Thursday, May 06, 2021

Repair Guys, Cows, Flowers & Quilts! (And a Gift-Away!)

This has been my day since 7:30 this morning!

The post is going live a bit later than normal - simply because sometimes LIFE just gets in the way.

The good news is - that text coming in last evening that said "between 8an and 5pm tomorrow" (Don't you hate those huge windows - it makes it impossible to plan your own day!) turned out that we were the first appointment of the day today.

I got a text at 7:30 am this morning just as I was heading to the laptop to write today's post that he would be there within the 1/2 hour.

which meant - blog writing got set aside and I hopped into the van and headed on over.
Nice guy by the name of Austin pulled in, examined the fridge, pulling out a number of testers and probes, meters and tools -

Again, the good news is - we found the bad part.  The bad news is - the part has to be ordered so we are still without an ice maker, but bagged ice works well, and we can fill the ice drawer with the bagged ice and still use the dispenser.

We will suffer through!

The plan was to write the blog from the QPO studio after the fridge guy left - but the internet was abysmal even after resetting the modem, so I found myself driving back home where my cell data is much better than any available internet. (No phone connection without wifi at the QPO)

I took this photos of the lazy cows yesterday afternoon.

It seems that cattle hunkering down means they are expecting rain.  While we had a bit of drizzle and wind, it never got that bad.

I just thought this was such a serene scene that I did a little video yesterday afternoon.  Click to Play:

I just love them!

The pouring rain never happened - this morning the sky is crystal blue and the sun is shining brightly. 

These pretties are blooming on the west side of the house -

Periwinkle blue is my favorite color!

The Quilters of the Night did arrive yesterday afternoon - and are filling the inn with creativity and laughter.

We've even got a bread baker in the house who is starting up a batch of dough this morning to rise until afternoon - there will be fresh bread baking smells and yumminess filling the halls!

I love that the house will be full for Mother's Day weekend.  The ladies are spending their Mother's Day just how they want to, with friends, fabric, food and fun.

My Mother's Day honey-do gift!

New lights above the cutting tables!

These were installed this week and I am just thrilled with the amount of light they provide over our cutting surfaces.  Thank you Hubster!

I love the slim line look - they are LED and from Lowes.

Some other Mother's Day fun!
Treat yourself to a SewPad for Mother's Day!

If you have been wanting a SewPad but were waiting for the next FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING (Within the USA) offer - this is it!

What is a SewPad?

SewPad™ is filled with a thick cushion of proprietary viscoelastic polymer gel– the same stuff used in surgical mats and wheelchair pads.

Unlike foam (memory foam or otherwise) gel doesn’t bottom-out and it provides comfort and support by diffusing and distributing pressure.

Upholstered in a plush layer of AirFlex™ fabric, SewPad™ helps your backside stay cool while the no-slip bottom keeps it from sliding around in your chair. 

SewPad™ was designed for quilters and crafters, but we think you’ll find other uses as well.

Church. Stadium seats, in the car and anywhere else that you might expect to be sitting for a good while.

Being comfortable is a wonderful thing!

Made in the USA! YAY!

This thing is thick and heavy!

In fact, I plopped it right down on my postal scale because I was curious – and it weighs in at 4 1/2 lbs of ultimate seating comfort!

The back side is grippy for no slippy!

Right on top of my sewing chair it goes.

I can sew happily for hours in comfort.  This thing goes where I go, to wherever I sew. It can even go to basketball games with me for bleacher seating (when that opens up again!) or on long car rides.

Our SewPad  Valentine’s Day Sale kicks off today May 6, 2021 and run thru Midnight Monday May 10th with FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING using Coupon Code MOMDAY at checkout.

That's MOMday with an M, not Monday with an N!

Your hips, your back, and YOU deserve to sew in comfort with a SewPad!

And while we are appreciating the moms - I'm also throwing in an IronEZ Gift-Away!

I received a message from the folks at IronEz and there are some new spray bottles on the block!  They are allowing us to choose THREE lucky winners this go round - One with the original bottle and one with the mister bottle and a third winner for two pack of mister bottles. 

Have you seen the new mister bottles? They are all the rage - with good reason!

New Mister bottles!

I have a couple of these bottles and I love how they provide the finest mist when it comes to pressing.

Each IronEZ ironing board spray bottle holder purchase (use coupon code BH15OFF to save 15%!) includes this new bottle.

Get two or three while you are at it.  You are going to LOVE keeping those spray bottles in line and off of your ironing surface.

Need more bottles? They are now selling the new fine-mist bottles in a 2-pack so you can have one at your stand up ironing station, and one by your machine for work station pressing.

Fill them with your favorite spray be it Best Press, Flatter, spray starch or sizing, or the homemade version – whatever your favorite concoction is.

And we are going to draw for three winners!  One for an IronEZ ironing board spray bottle holder and original bottle, and a second winner for the holder and the new mister bottle, and a third winner for a 2 pack of the new spray bottles!


Winners will be drawn on Tuesday, May 11,2021.

Prizes must be shipped to a USA Address.  If you are out of the country, you may have it shipped to a friend within the USA, who can in turn ship it on to you.

Good luck, everyone!

This is what is going on at the QPO studio -

While the scale of the design is not what I originally wanted - it's turning out pretty dang cute if I do say so myself.  I am hoping to finish the quilting today -

A scrappy red binding will finish it off I believe - 

And since this quilt has been jinxed from the beginning -

Yes, it happens!  Somehow this little bit was missed in the seam allowance.  So much for "May the 1/4th be with you!"

A simple ladder stitch mending the spot last evening before going home, and I am hoping the small quilting motif will anchor that spot so it never comes undone again - EVER!

 How are things shaping up for your Thursday??

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

"This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before." ~Maya Angelou ⁣

Have a beautiful Thursday, everyone!



  1. Love the blue flowers. Not sure but I think they’re Forget-Me-Nots. Perfect for your unforgettable retreat center! Happy Mom’s day to you.

    1. I think they are Forget-Me-Nots also. We shouldn't forget what they look like.

  2. I love your blog, patterns, everything! Thank you so much Bonnie!!

  3. Thank you Bonnie for all you do for the quilting world! I love your blog, tips, patterns, sew-a-longs, mystery quilts etc, etc!!

  4. I just love the new quilt with all the yellow. It's so cheerful!

  5. I've had a missed seam or two in my life and was never sure how to fix it. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Ahhh! To sit and listen to the creek with the bonus of watching the cattle. I don’t even mind their “aroma”! What an awesome place.

  7. Bonnie, You are such an inspiration to so many people. You are a blessing to so many people. Thank you for all that you do and may you get everything up and running soon in your ice maker. This is the time of year more ice gets used for sure. Melissa Shaw (Morganton, NC)

  8. Pretty sure you are right about the Forget-me-nots Barb H, and the blue color of these particular flowers is outstanding. Lucky Bonnie.

  9. You, Bonnie, are usually the quilter I think I want to be 'when I grow up'! But when I see a little booboo like your 1/4 inch seam that didn't make it, and you share that...you make me feel good about my own quilting booboos! Thank you for sharing that you are a human quilter and not perfect- just like me!!

  10. I love the quote today. It's always a beautiful day when you wake up! It was a much better day today than earlier this week. I love how you roll with the punches; you have to learn to adapt when you don't have the conviences of the city. But that view more than makes up for it!! Glad to hear that it was a simple fix for your icemaker.

  11. Thank you for showing your little mistake. It's so great to see it happens to all of us.

  12. We've had the A&E repair people fix a stove less than a year old and they're great at trouble shooting -- new stuff seems to have gremlins in the electronics. The 20 year old fridge just keeps on keeping on! Glad its soon to be fixed. Love your posts -- your positive attitude is to be emulated.

  13. Hello, fabric glue held one blunder in place, but it was a wall hanging not much ware. The other one I appliqued a valentine over it. It wears on.

  14. When I find a booboo like the one you shared, I usually applique something over it. No one knows why that little heart or bluebird is there but me. I will have to try your method. It happens more than I like to admit.

  15. I am feeling like a quilting antique! Mister mister...now a song going through my head. Milk cows dancing. Spring flowers reminding me I don’t see them in FL. Enjoyed this post. Have been diverted for awhile. Jane M



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