Thursday, May 07, 2009

Off She Goes..

Thanks to the comments, I did some re-thinking. I'm taking the MACHINE as a carry on, and checking my clothing bag. I'm using my wheelie case for the machine so I CAN wheel it, and just leaving the case with my mom as a bonus, or if I end up buying a bunch of stuff (doubt it but you never know) I can use the machine wheelie case to bring stuff home.

I KNOW I didn't get enough sleep last night, maybe....4 hours? urgh. So I hope to sleep on the plane, but doubt that too! :cD

I'll be back Monday night! Happy Mother's Day, Even if you have no offspring of your own, we as Quilters are always mothering someone in our lives. It's in our nature!


  1. what a nice gift!! have a safe fun trip! see ya when you return,Amy

  2. I'm glad you decided not to check the sewing machine through on the plane. Have a wonderful trip.

  3. Happy Mother's Day, Bonnie!

  4. Don't know what a troll is. Hope you have fun!

  5. Have a lovely relaxing enjoyable trip. Happy Mother's Day to you ~ TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Safe travels.
    I hope you have a great time reconnecting with your family.
    Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Sewing,

  7. That is beautiful country (coming from a gal from WV that is a huge complement. We don't often tell people that where they are from may be any where near "almost Heaven" lol.)
    But I do have to ask...brace yourself...did anyone else notice the name on the large grave stone. Looks like YOUREN, and that is all I can read. Was the picture taken with that name in the shot intentionally? It reminded me of my cousin Bobby...oldest cousin. At picnics he would go around with a stray glass of iced tea asking "Is this youren, urine?"...how ever you want to spell it, and no he didn't talk using country/slang words reguarly(his mom would have swatted him). The picture of the people in the river has left me with a question too. What are they "gathering" from the river? dynamite fishing, the cooler turned over and the beer/soda is floating away? Sorry, just an over active imagination today. I'm sure you will enjoy your trip. There is nothing like family...good and bad.
    debbie sorry so long

  8. Have a nice trip. This is a really nice machine, and I'm sure that your mother will enjoy it. Lovely photos except for the cemetery--

  9. Did you see me waving at you as you flew over Utah???
    Hope you had a great time! The weather has been beautiful here, and will be all weekend I believe!

  10. Happy Mother's Day!!!!

  11. Have a great mother's day and hope you enjoy getting together again with your family, I know its hard. Can't wait till you get back so we can see pictures.

  12. It is a great idea that you are going to take it on board. A friend was bringing a machine from TX to NC. She had it packed by the Packing Store to be sure it was properly done. The airline refuse to check it. She had to have someone mail it!

  13. Have fun, be careful...enjoy!!


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