Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Cutest Cake Ever!

My little sister is a great mom! Sometimes I think she is a better mom than I ever was, but that's all hindsight and nostalgia talking I think!

But I have to show you this darling castle cake she made for my neice Kelli's 6th birthday! She wrote:

Kelli just had her 6th birthday on Sunday. We had a party with Mark's family right after church. She wanted a unicorn party, complete with castle cake--so guess what I was doing up until the last 30 minutes before we left for church...it wasn't showering!!!--though I did eventually get there. :o) I think the cake turned out pretty well! I'm including a picture so you can see--by the way, that's supposed to be a misty moat of blue cotton candy all around the back of the castle--this is apparently what happens to cotton candy if left out for three hours on a kitchen counter. Who would have thought!!! It was completely melted down by the time we came home. I was so excited by the epiphany I had on Saturday night, trying to figure out how to stabilize the castle towers--it was late & I really didn't want to whip up a batch of royal icing/glue, and decided to melt some of that almond bark (left over from Christmas)--the white candy coating. It worked wonders! I was so excited about it, I decided to keep it in mind when gingerbread houses start popping up & the kids start saying it's time to make one--or at least one of the graham cracker kind! :o)

I'm so proud of Joy...what a wonderful woman she has grown to become, and I am so lucky to be her big sister. And that's my brother in law Mark holding the camera :c)

I can't believe Kelli is 6 already....seems yesterday she was just a baby! I do have to tell you this, looking at this pic makes me realize just how much my niece looks like my sister!! They are the spitting image of each other. My sister Joy and I are 16 years apart. I was in high school when she was born. And here she is a mother of 3 with #4 due in about 6 weeks..I better get working on her baby quilt (it's another girl!!)time is running out to get it done before the baby's arrival! :c)

I'm having a great time in the Atlanta area. The star struck class went great today! We had 20 stitchers, lots of good food and laughter and conversation and the hum of machines and lots of progress!

Tomorrow is the Scrappy Bargello class....I'm working hard to get the binding finished on that tonight! *LOL* They may just have to deal with it 3/4 bound in the morning....but hey, at least it is off the quilting machine!

Would you believe it was SNOWING here in Georgia this morning? And it never got out of the 30s all day? This is SO nuts. And I am so ready for spring. The poor pansies were shivering in their flower beds....nuts!

Okay...off to do some more stitching! If I don't fall asleep first. More updates later!


  1. I love the cake. Isn't it wonderful when our kids grow up and become awesome parents? What part of Georgia is it snowing in? I have family in Coopers outside of Miledgeville. They haven't said it is.

  2. What a cool idea using icecream cones for turrets. Glad to hear you're having fun in Atlanta. Wish you could do a workshop in Germany. I'm sure you'd have a full class.

  3. Time marches on, I have similar feelings to yours; being with my daughter in her home as she "feathers her nest" for her expected baby. Oh, my... wasn't that just ME getting things ready for HER? God is so good! I'm happy that your classes are going well and that you continue to inspire and excite quilters as we all endeavor to leave our mark and blanket the world with quilts!

  4. I'm the little sister and my older sister had her first child when I was 14........he's 41 now and I love being a great Auntie to his 3 wonderful girls.
    I get to make them quilts and spoil them all I want.
    But this year I'm going to be the grandma!!!
    Life is good :0)

  5. How fun, what a wonderful cake! Great idea for the ice cream cones. I hope you are enjoying teaching!! Your scrappy bargello is awesome in plaids.

  6. What a great cake! I'm still hunting down a border for my bargello. Even my Dh likes it! I'm gong to use up the remaining strips to make a carry bag with my teenage sewing group this week. I told them when their seams get a bit more even they can try a bargello.

  7. This is the most beautiful cake I have ever seen. What a Blessed little girl. Thanks for sharing.


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