Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Bye Bye, March Quiltvillians!

The best sunny day for photos came on Saturday -

We had folks leaving on Monday morning and Sunday I had evening plans.

So we got to work with what we've got to work with and make it count.

But look at that blue sky!  It was definitely a turn for the better as compared to the days previous where we had to even light the fire in the Quilting Quarters fireplace for a bit of cozy warmth.

Soaking up some vitamin D!

Sharon's Tumbler quilt, and the mini-charm challenge that started it all - followed by Michelle and her mini charm challenge, and Barbara's newly completed Bear Branch top.  So pretty in the sun!

Two Indigo Way finishes, a mini charm challenge, and a gorgeous Silk Path top!

Triangles top completed - a water color quilt, cute hearts and a blossom top!

And what's that Jennifer is holding?


Yes, because alterations sometimes have to happen even at retreat. (Who says quilters don't mend?)

Along with the two Indigo Way quilts, we also have a Triple Treat finish and a framed four patch!

First batch of mini charm challenge finishes!

Cute zipper pouch!

And a darling bag!

Plans are already underway for next year's challenge.  SHARON!  Just what have you done now?? LOL!

Group phot happened Monday morning -

In the fog!

Thanks, ladies for a marvelously fun week - we'll see you again next March, challenge or no challenge!

Some were asking yesterday what this doo-hickey that Barbara had in her hand was.  You haven't seen one of these? They are a life saver when it comes to hand quilting!

It's a needle puller. They come in various colors.  The one I own is yellow.  As a hand quilter - these are WONDERFUL!

Here's a red one -

I have added them to the Quilting All the Time category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.  

Direct link HERE. #ad

This morning I'm out the door for a blood draw appointment.

I'm a big hangry.  Breakfast will be coming with me as I'm not a happy camper when I have to have a fasting appointment and nothing but black tea with no sweetener before going. (Can't stand black coffee but need SOMETHING hot in the morning to get going.)

Gail's Quilt Buddies are arriving this afternoon and I'm going to see about starting in on the borders for the Ladder Star quilt today.

For those wanting clarification on the Quiltmaker issue containing Ladder Star in my Addicted to Scraps column - you can always click the Addicted to Scraps column tab at the top of the blog.  Click the link beneath each block to take you to the corresponding Quiltmaker Page containing info on the block and the issue to purchase digitally.

Direct link to  Ladder Star lock magazine info HERE.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage Star quilt found in Texas.⁣

Live life your way, stick to your gut, follow your heart, and stop worrying about what other people think.
I know it's not always easy.
Sometimes I start second-guessing myself because I don't tend to follow the latest quilting trends
I sew with fabric that is sometimes 20 to 30 years old, I'm not following manufacturers or designers on a regular basis. ⁣
I love the stash I have curated over my 40 years of quilting.
I may quilt to a different drummer, but in the end I make what pleases me, what speaks to my heart and that's what really matters to me.
Do what you love and make no apologies!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Old, Old Quilter9:02 AM EST

    Glad to see the explanation of the needle puller - will have to check this one out for sure. Have been using a pair of needle nose pliers for the last 50 years or so.

    1. Anonymous11:37 PM EST

      Does anyone know if the needle puller is a right-handed tool? Or does it work for us lefties, too?

    2. Anonymous8:35 PM EST

      just ordered one, so hope it can be used left handed!

  2. Thank you Bonnie, for your up front thoughts. I learned long ago to not worry about what others think, although sometimes I slip! Your blog and the dedication that goes into doing it every day are greatly appreciated. I did a daily blog, but it got to be overwhelming, so now it is weekly, or whenever I have something to say. Thanks for all you do for the quilting world.

  3. Anonymous10:03 AM EST

    Just ordered the needle puller. Thanks. Kathy

  4. This is great advice. All of us need to do that all the time. Love the over the rails photos. It is like having a quilt show. Great quilts ladies.

  5. I loved these ladies' quilts and the challenge must have been fun! Here's an idea for a future mini video: demonstrate how to use that fascinating 3-in-1 thimble/needlepuller. I'd love to see how experienced quilters use it.

  6. Cathy Hepburn11:46 AM EST

    Funny you should mention having to a have a fasting blood draw this morning. That's what was on my schedule this morning and as I type this I finally have my coffee with creamer and breakfast. I'm not a fan of this kind of morning!

  7. Yep saying no to all who want me to make and give them a Quilt. It's not my idea of fun. I Quilt to make ME happy. I had blood work for my Birthdsy month. Gotta take care of our bodies to use up more Stash. Loved seeing the challenge Dol Quilts. Good job March Quiltvilians

  8. Another fun mini quilt show and still laughing over the pants Jennifer brought along to mend :0)...quilters rock! Thanks for the info on your scrap column too. Happy Sewing!

  9. Love all of the quilts shown. I just started making 1" hexagons with my small scraps. having lots of fun. Has anyone received their March/April quiltmaker magazine yet?? Wondering.....


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