Monday, June 16, 2008

We have a "BOOK AVAILABLE" date!!

According to my editor,Jenifer, we have a projected "available to the public" date as somewhere close to September 1st!

I'm thilled with knowing that I can finally tell you "WHEN" you can expect to see it.

Close to Labor Day is perfect, because I certainly feel like I've been IN LABOR this whole time!

I think I'm even experiencing that "nesting" response, because I've been in a cleaning frenzy since yesterday. I've gone through the whole basement, cleaned out shelves and closets and rearranged fabric, and sorted scraps, taken care of the huge pile of paper work that piles up on my desk.

The previous owner decided to "clean up" the look of the basement by painting the "mud room" half of the concrete floor WHITE. Can we say cleaning nightmare? Even scrubbing doesn't get it clean. But I tell you what, a solid cool concrete floor feels good on hot summer bare feet :c)


  1. A white floor in a mud room...ok, they were obviously deranged. Get thee to the home improvement store woman and get another color!!! lol

    Looking forward to the book!!

    Lori in VA

  2. very excited to hear about the book!
    I will try and be patient!!

  3. I'd like to have my copy autographed, please ;)

  4. Anyone taking pre-orders?

    And I'd LOVE to have an autographed copy to go along with the quilts that you've quilted for me...

    SO very exciting!

    (and I would be headed for the paint store... medium shade but NOT white on a floor!)

  5. I want a book also autographed! I feel like I am in labor too.

  6. Where is the line! I'm going to be ordering one also!

    And so the rest of the world knows, YOU, yes Bonnie From Quiltville.com is the inspiration for starting my blogging life, as well as adding to my quilting life! Yeahhhhh!

    Where can we order it?

  7. Woo Hoo!!!!

    A couple of questions, what is the title, and who is the publisher???
    Should we preorder it somewhere, or wait to get autographed copies from you????

    Can you tell I'm anxious to get my hands on your book?? :-)

  8. Oh WOW!!! That would be great if it was ready for your visit here to Pennsylvania in October. Crossing my fingers for you Bonnie!!!



    who's publishing it? We need to pre-order :)

  10. Congratulations on your soon-to-be-published book. I can't wait for it to be released! You can bet it will be on my pre-order list!

  11. our previous owners put down "WHITE" tile in the kitchen and hall just before we bought the home... what a stupid choice. I hate it b/c it is so high maintence to keep looking clean.

    So glad to see a date for September - You’re hilarious about the "Labor" remarks :) I know your 1st book baby is gonna hit the charts BIG time!!!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  12. Congrats!!!! So exciting - I can't believe how quickly this has all happened.

  13. ooh, that's so exciting - can't wait

  14. YAY! I can't wait to buy your book. It doesn't seem like it's been that long since you started it (but then, I'm not the one that was working on it either! Congrats!

  15. WOOHOO!!

    Congrats and yes, I would like one autographed too! :-)

  16. Count me in, too! I would like to buy one of your books!


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