Sunday, February 03, 2008

One Down...Five to go!

Here are some pics of my first panel!

I have had lots of questions on how I decide what goes where. Basically, I don't decide! I just do things randomly. I do know that I be sure that I don't end the panel with two light strips, or two strips that are the same fabric..because when you join the panel into a loop, well, you'll see why!

I also found that the longer panels can be unweildy...so this last panel I didn't sew it into a loop before cutting it into strips. I folded it first, sliced my 6 subcuts...left one subcut un-looped, and then sewed the remaining 5 into loops. I just found that I got straighter squares this way. But whatever works for you..works for you!

My friend Charlotte is on her way over to sew too! Her daughter and my son are an "item" and it is so fun to have my son's girlfriend as my own quilting friend!

I'm setting up a table for her to work on her project while I work on my bargello. We might order pizza later or something...

Back to the machines!


  1. I love the plaids.

    Thanks for the tip on cutting before sewing the loop. I'm not there yet, but I was already worried about it.

  2. Love the plaids also. I am sewing the border on my Scrappy Bargello. I am imagining all the quilters out in blogland, and elsewhere, who are sewing away on their tops today. What a great feeling, all this bargello madness. I had this same togetherness feeling while sewing my Carolina Crossroads as well. Thanks Bonnie for making this all happen. YAG!

  3. Mmmm - I am loving how it looks!

  4. It's 4:20pm west coast time. I'm just back from a brisk walk and ready to go at it again. It took me awhile to "get into it" to get a handle on it, but now that I see what needs to be done, I'm enjoying it. HOWEVER, I won't have my top border-ready today. Life is happenin'. I hope you have your top ready to go for your trip! Thanks again for your inspiration, encouragement, instruction--and yes, challenging me to stretch beyond my comfort zone.

  5. Okay, Sophie understood what you meant when you gave us the tip on cutting before sewing the loop. I'm new to quilting, and that tip went completely over my head. I would love to have photos of that if you do it again. I love the way your finished quilt looks in the later blog. I never seem to have the right colors, but hopefully before too long, things will come together and I'll know more about how to pick my colors. You said you don't pick and choose, you just make sure you don't have two light colors at the end. But that cannot be true - it looks so well-thought out.


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