Saturday, May 22, 2021

Up and Up and Up They Went!

What was supposed to be a moderate hike to see the wild ponies at Grayson Highlands State Park turned into MORE of an adventure than any of us bargained for!

It's common to ask hikers coming down the trail if they had seen any wild ponies out further up the trail in the direction we were heading.  

We saw MORE pony action than I have ever seen in my 4 years of living here - but we had to go further afield to experience the splendor - including 3 new foals! (And a marriage proposal!)

The three hiking quilters who came with me had not been up here before, and it was something they really wanted to experience, so we donned our shoes, grabbed our water bottles and off we went.

Things forgotten?  Sunscreen and my hat that was left at the bottom in the van.  I would come to regret that later!  (I am still regretting it now as I sit here and put words in between these photos!)

When we first approached this group of ponies, there was also a ranger with a pickup and 2 female rangers off to the side, just keeping an eye on things.

It seems that there was a bit of forced romance going on between one of the males, and one female who couldn't be bothered and would have nothing to do with him.

There was snorting, whinnying, rearing and pawing (hoofing?) of the air, tossing of heads and manes and even some biting going on.

Still, she would have NOTHING to do with him as he pranced around her - 

I broke into song with "You don't bring me flowers, you don't sing me love songs...." LOL!

And then another male entered the group and the two males started battling with each other - and they began to run and chase and spar - across the trail and over where other people were standing - all the while the ranger yelling for us to just stand still as the ponies ran through us.

It was incredible. It was heart pounding.  And a reminder that as docile as these beautiful creatures may appear - they are WILD ANIMALS.  And if YOU are also running, they could run you down.

I did get one photo of the forceful stallion trying his best to win his lady love - but I'm not posting it.  

The Hubster laughed when I showed him our day's photos and said "I can't believe you kept Pony Porn on your phone!" LOL!

Yep!  We forgot the sunscreen!

And where are our hats?

Instead of resting at our usual turn around spot - we continued up this trail for another mile or so - straight up.  Rock steps, some high, some low, some uneven, some tippy - 

See the space between those uppermost peaks?

That's where we are heading!

You know when they say "The best view is from the top!"?  They aren't kidding!  I am so glad we did it!

I took this photo while we stepped out of the way to let another young couple (much younger than me that's for sure!) to pass us on their way up.

About 20 minutes later as we crested the last rise and descended a bit into a wide and grassy clearing between the two peaks we found we had arrived just in time to see the young man down on one knee proposing to his hiking companion.

And she said YES to much cheering from the other hikers who were also there to observe and mingle amongst the wild ponies.  It was completely so romantic.

(Much better than the forceful mating attempt we had seen about 2 miles below!)

2 babies, 2 mamas and a dad -

What a great way to celebrate #nationalrescuedogday!

I love how the foal is so intently curious about Zoey Jo!

Click to Play:

The babies are so precious! 

And these gals are troopers!

Where is your hat?

Where is the sunscreen?

Little did I know that in a few hours I would be so sorry!

And then we came across this beautiful sight -

Not more than 48 hours old, barely able to get those legs to work!

Click to Play:

Welcome to the world, little one!

It was a wonderful hike - so worth it, even if now I find myself bathed in aloe vera and a bit tender on my arms and around my neck line which is lobster red.

Mexican Taco Night for the win!


Today there will be no outings for me.  I need to ease on into the weekend with some rest and relaxation.  But that doesn't mean that we won't find ourselves heading out to Damascus for a ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail either Monday or Tuesday, weather depending.

Sunscreen and bug spray? Check!

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  1. The foals are so sweet. That tiny one in the second video, with its blonde little eyelashes!

    Sorry about your sunburn! Been there, felt that. Hope it eases up on you soon.

  2. What wonderful adventures you all had hiking! A little pony excitement, the gorgeous view, & those babies!! Plus a sweet proposalšŸ’• Love is in the air on the Appalachian Trail!
    Ouch on the sunburn BonniešŸ˜¬

    Looks like the group is getting along with new friends & having a lot of fun!!

    Haven’t had a lot of quilty time this week...
    Hoping for some soon!

    Happy weekend!!

  3. Lovely, fun post. Thank you.

  4. What a great experience you guys had! Nature at her finest.

  5. I would have loved going on a hike like that to see the wild ponies. How beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures.

  6. What a wonderful adventure with all the joys of life. (Sunburn included)

  7. When you get too much sun- when you get back from your hike climb in the tub and douse yourself with vinegar. Let it stand for a minute then rinse off with cool water. You'll be surprised by how effective this is. I learned of this when we lived in the heat and sun of FL.

    1. This was my mother’s remedy, too! It stinks, but it works!

  8. Wow a 4 mile hike plus sunburn. Lotion and Aleve for the muscle ache. The feels are precious and your story had me laughing. The warning about deme.bering these beauties are wild is a good idea. Thanks.

  9. Thank you so much for the photos and videos. The foals are so beautiful that they make me cry with joy. It isn’t just a trite phrase or a movie title... really, life is beautiful.

  10. How wonderful you are! Thanks so much for your lovely pictures and videos. The ponies are spectacular.

  11. Our amazing country is so diverse I love seeing other people’s photos of the places they live and what they love. I really like your basket quilt which is a surprise since I generally do not like pieced basket patterns. I think it’s because it is so scrappy. That quilt gave me a new way to think of how I’m going to make my next quilt, scrappy low volume background and completely scrappy for the rest of the block. Thank you for the inspiration.

  12. What a stunning place you live in Bonnie. The wild ponies and babies are beautiful :)

  13. Oh, Bonnie, what a delightful post!

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