Thursday, July 01, 2021

Just a Couple of Fun Things!

Happy July, Quiltvillians!

You know what came to mind yesterday while waiting for the Grateful Threads to arrive for retreat at Quiltville Inn?

As scary as it was facing the unknown  at the beginning of Covid in March of 2020 - having to close the inn after only 3 retreats - 

We have been back OPEN and fully booked for a full year now - and that is just an amazing realization.

Sometimes life may derail our dreams for a season, but we still get there even if it takes a detour or two!

If this machine looks familiar to anyone - then you have a remarkable memory! LOL!

This is one of the machines I brought back up from Wallburg on Tuesday - and it has a special story as it is the Singer 66 that Jeff found in his boss's garage - the one they were going to throw out.

Jeff had picked me up at the airport after one of my teaching trips and told me he had a surprise for me waiting at home.  He was SO PROUD of himself - thinking he had found me a rare treasure.

Little did he know the treasure was HIM giving it to me, not the machine itself.  Not in any monetary way, or because it was a rare item.  But because it came from my son's heart - he was thinking of me.  And that is the gift.

Just how popular was the 66 model?

Let's check it out:

This machine was just one of 13625 machines commissioned on October 161, 1951. The other models also commissioned that year? The volume comes nowhere close. 

There were many homemakers sewing clothing and other household items on the lovely model 66 in the 20th century.

The first instance of the 66 I found was in 1910 as a treadle version. They were made right up to 1956 when they were replaced by the lovely 201 models. 

46 years of 66 machines means there were hundreds of thousands out there, and if you are looking to learn to treadle, or want a big beast straight stitch machine in a cabinet to sew on - you can't go wrong with a 66.

And winding a bobbin is super simple - I got this one going yesterday.  Click to Play:

Yes, that spool was about to fly off there - but I couldn't wind and hold the camera and record at the same time!

Back to the top photo - I'm back to stringing those neutrals.  And I hope to have plenty of time to do it in between other things while the Grateful Threads are here.

There is work to get done in between, of course - but I should be able to find myself sewing with the girls by afternoon time before going home for the night.

This also happened yesterday!

That bookcase on its side is just the most wonderful hack for my accuquilt studio dies.

I am thrilled with the accessibility.

Even The Hubster says it was a great idea and a good use of his woodshop project from when he was 16.  

While cleaning out bins and organizing the studio stuff - I came across a couple of GO dies that I had used with an adapter.

Sometimes it is hard to see where to line up the fabric on these older dies - so my trick is to outline the blades with a silver sharpie.

It's the little tricks that make things better for us, right?

Things to remember as we step into July:

There are currently TWO Gift-Aways going on!  Did you enter both?

Kim Diehl's Gift-Away!

Our winner will receive a signed copy of Simple Whatnots II along with my Quilter’s Tech Set  and  a box of Quilty Pencils for all of the notes you are going to make.  And "for good measure" (HA!) My 2 1/2'' x 6 1/2'' Quiltville Ruler by Creative Grids.

Enter to win HERE.

Drawing to happen Saturday 7/3/21.

Our SECOND Rivanna + Bitcoin Bundle Gift-Away including both PDF patterns and a beautiful selection of blue and neutral Fat Quarters from  Mary Koval of Mary’s Quilt Shop in Bedford, PA!

Enter to win HERE.

Drawing to happen Monday 7/5/21.

If you are looking to enhance your stash for your own version of Rivanna, check out these gorgeous blues and neutrals designed by Mary Koval for Windham fabrics! 

Mary’s Quilt Shop is happy to pull together a hand picked selection of fat quarters or yardage for your project needs!

These fabrics are not available for purchase on her website - so drop Mary an email at Marysquiltshop@comcast.net for a custom fabric pull, just for you!  

Yes, shipping is available.

Plans for today?  i'm shooting off this post as quickly as I can as there are some of the Grateful Threads who want to walk Round House Road along the river and I think I'm going to give it a try!  We are meeting at 9am so I've got to get a move on.

Desk work day today - but I hope to be sewing by after-lunch time with the ladies!

Plans for your Thursday?  Anything fun and quilty going on?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Little steps add up to a whole lot of progress as long as we don't stop moving forward!
Tied nine patch quilt/comforter found in North Carolina.

Love that solid red!

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!



  1. Hi Bonnie, I so love your blog and all the things you do for us. Thank you! Here's a tip for you! A sewing machine repairman told me on the old model machines cut a drinking straw taller than your spool of thread and slip it over the spindle, then your spool of thread and you won't have to worry about it flying off as you are sewing or winding a bobbin. I know they sell thread holders for this purpose but like he said if a simple straw will work spend your money on something else sewing related you would like.

    1. That is actually what I have on my 301 right now. I've been piecing on it and I tend to run at full speed sometimes.

    2. Man after my own heart. He is a truly a keeper.

  2. Can you tell me if there will be a new Leader & Ender project? I so enjoyed the last one.

    1. It usually shows up by the 4th.

    2. If I remember right I think she said mid July???

  3. Sounds like some healing is taking place and you are more like yourSELF... more prayers and blessings coming your way, am entered in both gift aways and after some dental implant work, hoping to put my machine to work... I just LOVE how you have organized your dies, i only have a GO Big, but the jumbled space under the table is a mess!!! Those racks are just not working out on the floor!!! as always, thanks for your contribution to MY life, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  4. Love that machine. Looks like the one I learned on. Only difference is it was in a wooden carrying case. Was Great-grandma's machine and not sure how old it was or what model.

  5. Yay that the bookcase worked on its side! Found a home for it, solved an organizing need - double win.

  6. Bonnie - What a precious story about Jeff saving that machine for you! Love the way that you have used the bookcase that your hubby built. Having & using things that have memories/family history attached is so wonderful! Enjoy your walk with the quilters. Love their group name! Thanks for sharing about the quilting retreats.

  7. Can’t wait for the L E challenge!

  8. If hubby made the bookcase when he was 16 years old, does that make it almost an antique? LOL

    I looked it up. Antiques have to be over 100 years old. Up to that, and if more than 20 years old, it's considered vintage.

  9. Bonnie would you post a photo of how you thread that Singer 66 model. I have a older in cabinet model and my stitches are a bit loose. I believe I must not be threading it correctly. Appreciate your help. This machine was my husband's grandmother's Singer. So enjoy your blog and photos. Carol in humid Florida

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2NGdl6BBMA&t=19s&ab_channel=CraftcoreDIY%26Sewing

  10. I so enjoy looking at your old machines. I recently acquired a "Free" treadle sewing machine. I found the manual on line, but I need the front piece of the throat plate. I've looked and looked online with no success. Any ideas on where I can purchase one? Thanks so much for your blog and ideas! I love to read about them!

    1. I believe Bonnie has a list of businesses that cater to vintage machines on her "Vintage Machines" section. You can access it in the menu at the top of this page. I've had success getting items for some of my old machines.

  11. My one & only treadle is a Singer 66-1 circa 1910 that my honey found for me a few years back. We restored the cabinet & cleaned the machine head together. Lovely memories & a delight to treadle.

  12. It's good to know the 66 is a good machine for learning to treadle. I recently picked up a treadle cabinet in very good condition with a 66 Redeye 1911 inside. It was out with a sign on it "FREE". I hurried home and asked my husband if I could grab it. If I could have got it into the car by my self I wouldn't have asked. Just kidding. I'm in the process of cleaning up both cabinet and machine. Machine needs a belt and bobbin plate.

  13. Today, my hand quilting group will finish a vintage Periwinkle quilt on the frame, take it off and be able to admire both sides of the queen size quilt!

  14. Today, I am finally putting the last border on my Dawn's Early Light and then getting her on the long arm. Thank you Bonnie for such a beautiful pattern, I just love my "new favorite quilt".

  15. Dear Bonnie: I have my mom's 66-16 Singer and it still sews beautifully! It sews a straight stitch better than my new DC2019 Janome. I love and treasure this old machine of mom's.


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