Thursday, August 18, 2005

Awesome Day!!

Today at school we had guest instructors and we spent the whole time with class discussions and hands on demos by these guys. One was the owner of Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy....there are currently 6 campuses throughout the south east I think...It was so great to meet him and learn his story, and watch him in action. I know practice is the key to anything and the more I get my hands on people and familiarize myself with what I'm feeling without seeing, the better intuition I'll have. I think it's kind of like quilting in a way. I know I can thread that bobbin and insert it in the quilting machine, underneath the quilt, without ever looking and I'm right dead on because perception increases with practice. I started out having to replace the bobbin under there by peeking under the quilt....making sure everything went just so. Now I can just reach under there blind and it's like nothing at all to replace that bobbin. I'm looking forward to being that perceptive about what I feel when I have my hands on treating people through massage therapy.

Having the drawing for the quilts today was really fun too! I wish I could have done one for all of the graduates, but there was just too many of them for that to be feasible or even obtainable and realistic....so collecting names from everyone, and having the instructor draw the names was very fun :c)

The pics I got aren't the greatest, but I did get pictures! I was really touched by the big hug I got from Shaun when his name was drawn! He is such a big guy, but quiet and gentle. I think that's the most open I've seen him ever! (Quilts have a way of doing that to people?)



  1. What a great idea to draw names for the quilts! I liked both quilts and I like the pattern, too. Is there a place online that gives instructions on this pattern?

  2. Congrats on the 9 months down, and only 3 months to go. And what a great idea to "gift" some of the class, even if you couldn't do one for everyone. Makes it all the more special, and truly a "chance" win for those who did..Super !!

  3. I got the idea from some other quilts I had seen, some antiques on ebay, and some browsing through webshots.com. All I did was sew a bunch of random 3.5" strips end to end into one big long length. Decided how wide I wanted the center panel to be...cut strips that length, rearranged them, sewed them all together letting the seams fall where they may (completely maverick!), added a contrasting inner border (2.5" cut I think) and two more rows of outer border with the remains of the same long 3.5" strips I had chained together. It was a real no brainer, and I'll do more for sure!


  4. What a nice thing for you to do, Bonnie! Where you find the time, I don't know. Let me know when it's *MY* turn to use the Superwoman cape though, 'kay? :o)


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