Thursday, July 19, 2007



I had a client reschedule this afternoon..so I don't have to go in for another hour or so. Fine with me! I needed to do some cleaning and sorting in the quilting room...before the piles overtook me. (Yes it does happen!)

I had pulled out a bunch of border fabrics for the pineapple blossom...got Jeff giving his input....the pink? No...okay..how about the aqua with blue squares? No? okay...maybe this deep purple? Yes..the deep purple got his vote, and I was fine with it so deep purple it was. But then that left refolding and putting back all the other fabrics that I didn't use.

I'll get a pic of the top as soon as the sun is down far enough in the yard. Maybe tonight.

I did have a piece big enough for a backing, and I feel quite righteous getting that OUT of the stash :cD

So..back to the folding and putting away.....I came across the baggies of bonus triangle squares that were left from the piecing of the plaid star struck. SCADS of them! I knew I had more baggies of these kinds of bonus triangles around, but I was unaware how many!! I got them out...and had to take a pic. These are from several projects, but because the projects used the same corner square triangle technique...they are all going to finish at the same size...

After the pic...I found ANOTHER bag! These gold/black ones are from the Road To Camp Gravatt quilt!

The last quilt I did that used these goodies was my Ocean Waves. I'm now looking for a pattern that will use these little 1/2 sq triangle squares as a leader/ender project. It never ends! There is always more to sew, more to use up, and I love every minute of it!

Charlotte and I have talked about ways that we can get together and do this mindless kind of stuff...the pressing and trimming of these little squares is enough to drive me batty....BUT....if we rented a couple of chick flick DVDs..and sat there and watched with TV trays, with some good company and some distraction (can you say Matthew McConaughey?? I think these little guys can be pressed and squared and ready for use! Anyone want to join us? :cD



Julia said...

If you are watching Matthew, I would love to join you. hmmm, quilting and great eye candy at the same time, can life get any better than that. LOL

YankeeQuilter said...

Throw in some chocolate and I'll beat a path to your door!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I wanna come too! (though personally I'd go with Hugh Grant...) Lots of fiddly work, but then you'll be on your way to an amazing quilt.

Kathy Wagner said...

Sounds like heaven to me!!
Love the photos of your baggies of peices...I have lots of those too!

iris said...

I wish I can join u, happy quilting

iris said...

I wish I can join u, happy quilting