Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lucy's Dad

I finally heard from Lucy this morning. When I hadn't heard from her for several days, I knew things were drawing to a close. She writes:

"My dad passed away on 2 July 2007 !

I try to write you later more about everything but I have so much to arrange . It is all such a nightmare. There is so much to arrange at this moment. I try to mail you later this day.......

After a post on my blog I am off to my dad's house

a crying Lucy"

I haven't lost a parent, but I have lost grandparents, a cousin, and my infant daughter. Even when you think you are prepared for it, you aren't.

Lucy said she had been receiving mysterious squishies in the mail! I hope that lets her know that we are carrying her burdens with her. We will help lift her up.

Prayers and thoughts and well wishes from around the world to Lucy and her family.



Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You are truly a compassionate friend, what a treasure to be a blessing for those who need you right now. A lovely, heartfelt tribute post.

Judy said...

You are exactly right, even when you expect it...it's still a shock.