Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Measure Once, Cut Twice Gift-Away!

Good Tuesday morning, everyone!

I've got something special up my sleeve for today.....and what's even better is that some of you have been asking if Bruce was coming out with another Hadley Carroll mystery.

Guess what has just been released?

Winter is around the corner, and there is nothing I like better than curling up with a god ole' Quilty Murder on my Kindle Paperwhite

When Quilt City Murders debuted in February 2022 we celebrated with a Gift-Away here on the blog.  Remember this post?

On the Kindle version release day I grabbed the new Kindle Paperwhite I received from my dad for my birthday, and went straight to downloading Quilt City Murders so I could pick up where I left off in reading the paperback copy Bruce sent me.

I loved this book, and have been eagerly awaiting the next in the series.  If you haven't read Quilt City Murders yet - grab it now!

The Kindle version (and paperback) of the 2nd book, Quilt City: Panic In Paducah are now available HERE.

But I digress - There is a new one! Quilt City: Measure Once, Cut Twice is now available in Kindle HERE. And hardback/paperback will be available soon.

During a weekly Paducah Quilters Quorum session, Hadley worries about her looming deadline for the cookbook she’s writing, the pain her best friend is in, her depressed young housemate, and the Paducah mayoral race she’s favored to win against her nemesis—corrupt businessman Nick Stoddard. Then she learns that fellow quilter Donna considers the death of a coworker to be suspicious.

Adding to her concerns, Hadley will meet the family of her beau, Detective Brandon Green, that night, and her younger sister, Jenny, will arrive for a visit, bringing three kinds of trouble with her.

But then bricks shatter Hadley’s windows, transforming worry into danger.

Just when Hadley fears her burdens will cause her to crack up, people in and around Paducah die in what could become a major public health crisis.

She steels herself and enlists the services of private eye Garrett Hunt. They investigate the murders, but when her family’s secrets emerge from her late mother’s trunk, Hadley questions who she is and whether her future is doomed.

I've already ordered it up on my Kindle Paperwhite and am ready to dive in.

Even more - you guys!  Bruce is offering up 3 copies (not digital) of Measure Once, Cut Twice for my readers!

As an addition he said "By the way, my beta readers agree that this is my best novel yet."

So let's do this!

I'll be drawing for 3 winners who will each receive a copy of Measure Once, Cut Twice directly from the author, Bruce Leonard.

We will be drawing for our winner on Monday, October 2nd!

And you'll want to read the other two in the series as well as pick up a copy of Bruce's Quilt City Cookbook. It's fantastic.

And I look forward to the day when I find another email in m inbox with "Hey Bonnie, book 4 in the Hadley Carroll series is out...let's do another gift-away!"

Thanks, Bruce!  Congrats on another grand slam!

Holiday decorating happened at the inn yesterday.

The crazy thing - I *KNOW* there is a box with more autumn stuff in it.  Little tea light pumpkins for the bathrooms, etc.

I have looked for it everywhere.  I know - I still have time, but likely I'll find it when it is time to change the décor to Christmas. LOL!

For fun, I've placed the PDF pattern for the Punkin Patch Runner at $5.00 in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

Let's celebrate the changing of the seasons with some fun string-pieced pumpkins!

And if you've got this one as a UFO - it's time to pull it out and finish it up.

You'll also find Appalachian Autumn at 25% off in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop. No coupon needed.

Got this one as a UFO, too?  What's stopping you?  Pull it out and finish it up!

Last evening's drive to go replace a couple of screens at the inn - dogs loving the whole head-out-the-window sniffy experience!

Let's enjoy the change of seasons with the excitement of a dog with the window down.

Works for me!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Savor every sip of joy that comes your way!
Find it in the little things!🥰
Have a super Tuesday, everyone -



  1. Charlie DiSante9:49 AM EDT

    The new book will ceertainly be welcomed in my library!

  2. Thanks, Bonnie! I'm inspired for joy!

  3. It's a fly home day for us. Had way too much fun in Kansas City!

  4. Yes, found my Appalachian Autumn in with my other UFOs and have been choosing backing as I type!

  5. I LOVE this series!! THat reminds me I need to finish that 2nd one! HA!! And the quote is a good one for today, I hope you rolled the window down and enjoyed some fresh air as well! :)

  6. Lynn in Australia8:00 PM EDT

    So happy to see a pic of Zoey & Mabel, I have always considered myself a cat person but since our last dog passed, I crave dog interactions. Thanks for your effort to share your daily journal with us. You're a friend I've never met.

  7. Elaine In North Tx10:34 AM EDT

    This sounds like a great new book to read. I will definitely have to check into this series.

  8. I read and enjoyed the first 2 novels. I will definitely get number 3!


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