Friday, September 22, 2023

The First Day Home -

Susan's retreat gals were all checked in and waiting for me when I arrived home from the airport on Wednesday evening!

It's great to come home to the hustle and bustle of quilters doing what they love best - quilting!  And eating - and napping - and reading - and laughing- and chatting....

I have been gone for 3 weeks and I'm so happy to be back!

There are a few of the trinkets I brought home from Poland - our time in the beautiful town of 
Łowicz (Pronounced Wove-Itch) was a treat and this little purple velvet heart pincushion will have a special place by my stitching chair.

Fridge magnets are a must, and the two coffee mugs and the little girl bell were purchased at the airport in an effort to use up the last of my Polish zloti before arriving the land of euros in Italy.

I have a ton to share!  And the photos and trinkets aren't the only thing I brought back with me.

I also acquired a nasty round of bronchitis and took care of that with a visit to the doc yesterday.

So while I'm readjusting my body clock, I have absolutely no voice, and coughing fits are miserable so It may be a couple more days before I really begin the trip sharing.

I did post to Instagram and Facebook daily while I was gone - so I hope that you were able to catch my updates there.

But look what I see welcoming me home:

A parade of projects on the design walls!

This stack n' whack reminds me of the sneakers I bought in Łowicz:

How could I not pic up a fun pair of these??

And it was a good thing too - because although tour manager Holly and I arrived in Florence to meet up our Italy group after our Poland leg was over - our luggage - 5 suitcases between us - did not show up for 3 more days.

I always say the two most important things when traveling abroad are your passport and your credit card.

A-shopping-we-did-go for all of the basics (Did you know that Italy has a Euro store just like we have Dollar Tree? Hooray for tooth brushes and tooth paste, sunscreen and underwear, deodorant and socks - all acquired at a most affordable price.

Then there was the sidewalk sales for linen tops, linen pants and skirts and we were well underway to survive until our bags arrived.

More on that to come (And yes, there was gelato every day in Italy as well.)

Brilliant color!

And there are several of these happening in the room - fun!

How about one in stripes?

Check out the super cute 158.1040. This is a Japanese-made 3/4 size portable machine that weights in at about 17 lbs--just slightly heavier than a Featherweight plus its case. 

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the machine is its removable accessory case and extension tray. It's almost like a transformer!

It sports a number of  utility stitches including zigzag, blind hem, multi-step zigzag, stretch stitch (straight and zigzag)  as well as a 4 step button hole. The build quality is exceptional. 

The machine is all-metal with the exception of the plastic chrome stitch length and width dial, tension dial, hand wheel, race cover latches and accessory tray.

X's & O's in plaid happening here.

Cool guitars!

And some four-patch/nine-patch action.

I see something patriotic happening here.

All of this was going on in between the time I went to the doc, and then had to go to Jefferson to pick up antibiotics for the bronchitis.

I got there - they said "It will be ready in about an hour."  Okay.  Now what?

Antique mall wander!

Works for me -

Pinwheel stars - 1950s prints on gumby green. Fun!

And this is what came home with me - I wanted an ice bucket for the inn and this one was 40% off.  It is similar to one my Grannie hand - I remember going down to the ice machine in the basement garage of their high rise in Minneapolis when I was a young teen and filling it up before Grandpa got home from work - I loved that little chore.  It made me feel so important.

And I can't resist a pressed glass dish - I have one on nearly every bedside table at the inn as a place to put watches, rings, glasses - whatever so things won't roll off the table and on to the floor and get lost.

Tula has been most affectionate!

She and all of the other fur babies were in good hands while I was gone.  Today - bronchitis or not - Tula has a check up for her osteomyelitis in her left hind leg.  I'm hoping for good news.

She'll likely get another long lasting antibiotic shot and another round of liquid meds - 2 weeks and we'll do the x-ray routine to see where we stand.  I'd love to have her reaching 100%!

This is still good through Sunday 9/24/23!

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It's the same coupon code on both Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop. Don't forget to use your coupon code!

If you are ordering through the Etsy Store, please remember that your patterns need to be downloaded through your computer BROWSER after logging in to your account - not through the mobile app.

Thanks for hanging in with me while I get things a bit more back to normal.  

October is right around the corner - and you know that means Halloween.  And Halloween means.......

It's coming soon!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

It all begins from within. Try to make just ONE aspect of your day a bit more peaceful today.
That's my goal as I try to get back to normal life around here - whatever that is.

And I'm definitely going to need a nap.

Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. Good to have you home, Bonnie. I enjoyed your daily posts on Facebook and agonized over your delayed luggage. Hope you feel great soon. I highly recommend a nap today and through the weekend!!

  2. Anonymous10:35 AM EDT

    oh welcome home, i'm w/Tula, missed you and so glad you had a good tour(s) but so very happy you are home... hopefully the meds will kick in quickly and both you and Tula willbe 'right as rain' -- strange saying??? I never even thought to check your FB page (it's just not in my brain?) loving the pics of the works in progress by your retreaters, and what a lovely idea tohave a little pressed glass dish by each bedside...welcome home, rest and heal quickly, xo xo Cats in Carlsbad CA

  3. Welcome back, Bonnie! I love the Polish coffee cups and am thinking I need to go in search of some; beautiful patterns and beautiful colors. The whole time I was reading your post, I was smiling to myself thinking "I'll bet Bonnie appreciates that, although she can't TALK, she can TYPE!" I hope your healing is fast and complete so you can be back to your usual self in nothing flat.

  4. AS IF we didn't know what Halloween means :D My BFF has bought her plane ticket down and the two of us will meet my SIL at my Moms house to pull fabrics. We absolutely can not wait for the COLOR DROP!! I have been trying to wrap projects to make room for the new Quiltville Mystery!

  5. Welcome home. I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering when you were getting back. So sorry to hear there was a bronchial bump in the good time. Hope you will be on the mend very soon. Tula looks very happy to see you. I'm sure all of your fur babies will be very affectionate for awhile to assure themselves that you are back to stay.

  6. Welcome home! Hope for good reports all around. Sorry you lost you voice. Cute tickets for remembering. Love the shoes.

  7. Anonymous11:56 AM EDT

    Bonnie, I have missed having my morning coffee and reading your blog. Happy you are back and can't wait to hear all of your adventures! Rose in Southern Oregon

  8. Anonymous12:38 PM EDT

    Welcome home Bonnie and I hope you feel better soon!

  9. Welcome back, Bonnie. Sorry that you had to come back with bronchitis. My daughter gets it every year. I finidhed a strip quilt and used telephone nook paper for sewing them. I am o glad you mentioned it. I used to sew it on leftover muslin, which made the quilt so much heavier. I hope you are well soon.

  10. Welcome back. So glad that you made it home safely, and could get to your doctor to get the bronchitis taken care of, hope you feel better soon.
    Look forward to your sharing of all your adventures on the blog. In the meantime I will have to go back to Instagram and Facebook to catch on the the posts I missed.

  11. Anonymous2:08 PM EDT

    Great to have you back, missed your blog! I want those shoes bad!

  12. Anonymous2:08 PM EDT

    Welcome home...you have been missed.

  13. No fun being sick. Feel well soon. Sandi

  14. Anonymous6:41 PM EDT

    What a nice surprise to open my email this evening and see a Bonnie Hunter Blog notice. I’ve missed you. Welcome home. Get well soon. I’ve missed seeing your furbabies too. So glad to hear Tula gave you a warm welcome. She knows you are her mama. Looking forward to seeing all the details of your trip. FranSak in Pa

  15. So glad you are back and have medicine. And home to heal you. Just because I usually refuse to... please rest and recuperate fully! So excited to see your post! Thank you.

  16. Anonymous8:25 AM EDT

    Welcome home -- wishing you a speedy recovery and can't wait to hear about your trip. Pat in Texas

  17. Anonymous11:07 AM EDT

    I get bronchitis every time I fly. I don't do it too often anymore. Get well soon.
    Jan from Kalkaska, MI

  18. Anonymous9:27 PM EDT

    Welcome home & hope you feel better very soon! Really cute shoes!!


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