Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Day with Smith Mountain Morning!

Get a load of this shirt on Jack!

Jack and his wife Robin came to visit our workshop and say hello just before lunch yesterday ---

And there he was, in all his quilt-guy glory, wearing the crumb shirt of my dreams!

I dare you to keep your hands off of this thing….

At least I couldn’t keep MY paws off of it, I wanted to inspect every single thread embellished piece!

Take a look at the back side:


Yoke and all, no joke!

And planned in rainbow stripes!

How fun is this?  What you can’t see is that there is piping involved as well, a real feat of couture sewing at its quilted best!

Thanks for coming in to say hello, Robin and Jack ---this shirt was a highlight!


And so were THESE ladies!

Back for day #2 in Soldotna for our Smith Mountain Morning workshop from Scraps & Shirttails II


Hold them high, girls!


Show us your stuff!


Way to rock it, Quilty Girl!

((This tatoo belongs to JILL!))

It was a great day for fine-tuning our skills with the Easy Angle Ruler, Companion Angle Ruler and Tri-Recs rulers to boot!

Which reminds me....I've expanded my Quiltville Store to include RULERS!  Check it out!


Cheri’s 404 with rows coming together!


Loved seeing you girls again!

Catch you at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac next May!!

So many fun photos!  Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Smith Mountain Morning, Soldotna, AK 2015

With this workshop done ---oh, it went by way too quickly!  I am officially on an Alaskan Holiday until my next workshop day starts in Delta Junction next Thursday.

I hope to soak up lots of Alaskan Bliss over the next few unwinding days.

It started out with a walk along the Kenai River:


Around 8pm last evening.

I was still asleep too early, and I was still up at 4am this morning…..what does it look like outside of my window at 4am?


Through the screen.  TOO LIGHT! LOL!

Have a wonderful relaxing Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous11:24 AM EDT

    Stunning shirt! How did Robin do the inside so that all those seam allowances don't ravel when the shirt is worn or laundered? Underlined? Topstitched through all the layers? Thanks!


  2. Just the thing I was wondering Anonymous. A fantastic job in the making of it. Enjoy you tourist time Bonnie, you deserve it.

  3. It was a great two days with you. I had a great time and learned so much too. I lived in Soldotna for 25 years and miss it so much. I am just up the road at Anchorage but miss those quilting girls and yes, Jack. He is so fun.Glad you came back to see us.

  4. That is one awesome shirt!

  5. Bonnie, The two days WERE way too short! We are grateful to have had the time with you, and will miss you terribly until you return!

    For those of you wondering, it was not Robin who made that shirt, it was JACK! He wore it to Garden Club on Tuesday, also. AND This is only one of many. You should see the western jacket he made, and the Quilt made of ties, in a BIG Circle like a Giant Dresden Plate. He has great creativity and Robin does also! They are both members of the guild and Garden Club! Now you know a little more about this talented fellow!

  6. Wow, what talent Jack and his wife have! His shirt is beautiful. Bonnie, hope you have a wonderful resting time the next few days. Thank you for showing us your pictures of your travels.

    Take care.

  7. Anonymous4:02 PM EDT

    Loved our trip to AK two years ago - it was the best! And the HUGE veggies - all that sunlight makes them grow!
    Be sure to tell us how to sign up for May Mackinac's adventure! Ready to come there too ----

  8. Love this post. The shirt was wild, Cool tattoo and the picture of the river was beautiful.
    What's not to love about this post.
    Thanks for sharing


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