Friday, August 12, 2005

I finished my midterm practical yesterday! YES!! I got a 98% for a hands on neuromuscular exam. So happy me. It is really stressful having instructors watch you working on a "client". I also turned in my required 50 "outside of school" massages paper work....I've had to practice on 50 guinea-pig-people, and it wasn't as hard to find that many people as I thought. Seems like people hear "free massage?" and they just come out of the woodwork and onto the waiting list :c) The term paper/case study is also turned in....so my plate is clear until next wednesday when I have another exam. A few breather days in store, and some evenings studying, but nothing like what it's been.

I came home yesterday with a desire to sew something, but not having energy for anything big. I decided the little string blocks could be a little quilt if I only made 6 more blocks...slapped on some borders, and voila, even the desire to quilt it quick hit me and it was done in no time.

I wasn't sure on thread color, and since this is small, I wanted to do something pretty to blend with all the scrappy strings, so I used a verigated rayon that goes from kind of a teal blue to pink to cream...
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Finn said...

Morning Bonnie...the nearly finished little string quilt looks marvelous. I still like that pink..LOL. I think you are right about the inner border, it really does unite the piece. Great job !! as usual..*G*
And WOW...98 on those hand muscles...way to go ! Enjoy your week of well earned freedom from the studying.

Tonya R said...

Envy, envy, envy. Bonnie, you are so darn fast and so good. Envy, envy. Free massages, envy, envy. The quilt looks darling - very happy. Congrats on the quilt and the tests.

Scrapmaker said...

I love string quilts, and this one looks great! I really like your quilting too...I cannot believe how FAST you work.
Oh, and good on you for doing well on those very difficult tests. Jen