Monday, March 04, 2024

Sew Much Quilty Through The Weekend!

Would you just look at this?  

Do you see short sleeves and sunshine? 

Wasn't my last photo post of ice coated trees and bushes?

I should have titled this post "Me and My Big Mouth." HA!

But since I mentioned I was going to be quilting my little March Mini Charm Challenge quilt on Saturday (It's small - how long could it take?) the hint of "They are ALL small, how long could it take?" was joked about, and before I knew it - I had a plan to quilt one after the other  - 5 in total - at the same time.

All with one big piece of the same backing -

And a great way to use up batting scraps I'd had laying around.

This first one was Sharon's - the challenge she had finished previously and brought to retreat as an example of what can be done with mini charms plus some added fabrics.

Then came Michelle's table runner.

All of our mini's had brown/tan in them so this backing fabric worked - and now it's OUT of the stash.  Hooray!

I kept the quilting design the same - for simplicity.

This is Tonni's.

Followed by Jennifer's!

And finally - mine!

Click to Play

A quicky quilty project issued with a challenge is just the thing to boost morale and inspire creativity!

And as to that binding - do you think I really waited?

Nah - I took a deep breath, grabbed the time and sewed it on.

It's finished - but it's at the QPO as I write this at home, so I'll get a finished photo later today.

There were a few others jumping in by Saturday evening - working on their challenge projects as well so today I'll be quilting up a few more quickies.

It's a great way to start a new week!

My Indigo Way mug came from Zazzle!

Thanks, Forest Jane!

This is the 15 oz size - you can click to choose your size.  I'm a big mug girl, and I cannot lie.

These bugs are heavy and solid.  I love them. And there other other items you can place our logos on, and there are logos from previous year's mysteries as well.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Start the daily practice of not letting the little things bother you.
If the little things ruin your day, what's going to happen when the big things come along?
It's Monday and a brand new week. What's ahead for you?

Have a marvelous Monday, everyone!



  1. Anonymous9:42 AM EST

    I’ve made two of these table toppers since you posted your video. So cute and easy to make. Thanks for sharing. Love your videos!

  2. Lynn in Australia10:37 AM EST

    Today's blog was therapeutic to me, I am working on a large appliqué quilt & today prepped the final 24 border blocks but I am fed up with the sight of this quilt so the thought of making a small project just to be able to do some machine sewing for a while was just what I needed so thank you to the March mini charm challenge 💖

  3. Anonymous10:46 AM EST

    I have three mugs now!!

  4. Brilliant running those little quilts through on one backing :0) Plus your quilting guest will have a real fun with bragging rights that " Bonnie Hunter quilted my little quilt". Enjoy the sunshine...SPRING is coming!

  5. Oh, what fun, little projects!! And so thoughtful of you to quilt them all up for them. Something extra special for each gal to remember the fun that was had that weekend. We are enjoying warmer temps as well... we got our garden started this past weekend. As for this week; it's the last one with my kiddos at this school district. I am changing jobs after our Spring Break. New, exciting things in my future! But, I will miss the kiddos. I hope everyone has a great week! :)

  6. Anonymous1:12 PM EST

    Love the mugs…but I hope no bugs!

  7. Maybe one of these cute little projects would help my morale. Everyone's is different and so fun.


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