Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Officially Lost My Mind.

If anyone finds my mind while out wandering around - please return it to me post haste.  I am missing it.  I need it.  I can't seem to function without it.

Just what am I talking about?

I posted early early yesterday morning.  I hobbled out to the car with my banged up left knee the morning after Sunday afternoon's face plant in the parking lot.

We drove all the way to Boone.  In the dark.  Because, you know - TIME CHANGE.

I got to the front counter at the Dermatologist after waiting in line.

"I'm Bonnie Hunter and I have a 7:00 am appointment."

(Much typing and looking at the screen from the receptionist)

"Your name again? And birthdate?"

"Ms. Hunter, we don't have you down until APRIL 11th.  Today is MARCH 1th."

I slunk back to the car where Hubster Dave was napping, feeling like I had a sign over my head that said "Brainless. Shoot me now and save me from my misery."

So back home we came.  I needed breakfast, and a do-over of this early morning start.

And I asked him to stop in front of this clump of daffodils blooming by an old falling down farmhouse just to lift my spirits.

And they did.

And then I headed over to the retreat to say farewell to the departing quilters - catching last minute glimpses of their finishes!

This one is Harry Potter Inspired!

Beautiful seascape!

Curved log cabins!

I remember this being called Tatami Mat block in the 1990s - but evidently now it is called Potato Chips.  No matter what - it's a fun one!

Here's different ways you can piece rectangles shown as tatami mat patterns. Fun ideas to play with!

Silk Path top finish!

So Snoopy Cute!

I spy Snoopy here!

And here!

And even here!

Cute and bright 16 patch blocks. Fun!

Pillowcase finishes!  Love the peacock fabrics.

Last chance to pet Gail's beautiful purple featherweight.

And see what is coming off the design wall -

Beautiful springy purples and greens!



Sqyare in a square in a square is always a favorite!

Love the butterfly fabrics!

And this on the wall became -

A beautiful Indigo Way top finish!

Last minute layout time!

And this little scene makes my heart sing.  This is the same Kenmore model that I received for my first Christmas as a married gal.

I pieced my first quilts on this machine.  I made maternity clothes and baby clothes and more on this machine.

Seeing April bring hers to retreat just gave me ALL the feels.  Love it!

The gals gathered up all of their belongings and headed home toward Oak Island NC and Norther Virginia as I started in on the laundry.

I'm still moving slowly, I really smacked that knee on the pavement hard.  It will take a few more days before I'm not limpy and gimpy.  

But nothing is broken.  Just bruised - both my ego and my knee.

I'm hoping that my batting will arrive today so I can start in on the machine basting of the Ladder Star.

The sun is out.  Temps HOPEFULLY are warming back up (Yes, it was trying to spit snow yesterday morning on the month-early run to the dermatologist.) and the wind has calmed.

The wind was so fierce on Sunday night that it took our power out in the middle of the night at least twice - it was a crazy amount of wind and that added to the bad sleep patterns of Sunday night as well.

Today I hope things are dry enough for me to shuffle on down to the daffies behind the inn and heck on their progress.

I also caught this by video yesterday.  Click to Play:

Crazy dogs! But so happy this is done.

How are things going for your week so far?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Your gift isn't a gift unless you share it.
Our greatness is not in what we have, it's in what we give.
Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!



  1. I might be horrified with your jumbled morning, if I hadn't experienced very similar. Here you/we are, trying to make a way-too-busy day into something useful, AND making it work - mostly. I can here my dad saying "Slow down!" hahaha Seriously?!? Then my mom chimes in, "I will slow down when I die." Dad, "That might be sooner than you think!" Yeah. Life.

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM EDT

    It may or may not make you feel better, but I just did it recently at the dentist office. Once the date time is locked into my brain, that's what I go with. I was very embarrassed. They were kindly able to fit me in (haha! I think I paid for all of his children's college education with the work I"ve done.) We are always trying to do too much in too little time, so we don't pay attention half the time. It's that attention to detail! Sorry that you have such a long drive to do, though. And you wondered what your husband would do in retirement. He'll have to help keep you on track and you can do the same for him. Kathryn

  3. Anonymous9:57 AM EDT

    Happy thoughts coming your way. I had a similar accident on pickleball court.lol. My ego was the biggest hurt.😂 I don’t know how you concentrate on so many patterns, let alone quilt, yet alone all your sharing thoughts etc…heal fast…Sharon Palmer

  4. Well i did almost the same thing, only just a day ahead buzzed off to rehab only to learn my appt. was for the NEXT day... sigh... with all the things ou have to keep track! I'm not surprised once in a while one of thos spinning plates drops! Hugs and blessings, thank you... this group is quite creative! xo Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. You could call your quilt "Mabel's Choice", as it seems she has chosen to bless it for you. My little Maltese, Molly, would bless my quilts when any part of them would fall onto the floor, especially when I was hand-stitching the bindings in place. Dogs seem to know how much love has gone into a quilt, and love to soak up some of that love.

  6. Anonymous10:22 AM EDT

    I'm sure many of us have done this more than we'd care to admit. I have to write appointments on a dry erase board on the refrigerator that I pass by several times daily. It's the only way I can remember when I'm supposed to be somewhere other than home. I hope your knee feels much better soon.
    M. Roy
    M Roy

  7. Please don't fall anymore!!! As for losing your mind, we all are. Im currently looking for the 3 month supply of a rather expensive medicine, which I picked up last week. Just keep laughing and quilting!

  8. LOL on your month early appointment...it happens. Better a month early instead of a month late! Hope your knee and soreness is better.
    Love seeing all the finishes and works-in-progress from your Quiltville visitors! It's so inspiring! Thanks for sharing the Tatami block ideas aka Potato Chip blocks. I haven't heard of either but it'd be an easy sew without lots of matching seams for my overflowing stash. Ok, I'm off to continue sewing diagonal Indigo Way strips together...

  9. "Mabel Approved" should be the name of that quilt.

  10. Hope your equilibrium returns. Always great to see what your Inn-siders are up to. The Tatami / potato chips = good ideas come around again. [I say that honestly since I made your Scrappy Mountain last month.]

  11. I love how your fur babies helped with your quilt video this AM. Gives me such smiles. Definitely name it after Mabel :)

  12. So fun to see Mabel and Zoe enjoy your quilt! How about "Mabel's Choice" for the name? I also like the potato chip idea.

    1. Diane Howell1:10 AM EDT

      I loved seeing Mabel and Zoe! It has been a while. I agree with Lynn. I like "Mabel's Choice". Enjoy seeing everything the groups are doing. Have a great and safe day!

  13. Anonymous11:30 AM EDT

    Right day wrong month is certainly something I could do. As for that Kenmore machine - maybe that first machine I had. At least very similar. I bought it in 1970 with college graduation money because every home needs a sewing machine. I was sew green. Clothing baby clothing and receiving blankets.

  14. That's one of your prettiest finishes ever! I've pinned so many photos of vintage quilts that mix feedsack-type florals with plaids (like today's quote!) and I love the cheery, carefree combo. Your quilt captures that perfectly! I'm so glad you put it down in the sunshine for your video - it really showed off the beautiful handquilted texture.

    I'm sorry you're having a bumpy week! Hope your knee gets to feeling better soon.

  15. I once showed up at work at 6am, duh, should have been 6pm. That was a long day.

  16. That Kenmore was my first as a married housewife. I still have it and use it as a loaner for newbies. All the memories...

  17. I think naming this quilt after Mabel is a great idea!

  18. I had the flip side experience yesterday re: appointments. I was on the phone making an annual visit appointment for my mom with her doc, and once that was done I set about getting an appointment for me as well (same place, different doc). "We already have an appointment for you, next Monday"!!! So glad I called, because that information wasn't anywhere in my mental data banks!

    Hoping your knee gets better rapidly,


  19. Hope your knee heals quickly. Have a wonderful rest of your day. The daffodils were very pretty. Love your quotes of the day. They always make me feel happy.

  20. The quilt name should be "Mabel's choice" since she prefers it so much...

  21. Bonnie -- I bought the same machine shortly after getting married, back in 1979!!!! Still have it! Too funny. Awesome machine.

  22. I still have that model of Kenmore, but mine needs to go to the spa. My parents bought me the next model down when I got married in 1980. We were robbed in 1982 and that was one thing taken. Insurance $ allowed me to buy the 12 stitch model as their machines were all on sale. I have pieced quilts, sewn clothing and curtains for many homes! Most of us have gotten to an appointment on the wrong days. 😂

  23. Yesterday I showed up a church for my aunt's funeral. I thought it was odd there weren't many cars (or even a hearse) there. I was a day early. So today I joined in the celebration of life for a super sweet lady. I also take my 87 year old mother to her appointments and we've learned to call ahead to confirm after driving nearly 80 miles to a cardiologist office to find out that they changed the appointment and the doctor was not in that day! Hope your knee gets better soon!

  24. Susan Leonard7:56 PM EDT

    We showed up for our COVID boosters at the wrong CVS! I so get it. Here's to a quick knee recovery

  25. Anonymous8:07 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I read today’s blog to my husband. We both laughed out load so hard. Been there done that! Getting back into the garden today to tackle the weeds. Thanks for the laughs. Fran in Pa.

  26. I booked our Vacation and didn't check my calendar. Missing my hair appointment. Glad to reschedule. No rain in Southern California. Vacation almost over. The texture is so awesome with your fan Quilting. Happy St Patrick weekend.

  27. Momma said there would be days like that....what can you do but move on, enjoy the daffodils and forgive yourself? We all do it :0). Happy Sewing! Is there anything more beautiful than a hand quilted quilt? Nope!

  28. Anne Kirby3:07 AM EDT

    I too got that exact Kenmore machine from my mom, the first Christmas I was married, in 1980. I showed her a dress I had sewn entirely by hand, and she said You need a machine!! It's followed me everywhere, it's sewn everything, and still sews like a beast.


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