Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wanting to help somehow...

The destruction from Hurricane Katrina is worse than I could have ever pictured in my mind. I've been watching the weather channel and CNN....and as things unfold I realise just how easily it could have been me, or you, or someone that we knew.

People have lost everything....so fast! We think we are safe here in America, and that our worst enemy was some group of people in the middle east or far away.....but nature's wrath is unequalled, and always will be.....

I thought of how people made quilts for the survivors of 9-11 and for the sunami survivors, and for the service men/women in Iraq. I thought maybe there was something for that for Katrina so I went searching.

I checked out the article on http://www.quiltzine.com/ but the quilts are not to even be collected until NEXT APRIL!? Does anyone know of any thing being set up to get quilts to people before then?

I guess until we know, the best thing we can do is just start on the quilts now, knowing there will be a place to send them when someone sets it up, as it is too soon into the aftermath for something to be arranged yet?

With Labor Day holiday this coming weekend, I think I'm going to 'retreat' at home on some lap quilts to be donated as soon as I have a place for them to go to.

Anyone want to join me?

(grumbling as she watched the price of gas go up another 20 cents over lunchtime)


  1. Bonnie - Funny you should mention this! I was sitting here thinking the same thing.

    I just got an email from AQS, that they are collecting quilts to be sent to Katrina victims. If you go to the American Quilter's Society webpage I am sure they have more info!

    Sarah N

  2. I'll join you Bonnie,and be happy and proud to do so. It's not like we don't have the fabric and the ability. It boggles my mind to watch the coverage, and know that tommorrow, Sept. 1st, there is NO place for direct deposit OR mailed social security checks to arrive. Think about that one ! No banks up and running, no electricity for ATMs, how in the heck are those people going to get their funds to use for things they need?And can you get meds or even diapers without money? It's just one tiny element of a HUGE problem, but as a retiree it's an important part of my life. So I guess we do what we can, here where we are, for now.


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