Saturday, February 23, 2008


SO...put new brushes in the motor, and the motor still has the slows...Guess I need a new motor! Didn't really want to go through this. Don't have time to go through this...whhaaaa.

Here I am editing this...because the wahhhhh has turned into WEEEEE!!

Something told me to just keep running the machine. I cleaned it, I oiled it, and even tho the new brushes weren't kicking up the speed...I just kept running it. Little by little, I heard the speed increasing!

My blonde conclusion is this...the motor brushes form the end of themselves to the motor shaft or whatever it is they brush up against. They get "concave" to make good contact.

The new brushes were squared off at the end, and maybe not getting enough contact to get good power...but as I ran the machine and ran the machine, they started to form themselves to what they needed to. Miraculously...blonde reasoning or not...I am back up and running!

I was going to pick out the "too big" stitches, but decided to leave them. it represents something significant in my life right now...that sometimes, even if we are slower than we we feel should be, we gotta keep plugging away at it, until we can fly :c)


  1. Sounds like the move took its toll... :-(

  2. So sorry that your machine has the blahs-that's saddening and maddening! Hope all the squishies distract you and put a smile back on your face.

  3. a profound moment stitched into eternity - love it!!!

  4. Yeah! Glad your machine is running! I've been sitting here reading blogs all morning. If you are quilting your Bargello, then I'm off here to quilt mine. It's loaded on the frame, just couldn't the inspiration. Thanks for the kick-start Bonnie!

  5. Good for you for keeping at it Bonnie. I love that you're so in tune with your machine ... I've never noticed ... but have you named it?

  6. the "wrong: stitches tell a story and everytime someone askes for an explenation of the "why are there those strange looking stitches?" you can remember this and have a great story about learning and blondthinking to tell!

    hugs from the Netherlands

  7. Glad it turned out to only be the brushes. The move isn't always gentle on our machines no matter how we pack them! The quilt studio looks great...love the fireplace!

  8. Bonnie-Bonnie-Bonnie
    I am a new viewer of your blog site, but have been frequenting Quiltville for a couple of months now. It has ONLY become obvious how ADHD you MUST be! Oh My Goodness! Not ONLY are you completing a complete move, but from what I've read from your last month's blogs, you've completed quilt tops, you've "felt" every one of your overly abundant fabric pieces (OH, what a stash!) and organized them BEAUTIFULLY in your sewing area, you've ditched the house to go "new-city" hunting and found yet MORE things to place into your new house (BTW--the chairs ARE adorable).

    But what amazes me MOST is that you are still 100% faithful to keeping the rest of the world up-to-date with your progress with your consistent (and photogenic) blog site. Holy buckets! I could start to idolize you!

    DON'T feel so guily about the nap you took the other day. IT WAS WELL DESERVED!

    A new faithful follower

  9. Engineer husband says your blonde conclusion was right on. He also said the brushes should be properly contoured to make the connection in the first place, not inappropriately squared off. Hmmm... this might just be something we "deal with" in the future? I had to laugh at the thought of that. I hope to see you soon.

  10. Hope that the 'beasty' behaves. I know how frustrating it can be when the machine your working on is NOT working. Good luck ,,,,

  11. To Skattebo:
    My ADHD is put to good use. You nailed it. I never knew what it was until my sons were diagnosed. No one had a "NAME" for it when I was a child. I was just considered "busy". But always busy in a constructive way, not in a way that people think of ADHD kids.

    My oldest son is now 24. He is ADD...but he has learned to manage it and use it to his advantage. He is a great young man.

    My youngest is ADHD..he has more problems and issues with learning, etc. But in the long run, if he learns to reign it in and channel it in a positive way, he can accomplish great things!

    I don't think of ADHD as a disability...but as an extra-ability!


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