Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pumpkins, Packages and….

I stole away to the studio about 9pm last night just to get in an hour of stitching.

I needed only 3 pumpkins to finish what was on the floor.

I was a quilter on a mission, and I needed to feel the hum of the machine and the heat of the iron as I sewed and pressed.

And wonder of wonders, I FOUND the missing rectangle that i had searched high and low for.

Of course it wasn’t where it was supposed to be, it had “flannel boarded” itself to the back of a totally unrelated piece of fabric that I had likely laid on top of it.  No bother, at least it was FOUND!

Seeing this 1953 Bernina just waiting for me made me smile.  This thing has POWER.  I have loved all 3 of the Berninas that  have come through my life at different times, and this makes number 4, and it makes me the happiest of all.  All metal, vintage forest green and chrome, flat bed and all.  Still wondering what this one will do in a treadle cabinet!

But there was no time for that last night.  3 pumpkins, remember?

And then they were there.  All of them.


And I began to web and web some more!

I have been parceling out “The Crown” on Netflix.  I don’t want it to end, and I know I will watch it again and notice even more little nuances of what it must have been like to be a young mother, crowned Queen and thrown into a world of politics.  Episode 7 has the Queen hiring a tutor for herself to fill in the gaps of her “Not quite normal” education that didn’t teach her what other students learned in “Normal” school and she wants to learn.  I am so impressed with this show.

Yes, this 1953 Bernina 117k and I have bonded.  I'm considering naming her "Queenie"  As in Queenie the Greenie. I have watched all 7 episodes while getting to know this machine.  The Queen's coronation took place in 1953.  It's kismet.  Queenie she is.

Side story:  My DAD's grandmother, my great grandmother was also called "Queenie".  It's her diamond and sapphire ring I wear.  I think she would approve as well.


All rows are complete, and connected to each other with chaining threads!

These three days home are going too fast, and full with a list of “Must dos” as long as my arm including getting our En Provence Mystery clue #1 ready to go.  Friday is coming so quickly!


Now to sew the rows together.

I haven’t run out of Essential Triangle Tools yet, but it will be close by the time we leave for Florida late tomorrow afternoon.  I am filling as many orders as possible and getting them out the door before I leave.  I normally don’t go away for Thanksgiving, but when the Hubster bought some scuba equipment for our Mediterranean cruise, he also got some free advanced diving courses with purchase, and they expire at the end of the year.  So this is a combination Thanksgiving/Christmas thing for us to go to Key Largo so he can get those dives in.

A very certain “MYSTERIOUS” quilt will be going with me and I plan to finish the binding while he is off on his dives.

Anyone here a Gilmore Girls fan??  On the 25th during our mystery release, there are NEW episodes being released on Netflix as well.  Check it out.  I plan to binge!  And hopefully we will find a beautiful beach and get some beach shots of the quilt for our reveal when it happens.  At least that is the plan.  We’ll be back home Monday night.


Sadie says:

Invoice box #15 is OUT THE DOOR!

Onto box #16 today!

If you have not received a “processing” email yet, it’s because I haven’t printed your invoice.  But you should have your original receipt in your inbox letting you know what your invoice number is so you can still see we are getting closer to you.

At this point I do not see getting any more Tri-Recs in stock.  Because I do want to relax a bit during the holidays and enjoy mystery season with you, and squeeze in a bit of sewing – if you haven’t ordered your Tri-Recs yet, please try your local shops or online resources for that set.  I will be posting a PDF template for those shapes, but paper patterns are not easy to work with and you will really prefer to have those rulers on hand.

If you have not ordered the Essential Triangle Tool, remember you CAN use the equivalent rulers from other manufacturers for half-square and quarter-square triangles.  ALL units will be given in unfinished and finished sizes so you can use ANY METHOD for creating these units, as long as they measure what they should.

I think that’s it off the top of my head for today!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage nine patch quilt shared by @photokevin74

I fell into a fitful sleep last night after reading about neo-Nazi support of our president elect, and dealing with KKK images in my head from previous news articles. I live in North Carolina. These things happen where I live, so I'm a bit more concerned.  It's not "over-there" it's HERE.

I need to stick with love.

The world is a scary place and it is getting scarier. We need to look each other in the eye one-on-one, not as groups, causes, parties, denominations or religions, subcultures, us versus them. Person-to-person we need to see each other clearly as human beings.  

I believe quilting and our love of quilting gives those of us who DO quilt an opportunity to see beyond the differences.  It gives us a “Common Thread” and a deep understanding that crosses boundaries. 

Let’s focus on that.

I’m grateful for our Quilty Abundance!

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  1. Quilting is always there for us in good times and bad.A place to call home when need be. I am enjoying The Crown as well and to think she is still Queen!! Looking forward to Gilmore Girls...but got a message this morning that we are almost at our limit for internet streaming so no binge watching for me at least till the new month starts!! That just gives me more reason to finish up some UFOs that are sitting around. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!!

  2. So you think Friday is coming quickly.?
    Some of us think it's taking forever! I love every bit of the mystery including the anticipation. Happy thanksgiving

  3. Thanks for your post Bonnie. I do hope the hubster enjoys his diving time. I haven't done much other than discovery dives and thoroughly enjoyed seeing that wonderful underwater world. I shared some of your comments and added to them on my own facebook post today. We need more love. I am praying for a peaceful transition, and for kids on school buses, and for our law enforcement officers. Safe travels!

  4. You, too? I am groggy this morning from too little sleep as well and for the same reason. I saw those "Sieg heils" on the news last night as well. Scary.

  5. Your pumpkins look great. Don't let the news get you down. I have found that most of it is half truths and outright lies. You just can't trust them anymore for the true facts. Have fun at the beach.

  6. Hello Bonnie, Isn't it funny that so many of us are enjoying the same movie on Netflix I am watching Season 1 Ep. 7 where she hires the tutor and I like you and so many others am really enjoying this film and hate to see it end. But all good things must come to an end they say. I love the name you chose for your Bernina and I think it is a perfect fit. Thankfully when it ends I will have my family with me, and my sweet little grand-daughter Abby she will keep me busy and happy. And then on Friday the first clue of the mystery will appear, I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. I can only imagine how exciting it is for you to know that you have so many woman and men waiting with such anticipation for that first clue to go live. You must be giddy inside. :) I love your pumpkin quilt, and I am happy for you and your hubby that you will get to spend some time on the beach together. I hope you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  7. Bonnie, I share your concerns, and I keep reminding myself that most Americans do not endorse these political neo-Nazi activities. I have faith that reason will overcome these racist movements. Quilting in times of stress always helps, and visiting quilt shops is even better! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, and safe travels.

  8. "If more people were quilters, the world would be a kinder, gentler place." That saying comes to mind every election year, and this one is no exception. You are right that seeing people as individuals is key.

  9. Seeing your rows held together with chaining threads made me realize I need to start chaining my rows like that instead of adding one piece at a time.

    I'm signed up for a class with you next May and cannot wait to learn more!

  10. Have a fun trip and a great Thanksgiving.

  11. Your pumpkins are beautiful and inspirational! Great way to come up with the name Queenie. I live in a small town in NC, too. I've lived in the USA for just almost three years and I'm finding it all overwhelming. Thank you so much for saying something. I agree, we need to start seeing each other as individuals, celebrating each others differences.

  12. Dear Bonnie, thanks as always for all you do. Every year at this time I smile and think you deserve a break and you have scheduled things well. I am looking forward to the mystery. Please ignore anyone who would use these comments or other media to lecture you on how you should feel or what you should write. It is your life and your blog - thank you for sharing with us.

  13. I have an old 830 Bernina that I love. But I found an Emdeko at a thrift store 3 months ago. Didn't run, took it to the repair shop I use, they got it running, and I am absolutely smitten with this machine. Have never heard a machine "purr" like this one. And it's fast too. The Bernina has been put on house R&R Love the pumpkins

  14. Many, many of us share your worries, Bonnie. I'm glad to hear your perspective on this.

  15. Have FUN FUN FUN on your long weekend! And yes, my daughter and I are binging on Gilmore Girls this weekend and if we finish early we will be going to see Fantastic Beasts...A lovely weekend! Family, food, TV binging and quilting. Heaven.

  16. Have FUN FUN FUN on your long weekend! And yes, my daughter and I are binging on Gilmore Girls this weekend and if we finish early we will be going to see Fantastic Beasts...A lovely weekend! Family, food, TV binging and quilting. Heaven.

  17. Would you people stop trying to muzzle Bonnie over what she can say on her own blog!! I come here because Bonnie is a person, not a quilting machine. If these things are on her heart, she has every right to say them on HER blog. If you don't like it, go haunt all the trash sites that offer free patterns with dubious instructions. If you want what Bonnie has to offer, then accept that she can say what she wants. Period.

  18. Bonnie, thank you for your thoughts, and for sharing your time and talents. I love your daily quotes on Instagram too. Frankly, I love you. Enjoy your time with the hubs.

  19. Happy Thanksgiving wishes to everyone in Quiltville. Count our blessings and look to the future. We are a strong and beautiful country ... God has given us many blessings ... we need to focus on that. Linda

  20. Three hundred more to go! I wish you and your Hubs a wonderful holiday weekend, with diving and sewing and lovely warm sand between your toes! I hope to find my "yellow"s tomorrow to add depth to what is in my stash. I am going to be making a half size quilt, as I know that if I get overwhelmed I will just stop and I really want to do a mystery quilt, and who better than with you and all of your sweet ladies that follow you! Than you for your "teachings".

  21. Bonnie lives in a country that values a right to free speech. Furthermore, this is Bonnie's blog. Finally, she said she was disturbed by neo-Nazism and the KKK -- by racist organizations that encourage hate. And some of you want to silence her and police what she says on her own blog? And you want to tell her how to feel? Seriously? I can't be alone in finding this ironic.
    Bonnie, say what you like. I'll look forward to the Mystery Quilt. Speak your truth as you see it, and may love rule.

  22. Bonnie, Your blog brings me pleasure every day and uplifts me to sew, sew, sew. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on life as it happens in the USA. Everyone sees it differently, but that's where we're blessed. Everyone has a right to their own opinions and to state them as they see them. It's your blog and you have a right to express your opinion on it. Nazi-ism scares me, too. We as Americans need to be watchful that Nazi ideals don't become the norm in our country.
    That aside, this is a quilting site and I'm so excited to see the first clue on Nov. 25th. for your mystery quilt. I have only done one mystery quilt--Alliatare, but I love my quilt and I'm looking at it now as it covers my bed. I appreciate your knowledge of designing quilts and using up stashes to create the scrappy looks of your quilts, but masterfully also look sooo together. Thank you for being the person you are and inspiring us all. Pam Clark, Iowa

  23. I saw what you saw on the news last night, also. BUT, at the end of the segment, IT Did say that they were not professing to be Neo Nazi's or anything of the sort. It just appeared that some of them were doing the One armed Salute thing. I DOI NOT read as much into these incidents by themselves. IT Is when you can see a pattern. I chose not to take a position in the late 80's as it was too close to Hayden Lake, in Northern Idaho, where the NEO Nazi's/Aryan Brotherhood were very strong, and I had two Pre Teen boys at the time. Very Impressionable age. No, Thank You! I also saw quite a bit of it in CA, when working as a corrections officer. SO, Between my military background, and my Law Enforcement background, it takes more than one news cast to upset me.

    I am really looking forward to Friday, and the first clue Dropping. Until then, I have to clean house, bake a dish for the potluck at Church on Thanksgiving, p/u 30 bags of pellets for the woodstove from a neighbor about 7 miles away, then maybe I can start to think about sewing. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

  24. I do NOT see the comments Bonnie made as Whining! If you think it id, you do not know whining! Bonnie was stating how she felt and how it caused her lack of sleep. She has a right to state that. After ALL, it is her site and her Blog!

    This is Thanksgiving. Let's be Thankful for all we have, to Include Bonnie and her creativity, that she is willing to share with us for free! She takes the time to put together a Mystery every Fall, so those of us that do not have family to spend the holidays with, can find a purpose at this time of year.

    Thank You, Bonnie! I Love all that you do for us!

  25. I can't believe some of the obnoxious comments on your blog Bonnie. I read your comments only as an explanation of the wise saying shown on the pictured quilt. It didn't fuel me into complaining or whining (horses do the "whinning"!!). Have a great time in sunny Florida, wish it was me and have a happy Thanksgiving.

  26. "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Keep speaking your mind, Bonnie! You have spread some much needed light into some dark days for our country. Love your blog and Quiltville Quote of the Day!

  27. I enjoyed watching the Crown also. My mum is an English war bride from WWII She is the same age as the queen so it is like watching her young life. She was also involved in the war effort. She was in the observer corp. Dad was in the eighth air force. Just a comment on getting to know people eye to eye sort of. A quilter from Russia and I just friended each other and I am looking forward to getting to know her and her quilting.

  28. So glad that you found your missing piece of the block. I knew it would be there somewhere!
    Looking forward to starting the mystery with you. I've got all my fabrics in stacks, and only have the pressing left to do before we open clue number 1.

    hope you and your husband have a fun time getting away with each other for a while.
    enjoy the sun and the warmth, and make some good memories.