Saturday, May 29, 2021

When the Quilting is Done and the Binding Begins...

This happened yesterday. And quite quickly I might add!

My plan with the quilting for Butterfly Kisses included the thought that I didn't want the machine quilting to be any more dense than if I were choosing to hand quilt it.

I love all over textures, and I wanted it simple.  No leaves, no flowers, no feathers.  Just something SIMPLE that made the texture stand out.

I used the Woven Wind edge to edge design by Apricot Moon designs.

I quilted in a dusty lavender thread - 

The thread color doesn't really show unless you look where it crosses yellow - and if you look at the top photo of this post you can see it against the darker purple outer border.

Thread colors for multi-colored quilts have always been a crap shoot for me.  I'm not a fan of white or cream thread when quilting.  They are just too stark (not to mention boring and predictable) against darker fabrics.

I guess I tend to gravitate toward something that will still blend in so you see the texture of the quilting more than you see the thread, but I also don't want anything too dark against light fabrics, or too light against darks - which leaves me in the realm of "medium" in value.  The dusty lavender fit that category perfectly.

Binding on and ready for weekend hand stitching!

I love the feel of this quilt on my lap.  The fact that it isn't over-quilted leaves it soft and drape-able and quite snuggly.

There are times when extensive machine quilting can really make a difference in a quilt, and then there are times that quilts are made for the using and a quilt that is quilted-to-death is also a quilt that is so stiff and not warm.

Have you also found that to be true?

I only made it about half-way down one side last night.  We don't have internet at the cabin - everything we do (including the writing of blog posts) is done by cell phone data.  

Verizon must have been having a "THING" last night because we couldn't even get anything to stream on the TV - we hook the tablet to the TV with HDMI cord - and that meant that we were watching free "antenna" TV - the COMMERCIALS drove me insane.  10 minutes of commercials for 5 minutes of programming - and I gave up and went to bed.

We could-have-should-have downloaded a couple of shows from Netflix so we weren't live streaming.  But you know how that goes - we didn't think we'd have a problem.

We could have played a DVD but we'd have to re-hook-up the player and we were just to worn out to deal with it.

Needless to say -  There is more stitching to happen later.  And I'm okay with that.

How are things shaping up for your Memorial Day weekend ahead?  

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Basket Toss is Scrap User's System friendly - I was able to sew up a lot of my smaller scraps, even making good use of rarely-used charm squares for the bigger basket base triangles.

This would be a great quilt for swapping blocks with friends as they are all different and VARIETY is the name of the game!

Quilt Size: 88’’ x 88’’

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My plan for today is also to find WHERE I put the cute thing I'm making for Pat Sloan's upcoming blog tour - it only needs borders!  Where did I put it?? 

I thought it was here at home, evidently it's at the QPO Studio - but I thought I looked there.  Where is my brain??

And from there I'm playing it by ear.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

It's not that I want to completely throw myself out of my comfort zone, I just want to push the boundaries to give me a little more space to explore and play!
Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt from the free patterns tab on my blog. Many layouts, endless possibilities all starting with 8.5" squares.
Seeing this quilt again is giving me a nudge to work with recycled shirt fabrics!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone - I'll catch you back here on Monday!



  1. Love the new Butterfly Kisses quilt! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Have a wonderful Memorial Day holiday! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  2. What a fun quilt, I just love the colors. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, look like ours is going to be very wet and gloomy, good time to purge things!

  3. Hope you find your project! I'm still looking for a row of quilt blocks I made 4 years ago :-) Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I hadn't really connected the softness of hand quilting with the fact that they tend to be less heavily quilted. It makes sense, and that's why the quilts that I quilt on my domestic, tend to be softer. I also like to use a light polyester batting, rather than flat cotton, for a little more customers. I love the edge to edge motif that you used..

  5. I love that Woven Winds design. I will have to look it up when I get back to my Betsy at home. This Memorial Day I don't really get to do the normal Memorial thing of decorating graves, but I will remember the times long ago when my Mother and our family gathered flowers in tinfoil can to take out to the Cemetery. Daddy's garden always had abundant flowers just for the picking around Memorial Day! Have a restful weekend. I hope to get in a few Hand stitches, if I can.

  6. I'm working on Blue Skies and collecting fabrics and shirts for the Scrappy Mtn in the future. Straits of McKinac on deck after Blue Skies.....whoo hooo! Marilyn Marks

  7. Quilting today and picking strawberries but I am taking my 2 older sister's and 1 husband to STL airport on Memorial Day, they are finally getting to go to Germany for 6 wks. Love the quilting design and the quilt. You are such an inspiration to us all! Have a great holiday.

  8. Good morning! Which machine are you using in the photo of you putting on the binding?

  9. Recycled shirts make me happy. I took a bucket full to my daughters while I babysat two kids, while the third was being born. Did a lot of cutting and accomplished quite a bit. Yesterday the local thrift store had a $.99 sale. Needless to say, I came home with 18 shirts. More fun to come!

  10. I LOVE the quote!! It is so me, as I often lack confidence in some areas. Including quilting. But, I am learning with every quilt I put out.
    As for the quilting, that was one of the first things my MIL taught me when she was teaching me the machine. The more dense the quilting, the tighter it will be. So I save the cute tight patterns for wallhangings and table toppers. I always try to quilt a quilt with wide open patterns that will make it soft and snuggly. I love feathers and most recently an edge to edge zig zag that is wide open. Bonus on that one? It's a fast pattern and I am done within a couple of hours! As for thread color I try to match as much as possible but sometimes have to ask for a second opinion!
    Plans for our Memorial Day weekend include a whole lot of R&R as we just got done with school. I have housework to do a quilt to finish. Then I am narrowing down the patterns that I definetly want to cut scraps for, and the rest I will be using the sizes in the scrap user's system! Have a relaxing weekend!

  11. Love the solids in this quilt! I always gravitate towards textures and prints, but this pattern provides the interest & it’s beautiful!

    Suddenly the a/c is off in southern Indiana & we are in the 40-60’s! Have to take care of my kids’ ducks, chickens, kitty & dog... then hopefully sew for the rest of the day on my Smith Mountain “Christmas” Morning!!

    Church then fellowship & food at the drive in Sunday! Memorial Day will be just the two of us this year! Maybe a bonus day of sewing and gardening!!

    Remembering all those who Fought for our freedoms... thank you to all veterans for your sacrifices!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
    Marci H πŸ’•

  12. In the Pacific Northwest we are enjoying a rare sunny Memorial Day weekend stretch of sunny skies and warm temps. Yeah. After a short visit with grandson I foresee a road day trip to enjoy this day. To repeat, thank you to all veterans and the families that supported them. Their efforts are greatly appreciated and revered by our free nation.

  13. Love the quilting pattern on your new quilt. We went and put flowers on graves this am. Here in N E Ohio it is damp, windy and cold after our all day rain yesterday. I am working all weekend so no quilting, will have to wait till Wednesday. Have a good Holiday.

  14. Totally agree with your decision to do less quilting. I think your all solids quilt is the nicest I’ve ever seen - think that’s because you have so many different shades of colours in the solids that it almost seems patterned if that makes sense!

  15. Thank you for sharing your thought processes when you choose things for your quilts. I really enjoyed your insights into why you chose your 2 borders and binding colors. Its very helpful as I learn and grow in this craft and I am trying to look at my quilts using your tips. Happy Memorial Weekend.

  16. Reclaimed shirts...hooray. I just got your book and am looking for other ideas also for all those shirts I still need to finish cutting. Soooon I hope

  17. I love your Butterfly Kisses quilt. It seems to have come together really quickly! Have a good weekend :)

  18. Your Butterfly Kisses looks so cute. Love the quilting. I prefer the lighter quilting too so it is soft and cuddlely. Have a good weekend. Hope you weather is nice. Ours is beautiful and warm in Oregon. Enjoy!


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