Sunday, June 30, 2013

OH. Brother!!

See this sign?

Oh, Monroe Regional Airport!

This is what I was afraid of.

On my way into Monroe – one of my quilt bags did not arrive.

The employee at baggage told me to go down to the ticket counter and someone would help me find out where my bag was and when it would arrive.

When I went to the ticket counter….there was this sign.


I waited 30 minutes for someone to come to the counter……it seems that when a flight is ready to board, they close the ticket counter to folks waiting to check in or be helped so that they can go board the waiting passengers for their flights ---

In the mean time, the line of angry folks lining up to receive help at the ticket counter piles up until that poor counter person returns to handle them one by one.

It took one minute for the ticket person to check the status of my bag and be told that my bag would be in on the next flight from Atlanta ---and when I came back at 5pm to pick it up, I was greeted with yet again…THE SAME CLOSED SIGN…

The ticket counter person was once again away from the desk, boarding a flight and folks had to wait another 30 minutes for someone to come back to help them.  Frustrated doesn’t begin to cover the range of emotions I went through while waiting to see if my luggage had indeed arrived.

So my biggest fear about being dropped off at the airport this afternoon?  You got it!

SAME SIGN!  It was 1pm.  The ticket counter was closed until 2pm.  And there I was with this amount of luggage:

Monroe_LA2013 892

Two 50lb duffle bags full of quilts, my roll aboard and my backpack.  I had an hour to wait.  I plopped myself down on the floor and reclined against my quilt duffle and took care of business on my phone.  What else is a girl to do?

One of the things she DID do while sitting there….was contemplate how to sneak her carry on luggage into the house…because….well you see….

Monroe_LA2013 883

There is something hiding inside!!

Shelia made me do it!  Actually, this sweet little machine belonged to her Aunt Bradice who is in her 90s and  in the nursing home.  One day Aunt Bradice called Shelia up and told her to take the machine…and she did…and then Shelia gifted Aunt Bradice's machine to ME!

Monroe_LA2013 884

Aunt Bradice’s sweet little 99k in excellent condition!

Monroe_LA2013 885

Her serial number dates her to 1956!

If you have ever wanted to date your Singer Machine, click HERE and choose either no letter prefix, single letter prefix or double letter prefix.

I ended up sending most of my clothes home via FedEx so I could fit the machine in her case inside my roll aboard.  I padded her inside the case and out with what remained..and I’m hoping hoping hoping she makes it home okay.  I’m taking smaller commuter jets home so the luggage will be checked plane side ---*fingers crossed*

I’m now checked in – flights are good to go, and am waiting in the passenger waiting area for them to open up TSA check in when it is time to go to my gate.

And the journey home begins!

Oops!! Scratch that –

I just got a phone call from Delta that my flight has been delayed long enough to miss my connection in Atlanta! It looks like I will be spending the night in Atlanta tonight. Good thing I have plenty of Hexies with me to keep me busy!

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  1. oh the life of the poor traveling quilter... filled with limosine rides and five-star hotels... lol... no one knows how exhausting all that travel really is!!

  2. Oh, how nice of Shelia! I know she feels good about giving it to you because she knows it will have a good home. Happy travels!

  3. If that's the Shelia I know she is one of the sweetest most generous quilters I know! Enjoy your new baby!

  4. That machine is identical to my mother's old Singer that i learned to sew on. What a nice thing to see! I'd love to have my mother's old machine. But I have her "new" Bernina 930!

  5. Oh goodness, what an absolutely wonderful gift. Shelia parted with this???? The Singer 99K is in perfect condition, almost like new. WOW, I'd be the happiest woman in the world - and I know you are too!!!

  6. oh I do so hope your new machine makes it home ok - lucky you!

  7. Once again...I am jealous of you and your machines =) Hope the trip home is calm.

  8. I've never had anything but trouble with Delta :P I traveled a lot, for work before I retired, and their flight attendants have attitudes! I seemed to always get this one older female attendant (flights from AZ to & from Atlanta, go figure) who I just wanted to smack :P I finally got sick and tired of her, and filed a complaint - didn't see her on any more flights from AZ to Atlanta or back, maybe I wasn't the only one?

    The straw that broke the camel's back was when I had a Crohn's attack (I have a card that explains my disease) and needed to use the restroom as we were taxiing out to the runway she told me I couldn't use the bathroom and if I did they'd have to turn the plane around. Fine, I said, as I pushed past her it's I go in there or ..., guess what, the plane did not turn around.

  9. Hoping you kept enough clothing and toiletries to get you through the delay! Safe travels little 99!

  10. LOL... have you ever thought of getting your pilot's license and a small plane and flying yourself??? Might be quicker.

  11. Anonymous5:27 PM EDT

    I remember when my mother's 99K looked like that, now it is a poor nonworking machine without a base or cover. I finally rescued it from the storage shed, where it was placed by my husband,who does not understand my keeping my old machines, although he has stacks of wood that he plans to build with someday.

  12. I have a 99, need to get her running - she is too cute.

  13. How do you keep smiling through all of this travel mess. . . At least you have a new toy to hep the smile stay in place. I think her name should be Aunt Bradice :)

  14. bonnie. one word. SouthWest. I really like your approach to living - for you, it's all a part of Journey. me, too.

    1. Main problem with them-they only serve peanuts on cross country flights!!! And they don't go to the smaller airports that some of us use! Plus, not nationwide! Sometimes we have to use other airlines!

  15. You work so hard and give so much of yourself-- it is nice to see that others return your generosity. As for Delta there is only one word to sum it all up . Suckerooooo. What a miserable experience .. a nice glass of wine and a pile of hexies and you will forget it all:)

  16. I dont fly anywhere any more---hubby drives and I can sew hexies or crochet or whatever til her wants a nap--havent been on a plane since 98---...I am sure I would find you just hexing away! new project or the *hood* ornament you were working on...*~*CAROLE*~*

  17. Well I"LL BE!!!!! Smile like a GOOD SOUTHERN GIRL Miss Bonnie.
    HUGS JulieinTN

  18. You have a nice vintage sewing machine collection going on! I have been working on cutting scraps. Sorry your having flight problems! I can't wait for quilt cam for this week! Your going to be steaming up the airways if your not already. I foresee you working on more crumb blocks and with big scraps going into them. Good thing you have a hand project otherwise I would have been having a fit!

  19. The smaller commuter airports have the counter people doing double duty as the boarding and baggage handling people when it is time for a departure. They aren't busy enough to have an inside crew and an outside one. I have a friend who used to work for Northwest (now gone) and she one time let me slip on when I was running late! Must be why they want you at the airport so early!
    Sorry about your missed connections! When I went to Tennessee the other week, my carry-on got checked basically empty as I removed my sewing machine and carried it on! Learned my lesson with your sweet pink "Barbie" last year!
    Take care and soon you will be home getting a new bed ready for the holiday weekend!!:)

  20. I thought of you this Friday. I saw a 99K at the local thrift store. I looked up the serial # and it was made in 1954. Unlike your 99K this one needs a bit of work. I noticed the wire showing through on the cord. I was wondering if I should buy it. I asked a friend of mine what she thought and she said not to. If I ever find a Featherweight at the thrift store, I`m buying it for sure!

    1. I've never seen a Featherweight or a 301 at the thrifts stores either. I did purchase a few featherweights last yr on Ebay. spent part of the summer really sick. What's a girl to do if she's too sick to sew? I did fix them up and now I have too many... need to get rid of them you can see them here:
      if you are interested.

  21. Bonnie...our local airport is just like that one. The is only one ticket agent and they are also the boarding agent. The TSA people (2) are also the baggage people. There are two gates...the one you go out of and the one you come in on.

    I learned to sew on that same sweet portable at age 7. Made my wedding dress on it (and all my jr. high and high school clothes too!). Wish I knew what happened to it.

  22. Bonnie, I hope you rest very well ... both in Atlanta and when you get home. Sheila's generosity with her Aunt Bradice's 99K is your good fortune as well. She (the 99K) stays in a long line of sweet people.
    I am assuming you found the missing bag-o-quilts. I am hoping I just missed that in your post.
    Again, rest well and know there are a world of quilters holding your best interests in their hearts.
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

  23. I love your new toy and hope you both make it home safely with no more delays. My grandkids were supposed to fly into Cincinnati on Delta yesterday. At the last minute, the flight got changed to today. They were supposed to arrive around 11 am, then the arrival was delayed to 2 pm. They're finally here safe and sound and Nanni is sooo glad!

  24. It's a shame that the guild did not know this so that you could be ready for the waiting. You would think that someone there would have been aware of this.
    I have a 99. They are awfully cute. Hope that you made it home safe. What a hassle.

  25. Bonnie, you are the LUCKIEST gal I know!!!

    Gina in Missouri

  26. Such a positive attitude...God bless you! Love the featherweight!

  27. How wonderful! My "new" $10NZ thrift store 99 is due back any day from my very patient technician . I have an hours drive to Wellington from my home on the Kapiti coast to collect her. She dosnt have a name yet, but I we will be sewing along with you during your next quiltcam! Can't wait to use her! Thanks for being so inspiring.
    "Waving" Hello from New Zealand

  28. At least you've got your new (old) machine to console you.

  29. Oh, Bonnie, what a sad saga. Keep remembering your new gem. So much for the glamorous life of a travelling quilt teacher! Love you, and best wishes for the rest of your trip.

  30. Thanks Bonnie, I have just checked the serial number of the machine I inherited from my mother and it is 1950. 4 years before I was born. Many girls dresses, trousers, curtains etc. have been sewn on it and even the upholstery for a lounge suite. But never a quilt. It must be time to get it serviced and be the first to sew a quilt on her.
    Gayle (also in NZ)

  31. Oh Bonnie, I feel so bad for all your traveling woes, at least you have a beautiful new Singer 99K! BTW, today is July First cuz June only has 30 days. I don't want you to have your inner calendar all goofed up when you have jet lag. Hugs!

  32. oh Bonnie what a great machine, you lucky duck you. I wish I could be so lucky-lol. and I feel horrid they are treating you this way. we all need to unite and fill their comments section on their website-darn airlines! Unite Bonnienites! LOL painting my sewing room first wall baby pink today still. Just found 8 rolls of battign I forgot I had.

  33. Thanks for sharing how to date your machine. I have now discovered what year my dad's (yes, my dad's) singer sewing machine is!!!! It is a 1906 with the sphinx decal. Model 27 or 28, I need to measure the bed. It was modified to electric. It has the vibrating shuttle.

    My dad bought it in the fifties when he came to the US from Sweden. He used it to repair his clothes. His sister made slipcovers on it. I used it too.

    Your links for vintage machines also helped me to find out to clean it.

    I'm going to finish a pre-cut quilt kit my mom bought in the early seventies on it. It is full of cheddar! But it would be a nice tribute to my dad since he died this past March to use his machine to finish this for my mother.

    Thanks again!
    Lynn from Maryland

    PS: I'm thinking of calling her Cleo for Cleopatra since she has the sphinx decal. LOL


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