after getting our first good night’s sleep – a morning workshop to get us started in our life long love of everything HEXIE!


What a great group!


And check out the chandeliers and that ceiling!


Jim West giving some announcements before we started --


Oh girls, you are doing SO WELL!


Check them out!




Making progress!


Happy Travelers!


Such a great start!

They will work on their projects throughout our time here…getting the center rosette finished and appliqued to their background, and then they will finish the rest by machine when they get home.


So happy to be here with these gals doing what we love best!

Love from Montecatini Terme!

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  1. so,am I lead to believe we may have a hexie mystery in the future? :-) I am thinking we may have one from Italy at least! looks like everyone is enjoying themselves!!!!!

  2. Loving all the Italy travel posts. Your selection of batik colors for the hexie project could be Venitian glass. Enjoy your trip.

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM EDT

    Oh, Bonnie......hoping that the cream, tan, and brown are your inspiration for this years mystery quilt.

  4. There is no way a hexie mystery could be accomplished in 6 weeks, so I think you are safe to ignore Wippysplace comment! :)

  5. Hey Bonnie, this must be the first time ever that people in one of your workshops have all used the same or such similar fabrics! You did a great job picking out the fabrics though. I think those are fabrics that everyone likes. I bet the finished projects (however they chose to use the hexies) will be all very different!


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