Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quilt-Cam 6-26-2013

Here is a pic of Diane sewing away working on Pineapple Crazy blocks (From String Fling) in her RV!

We Sew Wherever We Go!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie,

I am working on a KING sized scrappy batik pineapple this summer while traveling in our RV.  Really enjoying quilt cam today, thanks for sewing with me.

Cute, cute cute, Diane!  Keep Sewing!

I am back from my little afternoon jaunt..and just in the nick of time.

I hit road construction, a wreck with stand still traffic, and bumper to bumper rush hour to get to this little lady….but here she is in the back of Shamu:

vintagemachines 004

Treadle laying down, head off to the side resting on a towel ---

But do you see the bonus?!?

It turns out that the lady I bought the machine from is a quilter!  And when she found out that I was a quilter as well….she ushered me into her studio where other things she was trying to find a home for were waiting for adoption.

Could I use a quilt laddder, she asked…..OF COURSE!!  So she threw in the ladder for good measure, and I know it will have a happy home in my new cabin.

Her house had a big  SOLD sign across it…she and her hubby are moving to the coast and having a house built, but for now she has downsized considerably – lucky me!

vintagemachines 005

Here She Is!

This lovely lady is going to have a great home up at the cabin.  She’s a Singer class 15 – I think she dates to 1921 –but I’ll have to double check. 

Her Tiffany decals are in excellent shape..I don’t think she was sewn on much!

The hand wheel and some of the other chrome parts are going to need some de-rusting work – and she moves very stiffly, but I don’t think it’s anything I can’t handle.

I won’t be sewing on her tonight…..because I just got back, I’m grabbing the same project I’ve worked on the last couple of Quilt-Cam sessions.  Crumb pieced rectangles.

Wanna join me? Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed!

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  1. So happy to be joining you tonight Bonnie! I am working on "Bonnie Hunter-ing" my stash and separating by color and size. I am all done...... with the exception of fabrics that have no true color, but, have many colors in them. Rainbow-esque if you will? What do you do with such fabrics?

  2. I'm piecing batting together to use up the odd size leftovers. It's a great mindless activity so I pay attention to what you are doing. Love the crumbs!

  3. Was working up putting my pictures from Ireland on my blog. But guess now I will pull out my paper pieced shirting and indigo stars to work on.

  4. Hey Bonnie! I loved the face you made On the Phone, sorry about the flight . In the words of Pete the cat. Keep walkIng along and singing your song cause It's all good! I'm working on block 6 of my swoon quilt.

  5. Hello Bonnie. The clock is 1 am here in Iceland and I am appliqueing while watching you.

  6. I have 3 projects going at the same time! All 3 are about 75% finished. I'm organizing my quilt room and putting the projects in order I need to get them done and I am going to get them finished! Love QuiltCam! Thank you so much!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oppps..don't know what happened here. Enjoyed sewing with you in the Sunshine State..safe flights tomorrow.

  8. Hey to Kevin Kim and Colleen plus you Bonnie. Watching you with the stress of tomorrow makes me nervouse that your fingers are going to get stitched!

  9. Hey Bonnie - I'm joining you tonight from Guelph, Ontario - and handstitching down the binding on a pineapple wall-hanging, completely constructed from scraps! I actually BOUGHT these scraps - there's a couple of LQS's that sell ziplock bags packed full of leftovers from sample projects. Loooooove 'em!

  10. Sorting a pile of other people's scraps I get at guild meetings! Some are strips that go directly into my "idiot" drawer. Just emptied it and now have yards of strips for scrappy piano keys borders and a stitch and flip quilt for charity. Think I will have lots of strips for a funky log cabin quilt. So, sorting while I am watching-can't stitch while watching-need a treadle in this side of the basement!

  11. I am just watching tonight and taking the night off. I love quilt cam and love to get ideas for my next project!! Have a great trip to LA tomorrow!!

  12. Hi Bonnie, must tell you that I now own a grasshopper thanks to you!! Saw yours and fell in love so I had to get one for myself, happy quilting !!!!

  13. Think maybe Google+ has some connection with Delta????? You just disappeared! Will wait for you to come back! (9:38 pm)

  14. Hi Bonnie, busy cutting 2 " stripes for Alaska only 52 more sleeps but whose counting??? Lol
    I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas...I am so excited!!

  15. Love having you in my quilting studio Bonnie! :)

  16. So excited I found quilt cam. Beth from Texas.

  17. I had to giggle at Stephen's comment about adding yellow - - I wondered who else was sitting at home randomly shouting out colours every time you ask what colour is missing. HA!

    And yes, you are pronouncing Guelph perfectly! It is a reference to the reigning British monarch at the time Guelph was founded, King George IV, whose family was from the House of Hanover, a younger branch of the House of Welf.

  18. I'm working on Smokey Mountain Stars in 30s prints.

  19. I Finger-pressed more parts for my Midnight Flight while I was watching. I sewed a bit across the room and put you on FULL SCREEN. I have 13 Blocks made and at least 6-7 more ready to put the 4 parts together now. My friends on Facebook are liking my progress thus far. 12 Blocks are pictured on my Blog and FB today. I marked lines on the back of 2.5" squares,sewed, trimmed and made many parts at my RETREAT in Leavenworth. I saw Robin while she was putting her Celtic Quilt together. Thanks for QuiltCAM and have a safe trip! Happy 4th of July at the Cabin too!

  20. wonderful quilt cam tonight Bonnie♥♥♥ thanks.
    safe journey tomorrow.
    I was tracing leaves and flower petals for appliques, while you were sewing. Always enjoy your company.

  21. I love quilt cam - missed you while you were in Ireland. I picked up Easy Street from the longarmer today. Will show you a picture as soon as I get it bound.


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