Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Quilts Over Every Surface!

There has never been a group at Quiltville Inn MORE productive than the Grateful Threads!

These gals just WEAR ME OUT, let me tell you!

Shown here is Charlotte's Grassy Creek with her color choices - I can always count on her quilts to knock my socks off!

Stuff went up on the design walls, and just as quickly they were assembled, folded, set aside, and another one was quickly in production. It was FABULOUS to see what they were working on all week long.

These gals are NO SLACKERS!

Kathi's flag quilt - finished by the 4th!

Binding going on!

Cute cute Holiday wall hanging quickly assembled by Margaret.

(And do you see the other stuff on the walls too?)

Julia's braid quilt, growing -

She's also been working on the birds and butterflies on the design wall behind her.

No sooner did birds and butterflies come together than this was up on the wall:

And yes, she completed this top as well! Speedy!

I love these rich flannels!

Pat is getting the binding her her lighthouse quilt.

I had to laugh at her shirt! LOL!

This was from one mystery season past -

Top after top!

Pat is busy making snuggle sized community quilts - and she has such a great way with scraps!

Look what else is folded and pinned on the design wall to the right - she finished that top too!

This also was completed, backing pieced, layered, and quilting started!

It happened so fast I never got a full photo - blink and done!

So much eye candy this retreat!

Kathi worked on this for what seamed like a couple of hours -

And IT too was done! 

No, this Unity quilt was not completed on retreat! LOL!

But several more rounds were cut out and are ready to go.

And then Kathi went to working on THIS!

And this!

Pattern by Fig Tree Quilts.  Love the cherries!

Margaret's One Block Wonder was also completed!

Charlotte's Tulip Time blocks went from this

To this -

To this - and beyond!

Sashings were added and it was off the design wall before I got a shot!

(I need to learn to be faster, or install spy cameras. LOL!)

Kate is Charlotte's daughter, and it was so great to meet her in person - she is a dynamo!

It wouldn't surprise me if this is completely DONE as well!

Saturday gave us time for Treadle lessons!

She is also a natural at this!  And I'm so excited for her as she has a treadle machine at home she was a bit intimidated to try.  And now she's got it - and can't wait to get home and get set up to treadling.

And then I turned around and Charlotte was assembling her Shattered quilt!

She's likely got that assembled and packed away!

Will I see it this morning before waving goodbye? I don't know!

Margaret assembling Scrappy Mountain Majesties from the Free Patterns tab!

This will make its way to the community quilts pile and someone is really going to love those gorgeous blues.

It has been a wonderful week of creative fun and boundless productivity with the Grateful Threads.  I am so happy they came to stay.

Kirsten was our first to leave yesterday afternoon - Connie left last evening after dinner.  This morning one by one and two by two they will all make their exits and the inn will be quiet with empty design walls standing waiting -

Until tomorrow afternoon when Judi's Stitchers arrive!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

There's always a reason to smile - you just have to find it!⁣
Vintage double wedding ring quilt found in Kansas.⁣

Make it a great Tuesday, everyone!



  1. It's a wonder that the siding and windows of The Inn remain intact. That place is BURSTING with joy!

  2. Inspirational!!
    Kari from Wisconsin

  3. Bonnie, do you know the name of the pattern for the birds and butterflies? I'd love to buy one!!!!!

    1. The pattern for the bird is called Feathers by Margot Languedoc Designs.

    2. Thank you, Joan!!!

  4. Wow! So much energy! Thank you for capturing as much as you could.

  5. What a talented group! So many exciting projects on the go and quilt tops sewn up. Marvellous.

  6. WOW! You're not kidding about them being productive! I wonder if that patriotic quilt pattern isn't one of Edyta Sitar's. It looks something like the pattern I have.
    I love the eye candy and thank you for getting photos and to the quilters for sharing their work. I don't belong to a guild right now, and this is better than show and tell at my last one.
    Safe travels to everyone and so happy, Bonnie, that the retreat is going so well.
    Anna in Illinois

  7. omigosh!!!! so very much colorful eye candy....i am blown away by all their accomplishments...

  8. Wow! They were busy. Such a talented group. I bet they had a blast.

  9. Wow - what beautiful quilts! What talented quilters! So glad that your Inn is bustling and that you get to interact with all these quilters.

  10. Do you have the names of the quilts that were posted? Such beautiful work!

  11. such a prolific group. the eye candy is wonderful. the lighthouse gave me an idea for a batch of similar blocks - i was also thinking octopi. your sharing of these groups and their stitching is such a motivation and inspiration. love seeing the ponies interacting wih zoey. thanks so much for all you do for us. now i'm cutting for fish. patti in florida

  12. I love spontaneous smiles when I'm alone.. such a fun surprise.

  13. All that energy! It's inspiring! I'm smiling.

  14. Oh, wow!! I cannot believe how much they got done. Beautiful! Thank you for referring to some of the quilts as Community quilts. A much friendlier and inclusive name rather than charity quilts.

    1. We call ours Comfort Quilts. I agree that Community sounds better too.

  15. Those were some beautiful quilts! Thanks Bonnie and all the retreaters for letting us in on the fun!

  16. Wow! What a wonderful quilt show. I would also like the pattern for birds and butterflies, plus others in this show. Love all your photos of your walks. It is so beautiful where you live. Thank you for everything your doing for those who have moved to new areas and can’t get out to find quilt guilds yet.

  17. Lovin' the Grassy Creek done with blues. In fact, all those quilts are over the top.

  18. Wow! What a lot of energy! It must be so wonderful to work with such huge design walls available.

  19. Wow! My head is spinning! It must have taken them 2 weeks to pack everything to come!!! LOL! Such talent there.

  20. Just love viewing all the gorgeous quilts at the inn. It's a quilt show while sitting in my easy chair. Thanks for sharing all this wonderful creativity

  21. I love seeing Quiltville Inn living your dream - filled with friends and creativity. You should be so proud. The Tulip quilt inspired me. Just what I need for a wallhanging/bedrunner.

  22. What is the name of the pattern Charlotte is working on with the two tone triangles, I just love it and would like to find the pattern? I'm amazed at the productivity of this group! Thanks Bonnie

  23. WOW! This group really was productive! So many pretties.

  24. Wow! What prolific quilters those quilters are! Bravo to all of them! Amazing quilts!

  25. They are all beautiful quilts, I would love to know the name of the pink/turquoise with yellow background quilt, that one just caught my eye.

  26. OH MY!!! Did these gals sleep at all???? These are all so very pretty & inspiring! Thank you for sharing all this loveliness with us!!!! Speechless!

  27. Thank you Bonnie, for sharing the festivities. I feel like I was there.


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