Friday, April 17, 2020

Spring Sewing Along the Side -

I’ve nearly made it through ALL of my block kits.

I will need to be cutting more soon -

I know that when I was cutting up these kits to take to Asilomar in California for the Empty Spools Seminars and evening sewing time that I didn’t have the WHOLE QUILT cut out – just what I thought I would need to occupy my time during the evenings over the two back to back sessions I was to be teaching there.

Of course, we know that didn’t happen.  I’ve been pushing these pieces through as Leaders & Enders while making folded fabric face filters for friends and family. (Five F’s in a row, say that five times fast!) and I am amazed that I have blown through nearly everything that had been baggied up for travel.

More cutting to follow.

This photo came in from my brother Scott who owns and operates Wilkinson Pest Control in the Boise, Idaho area:

Backwards Selfie (See the hat?!)

But it is so good to see him masked up and ready for his day.

I want to thank everyone who participated in our Binge Watching List of Shows!  To date we have 340 responses! 

You can still add your own watching suggestions HERE.

I have just finished watching Mindhunters (Fabulous and intriguing!) and am catching up on season 3 of Land Girls.  Both on Netflix.  I had stopped Land Girls after season 2 ended, but never caught up again once season 3 came out.

I will be making a tab for the top of the blog, so this info is easy to find and refer to,  but before I do I want to add another collection.


You can also find the form HERE.  And the responses will be viewable HERE.

My hope is that we can find some really great things to listen to while we go about this stay at home social distancing thing.

Do you listen to audio books much?  I love them.  I listen quite a bit when I am driving places as I am usually in areas that don’t have cell service.

Not the James Patterson one!

I am currently listening to The Lake House by Kate Morton.

The Lake House starts with a tragedy - the disappearance of a one-year-old boy, Theo Edevane, from his crib in the country home of a wealthy English family in 1933 - and examines it from the viewpoints of several characters, particularly his mother Eleanor and his 16-year-old sister Alice. Seventy years later.

The best part? It’s 21 hours in length.  I like really long novels with deeply involved plots and a lot of character development.

This is the first Kate Morton book I’ve listened to (read) but she has a couple of other intriguing titles and if I like an author, I’ll usually (read) listen to everything they have published.

So please – add your audio book recommendations in the form above or use the links to view the form on the web and do it there.  I will get both the viewing and listening infos placed into a tab at the top of the blog so you’ll always know where to look.

The Adventures of Zoey Jo.

New Food.  New Slow Eating Bowl.  All of this arrived yesterday via Chewy (which is now taking 2 weeks longer than normal to deliver things as is everywhere else – understandable.) The food is chicken and sweet potato – no grain.  And she loves it. 

We are feeding her smaller amounts several times a day to see if that helps keep her food down especially when changing foods.  She still wants to just inhale everything, and then she throws it up.  But since we started this yesterday – no problems.

In other news - ZOEY JO just chased two deer from the yard, down the mountain, across the drive, across the creek, through the woods up the other mountain ridge until I couldn't see or hear her. Yes she came home. So proud of herself -

That Kelpie herding instinct is strong! The deer were not impressed.

But – for those “Kelpie Police” who have taken it upon themselves to personally message/send emails about how much exercise a Kelpie is going to need, and "Are You Prepared For This??" 

I didn’t go into this unknowingly.  We have nearly 43 acres of wooded mountainside.  We are active.  We hike often, we play hard with her (Oh, she loves the frisbee! So much fun!) and she is getting US to exercise as well.

We are a good match for her and she will get all of the outdoor activity and stimulation that she needs.

This is not your ordinary suburban fenced back yard.  She has a mountain.

And it’s time for me to get down the mountain and get over to the QPO to get today’s round of mail order out so I can come back, binge-watch and quilt some more.  Next round is NEARLY ready to go on to our Unity Quilt Along center!  (I can’t wait to share it with you!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Things are very emotional right now. Your mind and your heart can play tricks on you if you don't have all the facts.

And certainly there are conflicting stories out there and the truth is usually found somewhere in the middle.

Be smarter than those whose information is meant to play on your emotions.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I love the quote. Important to remember in our situation now, but also, always!!

  2. did your 'mother's heart pound" a little bit until Zoey came home? Mine would have...hallelujiah, she knows where she lives!What a scary/happy adventure. Thanks, always, for sharing your love and quilty-adventures, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  3. Dont take any notice of the armchair experts. Your property would be perfect for a kelpie. Lots if 4oom to run around. The deer would be a bonus and she wont hurt them
    And I would know. Growing up we had kelpies to round up sheep. They are very intelligent good natured dogs.

  4. Thank you for the blogs I enjoy them along with all the quilt ideas, patterns etc. I have a lot of admiration for your putting yourself out there risking criticism and such but being strong enough to weather it. I was a quilt guild president once for two years and boy was it hard to weather all the personalities and opinions. Like the idea of the slow feeder, I have a cat that gulps and then pukes. Wonder whether it might work for him.

    1. They are available for cats too - I got one!

  5. Good advise...truth in the middle.
    Sharing our quilty world here is always rewarding. Thanks for that. Thanks too for sharing Zoey Jo's new life on the mountain! I can almost feel her joy every time she sees all that SPACE!! ♥

  6. Great thoughts and ideas today, thanks so much. I am wondering if you have put out a pattern for the tulip block as I am working on an ancient tulip UFO and those pieced tulips would be great in the border!

    1. it's in an old Quiltmaker issue in Bonnie's "Addicted to Scraps" column.

  7. Bonnie, I can't thank you enough for so many things, but making a list of recommended audiobooks may be the best of all. My sister, the Librarian, downloaded Overdrive for me several years ago. It is free, saves your history and offers other books for your pleasure. I'm almost up to 600, every quilt I've made has stories to go along with it.

  8. Thanks for your hard work.Your Zoey is so cute.

  9. Your tulip blocks are so very cheerful, Bonnie!

    Zoey Jo, you are a great source of entertainment to many. Hope the slow-down bowl helps out. We had to get one for our Labrador. She's not fond of it, but it does the trick.

  10. There is a product, Whistle, that attaches to the dogs collar that tells you where they are. It is a lifesaver.

  11. Thank you Bonnie for all the little things you are doing for us, movies, books, and quilting and animal antics. Our stay at home order was just extended to May 15 and I have plenty to keep me busy. Quilting,cleaning, reading, playing card games with the hubby, tv & exercise walking down to our community lakes to view the ducks,and geese,birds and occasional deer. So thank you for all you are providing us too!

  12. Thanks again for "Unity". The Part 3 stars are So. Stinkin'. Cute. !!!!!!! Thinking about using those measurements but turning the points inwards to make square in squares for another little project. So much fun!!

    Gina in Missouri

  13. Thinking about Zoey's deer chase reminds me of when our dog would get a chance to chase deer. He would never be able to catch them of course, but always came back sooooo proud! Miss him.

  14. I love Kate Morton books! Also, thank you for your daily uplifting and informative posts. I look forward to them daily.

  15. Great advice at the end. Back to Zoey, I remember the first time my dog slipped a lead, in a strange neighborhood and left me. We were getting ready to send 3 dogs and my sister to Germany for work and were staying at a friend's house, leaving after the airport run. Oh my, was I stressed. But that little smart dog found her way back to where we were staying. She was pretty proud of herself also! From then on, I have never worried about Lizzie finding me, she's a smartie. Now my other little dog....not the brightest, lol. I's probably worry a bit. I bet Zoey had a wonderful time chasing, I know mine adore bunnies! Never catch them but love the challenge.

  16. I love your "the truth lies somewhere in the middle." Having been so anxious when I try to read the news, I found a news source that presents the views about a topic from the left, right, and center. I always read down the center, but it's interesting to see the twist each side gives the same story. They also promote "civil discourse"...which is lacking on television! Anyway, I didn't want to sound like an ad, but there it is! The site is called: AllSides dot com and I found it by googling things like "unbiased news" and "balanced news," etc. More and more of these sites trying to present balanced views are popping up due to demand...I hope it's a trend! Just find one you like. I feel much more peaceful without all the horrible twisting and angst that cable and network news try and hook you with!

  17. Thanks for making tabs for the video/movie and audio book recommendations. I listen to audio books while I sew/quilt and/or play in my fabric. In 2019 I read and or listened to 125 books, so I'm always on the lookout for more. We only stream tv, so the Netflix and Amazon Prime recs will definitely be appreciated.

  18. My pup used to do the same thing... inhale his food, throw up. We got a similar eat slow bowl and it helped but we also gave him famotidine (same as Pepcid). The vet said that sometimes dogs who throw up a lot have heartburn/acid like we do. It’s very safe, I know several people that use it with their dogs. It’s very inexpensive if you get generic. Something to consider... and I love your quilting philosophy! Thank you.

  19. Interesting bowl. One of our dogs wolfs his food down too quick (thank goodness he doesn't give it back). You are smart, and you also check things out. No problem with how much space your dog needs. I know you took all that into account before you got her. Some people will complain no matter what. Be true to yourself and ignore the rest.

  20. The Lake House is one of the better books I have read in awhile!

  21. Thanks so much for your public service. I am getting requests from friends and relatives across the country for fff masks. I appreciate your video so much. The fact that it's adjustable makes it the best one I've made so far. I finally got the elastic I ordered 3/21 but think the t-shirt ties are very comfortable and easy to make. Thankful that I can help in a small way that collectively will hopefully make a big difference.

  22. Thank you for the movie/tv series/book list. Quite an effort! I am new to the streaming/listening craze and appreciate recommendations.

  23. "The truth is somewhere in the middle" Oh, how true that is, and how I wish that more people would understand that! You are a wise woman, indeed.

  24. And rightly, Bonnie, you should be proud of yourself when Zoey Jo returned to the cabin and yours and Hubster's loving arms! You three have bonded and she feels welcomed and loved to find her way back to where she feels safe! I would suspect, as you have observed, that she was abused at her prior home and that's how she found her way into the shelter where you found her to adopt! It explains why she wolfs her food down, her cringing when she thinks she may be struck, also why she takes to the crate so easily, because that was her only safe space. So, pat all of yourselves on the back for making Zoey Jo feel safe and a loving part of the family. You three are going to be happy together for a very long time, God willing.

  25. Love all of Kate Morton’s books. Enjoy. Thank you for all you do for your quilty friends!

  26. Just wanted to tell you "Thank You" for the tip of using T shirt material for ties. I have cut many T shirts for a quilt, that isn't anywhere near finished, too bosses in the group, but I saved all the scraps, many colors. So I am into cutting a lot of them into string ties for mask or other things that come along. Plastic jar full to be.

  27. My lab had a problem eating also. We made a table for his food and water bowl so he could eat with his head higher up. That helped keep the food down.
    Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!!!

  28. Hi Bonnie, Our lab X retriever used to make himself sick scoffing food down. I started feeding him from a metal muffin tray and have no more issues. When it’s starts to get it rusty I buy another from the thrift shop ☺️

  29. I love having this blog to look forward to every day, so grateful. I bypassed the other 500 mask tutorials and have been making your version. Best decision ever.


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