Saturday, September 23, 2023

Arriving in Krakow!

It feels like forever since I have seen these smiling faces!

This was our arrival into Krakow after flying all night first to Warsaw and then transferring to get us to our first destination.

Poland is a wonderful, warm and friendly country with such a rich history - devastating at times - but resilient in all of the ways you would hope for.

We had such a wonderful adventure ahead of us!

Let me in here too!  

Flight weary and ready for a nap, but so excited.

Photo from the bus as we arrived -

Our first hotel was located across the street from a wonderful park, and walking distance from the old town square area - perfect!

Let's drop off the bags and start out walking....

Gorgeous buildings!

Loads of pedestrians -

Krakow was much spared during WWII - while Warsaw was pretty much obliterated. Beautiful buildings lined streets all leading to a wide open central old town square.

What's a square without a huge clock tower?

We ate in the little street cafe at the base where those umbrellas are.

Aperol Spritzes - all the way around.

And then we walked.  And looked. And walked some more.

And took in the buildings from every angle.

This street has a curve to it.  And the colors!

Like I said - from every angle there is something to see.

And photos to be taken.

This is Krakow.

And so is this.

And this building is a Hard Rock Cafe!

The weather was perfect - it even got unexpectedly hot.

We found a little marketplace.

And yes, there was Polish Pottery everywhere.

And gorgeous fresh baked bread - with spreads.

This long building in the center of the square was filled with vendors - so much to look at.

Everywhere we turned there was something to see.

Door panels and beautiful door knockers.

Old doors with carvings are a favorite.

Cream filled yummies.

City gates -

And an impromptu quartet!

Click to Play:

This was such a pleasant gift!

The inside wall of the city gate held a beautiful grotto.

Evening walk back to the hotel for our welcome dinner.

And yes - we did take a carriage ride one night!

And witnessed a new bride and groom.

This is Krakow - Marvelous!

Folk singers on our way back through the park to the hotel.

Everyone was pretty "dog tired" but so happy to be here and anxious for what would unfold over the next week.

From the other end of the table.

Never pass up on a dessert like this!

There is so much to write about.  So much we experienced. 

I'll do my best to sneak in posts of our trip adventures in between what is going on in real life around here - 

In the mean time - yesterday was fairly awful with the bronchitis thing.  That was probably the worst day as this morning I feel much improved.  Antibiotics are doing their thing, and I did sneak up to bedroom 5 at the inn for a 2 hour nap.  No one even knew I was there!

It was early to bed last night as well - coughing fits can wear a body out.

Today? It's pretty overcast.  Further east the coast of NC and VA are being hit by tropical storm Ophelia - I am far enough inland that we may only get rain. We'll see.

Still no sewing for me - but maybe today?

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Thanks for hanging in with me while I get things a bit more back to normal.  

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Remembering these good times so fondly! LOL!
Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. Anonymous9:58 AM EDT

    Love appeal spritz

  2. Anonymous10:50 AM EDT

    Okay, I enjoyed the entire post but you killed me with 'purse dirt.'

    Glad the meds are starting to kick in. Bronchitis is the pits. I had no idea that Krakow was so beautiful! Thank you for letting us travel with you!

  3. We missed you by one day in Krakow! We were passing through en route to Ukraine for my son's wedding. We've been to Krakow a couple times and are very fond of this beautiful small city. So much to see and do, and SO.MUCH.FOOD. to eat!

  4. Such fun to hear about your trip! Quick bronchitis healing!

  5. Anonymous12:49 PM EDT

    Hope you feel a lot better soon. Louise

  6. Anonymous1:36 PM EDT

    Thank you Bonnie! That pottery is stunning! (Pammy)

  7. Perfume and purse dirt..made me laugh.

  8. Big beautiful buildings, thanks for sharing. The streets are so wide too. Glad you got a nap in. Feel better soon!

  9. Welcome back home!! I always love seeing your trips and hearing of the adventures. I'm sure it will take some time to get back to normal routines. Glad to hear the medicine and rest is doing it's job. Snuggles from the fur babies help too. Looking forward to seeing what you want to share! Have a restful weekend! :)


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