Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Spring Green and Easter Things -

A drive-by scene as things turn green -

I pass this lovely old farm house daily on my drive between Quiltville Inn, the QPO (Quiltville Post Office) and the USPS.

I LOVE this place sitting high on a hillside, old silo standing guard, two brick fireplace chimneys flanking the sides of the house, tall and proud.

“I would like to get to know who lives there!” I have often said to myself – but not now.  Not while social distancing still dictates that we stay away.  Not just for ourselves, but for others, as a kindness to them. 

I think at this time we all take into account what the Hippocratic oath states: “Do No Harm.”  to yourself – to others.

If you want a REALLY good read, here is a retrospective on the 1918 Spanish Flu “The Forgotten Pandemic

Boston Red Cross workers assemble masks in 1918.  Photo from the CDC archives.

A couple of quotes that stuck with me from the article:

“Places that isolated themselves survived.”

“The closing orders that most cities issued could not prevent exposure; they were not extreme enough. Closing saloons and theaters and churches meant nothing if significant numbers of people continued to climb onto streetcars, continued to go to work, continued to go to the grocer.”

Hence – STAY HOME if at all possible.

How NOT to Wear a Mask!

My friend Melinda posted this photo from the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic. I added the text and the circle - My eyes went directly to the lady with the mask under her nose.

It was the law to wear a mask. The sign states "Wear a mask, or go to jail." Yes, constitutionally the state has the power to enforce such laws and regulations, even though they may temporarily infringe on our individual liberties.

You may feel differently, but for the good of all - we need to look at the big picture and care about others more than ourselves and wear one.

It doesn't count if the mask is hanging completely off your face and under your chin, and for goodness sake, cover your nose! 

Or, please – pretty please. care about others more than yourself and just stay home.

Yes, they are hot.  They make breathing a bit difficult.  

“But they fog my glasses” came the outcry when I posted this to social media channels yesterday.

There is anti-fog glasses cleaner out there.  I use it myself.  Some say that wiping your lenses with shaving cream will also stop the fog.

“My glasses fog” is not a valid excuse to continue to spread this disease to everyone else.

And the rains came – and came hard!

This is Wilson Creek behind Quiltville Inn.

Click to Play:

It’s been so weird – this weather.  And tomorrow it is supposed to snow?  I’m not thinking about that right now.  I am thinking about the “social distancing” hike we took on Easter Sunday:

More green rolling hills on our way -

Oh, what IS that?!

It’s a stare down! LOL!

This was Zoey's first hike on the Appalachian Trail and she did so well!

No barking.

No charging or jumping.

No rolling in or eating pony poop!

Such a good girl!

She loved it – and I can see us hiking A LOT in the years to come.  Oh, so many smells to be smelled out there!

And THIS is now at the end of our drive.

Yes, a trash box.

Because here you just can’t leave trash cans at the side of the road – the wild animals knock them over and spread the contents.

We’ve been adding our trash to the trash at Quiltville Inn on trash days, but they come so early that we were having to set it out on Monday night, alongside the highway.

And if bad weather and wind come up, THAT knocks everything over and stuff scatters.

You know times are desperate when the Hubster has reached the END of his to-do list and finally opts to make a trash box for the cabin after 3 years of living here.  

Oh, the honey-do’s that are being completed world-wide!  It’s a miracle!

After google deleted anything to do with  _ _ _ _ –Making

Over the past 2 weeks -

(So many of my photos were redacted!!)

I am hesitant to display this photo – but it is also a TEST!

Maybe if I just call them the “M WORD” the google bots will pass me by and my photos will remain.  We can call these “fabric folded dust filters!”

My sister-in-law who doesn’t sew asked me for some fabric folded dust filters for their family.  My brother Mike is with the maintenance department over the Hvac systems at Boise State.  They are using this down time with the University closed to do a bunch of upgrades that were needed.

It is great that he still has his job, though a bit reduced hours – and while he is out working he needs a fabric folded dust filter for his face.  So these go in the mail today.  His birthday is tomorrow – and I bet it is the only time he will be so happy for this kind of birthday gift ever.

Nicole said “Nothing too foo foo!” for him – so DANG.  I was thinking that pink flamingoes would go really well, but I stuck with industrial gray batik instead.

The floral one is for Nicole – the polar bears in top hats for Elizabeth, and the blue one (guessing on size) is for little Jax.

My video is still up on my YouTube channel if you need to make some, and the post IS linked under the Free Patterns Tab (redacted photos but the dimensions and video are still visible)

I spent yesterday late afternoon and early evening cutting out Part 4 of our Unity Quilt Along.  Part 3 went live yesterday, did you catch it??  You’ll find all things Unity under the Unity Quilt Along tab at the top of the blog.  It just keeps getting better and better!

Our Quiltmaker Bundle Gift-Away is still going on!  the drawing happens tomorrow, so get your entry in ON THAT POST.

I have also had SEVERAL emails from people who have ordered things asking why it is taking so long for mail to be delivered.  

Folks – please be patient.  There is a tracking number for each shipment sent to your email address, but it may end up in your spam filter so check there.

EVERYTHING shipping related is on delay right now because there is so much of it.  

The USPS, UPS, FEDEX and Amazon (And CHEWY!) are all overwhelmed but doing the best they can.  Once your order is dropped at the USPS and entered into the USPS system it is out of my hands as to how long it takes to get to you. 

Just follow your tracking number knowing that everyone is doing what they can with all of these other safety precautions in place that may cause delays in your package arriving on time.

The one thing we can do in every circumstance through this is to breathe in, breathe out – and focus on patience for everyone and everything in every circumstance.

From my side of things – I am getting mail order out every day except for weekends.  My USPS is only open from 7:30am to 11:30am. Orders that come in after 11:00am Eastern are usually shipped the next business day.

And yes – the Addicted to Scraps book  is flying out the door at only $15.99 in our Stay at Home Blow-Out. 

It comes with a free PDF pattern download for my Wanderlust Table Runner.

If you've been waiting for this book - now is the time. Put your stash to good use while you retreat away at home.

You'll find it in the Quiltville Store along with other goodies you may want to add to your cart - check the NEW category to see what else we've added.

This special sale is only good while Lock Down lasts. 

Want to know what quilts are in the book?  Click the BOOKS tab at the top of the blog.  Right under the book cover photo is a link to view the online trunk show post.

And I think this catches us up to now.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Are you the only thing that is holding you back? Encourage yourself to move forward!

But if you are anywhere public - wear your mask!

Have a Terrific Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Our Health center put out a call to us for volunteers to assist in making some with their special fabric. They're delivering and picking them up. No need to go out, yea. Love that your family is getting personalized ones.

  2. "Fabric folded dust filter" You crack me up and I love your get it done attitude.

  3. Why did Google mess with the ma*k photos?

  4. Well! Now I know where all your dust filter pics went! I wish GOOGLE & FB would spend time on sorting out the trolls & spammers! Have a great week!

  5. We coined "nose nannies" for our m-$- making

  6. Facebook took one of my post down for mask and sent me a cautionary letter that I would be blocked. Maybe they don't realize that this are humanitarian mask?

  7. Hahahaha nose nannies!!
    Hahahaha! Love it!
    Bonnie, would you kindly remind us about the sewing thread you like? I seem to remember American made coats and clark? I'm having trouble finding a vendor. Thanks so much!!!

    1. As far as I know, most Coats and Clark thread is now made in Mexico. And, it is available on Amazon.

    2. I think it was Signature. Not completely sure.

  8. I see those masks everywhere! Why is Google messing with yours? Good grief. Love today's pictures, Bonnie. Stay well!

  9. Great post. The new names of things crack me up. Nose nannies takes the cake. Thank you for always moving forward in most positive ways and encouraging the rest of us to follow suit. It's still a great day!

  10. glasses fog up because you are not wearing the mask correctly...take your glasses off put on mask, making sure it covers the nose , then put on glasses,

  11. I'm wondering if G is cracking down on some of the certain info pics etc, as some crazy people are making up things that are not useful and remedies that are downright dangerous - causing more harm than good. Seems it can't differentiate between rubbish and decent posts.
    I now have the Rawhide tune going through my head! Super house on the hill with the cooooos. It would be nice to be able to say hello one day. Thank you :D

  12. Google has some very strange notions at times but love the new names you’ve come up with. I got blocked for a week for putting up a picture of a silver needle threader and was told it contravened standard! Go figure.
    Love your pictures of the river and beautiful scenery
    Have a safe and lovely day
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  13. I remember when every thing your ordered in the mail came with a - 2 to 4 week shipping time. How times have changed, and everyone expects overnight processing and things in the mail in a couple of days. ha ha ha. I appreciate every thing you do there at Quiltville, the patterns, the daily blogs, the classes, the video's and I could go on and on. Quiltville brightens up my world and I am sure many others also.

  14. I'm a postmaster in Montana and the plant that processes the mail from my office is down 1/3 workers from the virus. Our state has very few cases. I can only imagine the other states where the virus in more prevalent keeping staff. Social distancing and disinfecting in the plants makes for a slower process in our mail too.

  15. To prevent fogging use the mask pattern with the center seam for sculpting along face shape. I sewed the cutoff ziplock closures along the bottom edge for filter changing. It rides under the chin. I also sewed twisty ties that come with plastic bags along the shaped nose bridge edge to form to my face. No Fog.

  16. Last week I mailed a mask to two friends who live locally and they still have not received them. This virus is hitting everyone hard in different ways, we all need to be patient. From what I have been reading these nose nannies are going to be part of our every day wardrobe for some time to come if we want to be able to leave the confines of our home. I am going to make a few quilt related ones for myself.


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