Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Real Life Stuff....

The washing machine went out this morning. UGH! Wouldn'tcha know it...right in the middle of a white load with bleach added....during the agitation the agitation stopped (leaving me extremely agitated!), was making a horrible grinding noise....and I had to rush downstairs to see what the commotion was, and shut it off. I had to call two repair places before I found one who could actually make a house call within the 24 hour/7 days a week time frame that their yellow pages ads promised! Must be a run on washer repairs going on in SC this time of year.

In the back of my mind looms the question.....is the washing machine doomed, or is it fixable? It's about 7 years old and has been used heavily through teenage boys and the rest of us. Is there such a thing as lighting a candle for an appliance on the blink that needs to last just a bit longer? If so, I'll light one!

Repair guy should be here by 11am....this is another test, to see if they actually show up.

Things are interesting with an extra teen in the house. I'm having to retrain things like "dishes are not to be parked in the sink, they go in the dishwasher...." And it seems like because the new kid doesn't KNOW this rule, it has the same effect on my son as if HE never knew it before either? Maybe Jeff is too embarrassed to let his friend know that he KNOWS that dishes go in the dishwasher. Maybe it's a sign of being mommy-whipped if you DO put your dishes in the dishwasher without asking? Makes you less of a man? Can't let our friends see that...we'll just pile them in the sink and really be macho! *grumble*

The weather here is just jungle hot. I can't explain it any better than this....come home from my morning walk just soaked and dripping. It zaps the energy out of you so badly that I've been falling asleep exhausted on my feet by noon, having to take a nap before I can go on with the rest of the day. Ceiling fan blowing on my hot self the whole time.....I'm talking dead to the world deep sleep for a nap in the middle of the day. Oh, I can't wait until fall comes!

That's the extent of the excitement around here. I did get the binding machine sewn to the front of the midterm mayhem little quilt, just haven't started the hand work to stitch it down to the back yet. Just plain too hot and exhausted!

Exam in school tomorrow....lateral torso compartment. Did well on the quiz on it last week, this is the exam exam this week. I've got the origins and isertions of the muscles down, just need to review on the actions of each muscle. (extends and rotates head to same side, medially rotates and extends humerus, flexes and laterally flexes trunk...etc.) I learned by a question I got wrong on a previous test that flexion and LATERAL flexion are not one and the same thing and you have to specifically differentiate between the two. Just because something laterally flexes (to the side) doesn't mean that it does regular flexion (front/back) UGH. And this is probably more about muscles and their actions than you want to know at this time....so I'll put this on hold and let you get back to reading about quiltie things :c)


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