Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Quilts Over the Porch Rail! *Join Us!*

We were dodging rain drops yesterday afternoon!

You could feel it - even in the morning air - that rain was coming.  The air just felt heavy, a bit humid - and oh do we NEED a good drenching rain.

In between the 2pm burst and the 5pm downpour we were able to gather those who had quilts to share on the porch and took turns for individual photos and group shots as well.

As I often say to myself when playing photographer - this porch was MADE for hanging quilts!

Two lovelies by Rebecca and Barbara!

Rebecca is our Quiltville's Open Studio retreat coordinator, and Barbara is one of her able bodied assistants!

Rebecca has been working on gift quilts using one yard each of three fabrics and they turn out so pretty!

That tree has also finally leafed out - the last one to show its glory.

Quilters grabbed friends to help hold all of their quilts!

These were all made by Denise!

It tickles me to see so many of my designs displayed - I will not lie!

(Don't you love the magenta stripe in Checkerboard Rails?!) 

The other quilts are Texas Tumbleweed from the Addicted to Scraps book and Midnight Flight from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

What a wonderful double Irish Chain made by JoAnn -

The borders are a magnificent touch!

Linda and Sharon holding Sharon's Good Fortune - so gorgeous!

One Block Wonder - so bright and cheery!

Grand Illusion  - Great colors!!

It makes for one happy group shot!

All of these were made by Jennifer!

(In green T-shirt holding Scrappy Trips!)
She finished the Catching Rainbows top here on retreat!

All of these lovelies are Mary Jo's!

(She is the one with the hand raised!)

Blue Ridge Beauty from Adventures with Leaders & Enders Grassy Creek our Unity Quilt and Sand Castles from String Frenzy!

It's a good thing these gals drove!

Jacque is on the right holding her beautiful Carpenter's Star!

The black and red is so dramatic!

And the Rhodie has reached full bloom!

This is one color that really makes me happy.

Quiltville Inn - end of May.

(Storm clouds gathering beyond!)

Our fire pit plans got rained out for last night - it was pouring at 6pm when I reached the cabin.  We need the rain so badly -

Here we don't water lawns, we just count on rain to keep it green.  It has been looking mighty dry and crunchy in spots.  

So this morning the grass is happier - and we'll just give a "rain check" for that fire pit night for the next time these ladies come.

If you are a solo person with no group of 11-to-make-12 to join you - I would love to invite you to join our Quiltville’s Open Studio group on Facebook.  Rebecca Shumaker is our Open Studio retreat coordinator and she can match you up with a group.

We have a couple of spots available through the summer and through the rest of the year.  We would love to welcome you to retreat with us!

Once you have joined Quiltville’s Open Studio, click to the FILES section of the group and find and add yourself to the ONESIES LIST.  This lets Rebecca know that you are interested in joining a group.

Once you've done that, you'll find the information to join Rebecca's retreat group SEW READY. All of the retreat organizing and discussion happens within SEW READY, so it doesn't clog the Open Studio Group.

You must be both a member of Open Studio AND Sew Ready to be matched with a group and attend retreat. And yes, you must be on Facebook, as the groups formed from singles are all coming from my Open Studio group.

If you are new and requesting to join Open Studio, you also must have a profile photo so we can see who you are - and something QUILTY posted publicly (not private settings) on your profile so we can also verify that you are a quilter.

When joining, there are 3 questions to answer to prove you are not a hacker! LOL!

Through Covid we have limited retreaters from Open Studio to driving only, but the flying restrictions are to be lifted after Labor Day, 2021.  If you need to fly here - dates after Labor Day are the ones you want.

And while I'm posting this here, I have to thank Rebecca for all of the work she does in bringing groups together.  These groups have formed friendships and deep connections.  

They may meet in person for the first time at retreat, but from that point on, they are a group of friends and I look forward to them coming back every year on their repeat weekends.

And also to Barbara and Tonnie for being Rebecca's right-hand gals and doing all they do to keep the retreats fun and fabulous!

This morning when I arrive at Quiltville Inn I know I am going to find the hustle and bustle of busy packing and fond farewells.  It has been a wonderful week - and I can't wait until I see these ladies again!

Let the Laundry Challenge begin!

These gentle curves are EASY!

And the pattern includes full instructions, step by step on how to make the bias binding, and how to apply it to the quilt with success.

Basket Toss is Scrap User's System friendly - I was able to sew up a lot of my smaller scraps, even making good use of rarely-used charm squares for the bigger basket base triangles.

This would be a great quilt for swapping blocks with friends as they are all different and VARIETY is the name of the game!

Quilt Size: 88’’ x 88’’

Let those neutrals shine as much as you want them to!

If you wish a bit more of a sedate look, you certainly could use one neutral throughout - or mix it up "just a bit" by using a single neutral for each basket, bringing together 4 different neutrals when the 4 baskets come together in the Basket Toss block.

Any way you color it, this quilt is BASKETS full of quilty fun.

As promised, the introductory price for Basket Toss is already marked 25% off - no coupon needed!

This price drop is good through May 31st, and will revert to the full price of $12.00 on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.  Don't delay!

If this is your first time downloading digital patterns from my store to a computer click HERE.

If you intend to download to an iPhone/iPad click HERE.

Scrappy baskets twirl in a whirlwind of color! Fill your background areas with your favorite neutrals, and finish your border perfection with an easier than it looks gently scalloped border! Step-by-step directions with full color graphics and photos. A wonderful way to sew happily through your own scrap basket!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This I truly believe with every stitch!

I have followed my passion for fabric, thread and friendship and I know I am right where I am supposed to be!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone! What will you do with your day today?



  1. Such beautiful quilts and such happy quilters..you have been an inspiration to us all..maybe someday travel from Canada won't be so difficult. Maybe by my 61st birthday..in 2022..

    1. I am hoping that the ban crossing the 49th is lifted soon. I am a Canadian living in California and miss my family and friends up North so much.

  2. What a magnificent quilt show on the veranda! These quilters are very talented and prolific!

  3. Love seeing the quilt show off the porch... they are all very lovely. It is great to see some of the designs I have in progress or ones that are in my "to do" buckets.

  4. Thank you for sharing photos and videos so those of us who aren't there can share the wonder of that enchanting place and the beautiful faces of our sister quilters♥

  5. Thank you for the information on how to get on a singles list. A group of us here in Alaska did have a group, but we were not drawn, and with the pandemic restrictions and life issues I'm not sure we'd get the whole group together. Alaska to Virginia sounds like a long trip but most of my family live on the east coast, so I could combine the two things. Worth investigating. I have just gone to 3 quilting events, first at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, then home for 3 days and 5 of us had a retreat on Kenai Peninsula for 5 days. Finally 2 days later, 6 of us had a sew day close to home (rented a room at a church). I loved it - no overlap of friends. I am so blessed to have good friends.

  6. Love all the quilts bedecking the inn. The joyous occasion radiates from each face. Thank you for the daily spiritual lift.

  7. I am so glad your retreaters allow their quilts to be part of your blog. They are so fun to see so many thanks to them! Thanks for all you do, Bonnie!

  8. Gorgeous quilts and the Inn sets them off perfectly. The One Block Wonder reminds me of Klimt painting. Lovely!

  9. Oooh....I'm so excited and tempted by your "Onsies" offer. Holding me back is the fact that I am a very beginning beginner. I've made several baby quilts - easy peasy blocks mostly by hand. I made a wedding quilt for my son by machine that I'm embarrassed to say took me (hide my head in shame) 5 years and only got finished through the help of my super-kind and tremendously-talented sister-in-law. I'm practicing practicing paracticing and hope one day I can join a onesie group. Love reading the adventures of your quilting groups and your beautiful Quiltville Inn. <3 Loretta McGinn

    1. Going to one of these retreats would be a wonderful way to learn more skills. Quilters are very generous in sharing knowledge!

  10. First of all, I LOVE your quilt shows at the end of the retreats. They are so inspiring and I love to see the different ways that each one is done.Also, I know the not-so-wonderful sound of crunchy grass, and the first rains after a drought. We are going through that now!
    Also, thank you for coming up with a way to get the "onesies" up there! I don't belong to a group as I live out in the middle of nowhere. That sounds like a fun way to meet new people!
    Enjoy the fight with the laundry monster... or as I say, getting the laundry train rolling! Have a good evening...

  11. I love that Checker Board quilt! Is it in one of your books?

  12. Busy ladino and beautiful quilts!

  13. These pics are wonderful! Can't wait to see you next week with another group of Quiltvillians. I knew someone special has posted about the openings with the number of requests we received for membership to Sew Ready! Thank you! Who would not want to join in on all the fun as shown in your pics over the last few days?! Hugs :)

  14. Beautiful quilts.
    Can you tell me what size scraps are worthy of saving?


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