Friday, June 01, 2007

Getting There.....

Pain meds make me loopy. Without pain meds, I have too much mouth pain to function...so it has been a fairly loopy day! Most of my swelling is in my upper lip and on the underneath side of that lip...and goes up behind my nose. Hard to explain...and definitely hard to get an ice pack where I really need it to be.

I slept a good part of the afternoon again, and then decided after a soft rice and chicken dinner that I could start sewing the star blocks together for the raffle quilt. it went fairly fast since all the pieces were cut and I was mindlessly chain piecing, just feeding things pretty brainlessly underneath the presser foot. Man I love that seam guide! Even loopy sewing turns out straight with a good seam allowance!

Here I have the blocks laid out on the floor. I need some more solid black for the setting triangles, so I can't get any farther than this right now. Is it starting to look like the diagram??



  1. It looks absolutely fantastic! Maybe you should sew loopy more often! LOL! Just teasin'. I hope you feel better in the next day or two!

  2. Just beautiful. Will this a pattern on your site?

  3. It's looking just amazing Bonnie - you're doing a wonderful job! I hope you get some relief from your aches soon. Hopefully you'll be good as new in no time!

  4. It looks absolutely amazing! The lucky person who wins this one will get a real treasure.

  5. It certainly is Bonnie and is truly beautiful - well done with battling on with the mouth and not stitching over your fingers in the haze!

  6. Bonnie it is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

  7. If this is how beautiful you work under the influence of ... medication ... I want some too! I would have just crawled into my bed and stayed there feeling sorry for myself, with a little boo hoo'ing to add to the mixture.

    Your work is amazing - you are too! Hope you're feeling all better very soon. This quilt is turning out gorgeous. Thanks for the post, even though you might not be feeling your best.

  8. Anonymous4:48 PM EDT

    ohhhh--love it. Hope you feel better soon.


  9. It just sparkles and dances. And this is for a raffle? If I had made this one it would be very hard to part with.

  10. Bonnie, Just a question... What kind of foot are you using to get a perfect seam-allowance? I bought a plastic one for a "perfect quarter-inch" thinking it would help but it doesn't help at all! (GORGEOUS quilt, BTW!)
    Thanks, J.

  11. It looks perfect! It's the fabulous colors of the 4 patches. If those weren't so bright and colorful it could have ended up dull. But NO! They sparkle!

  12. What a gorgeous pattern! Stunning work.


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