Saturday, June 15, 2013

Christ Church, Dublin Ireland!

Historic churches are a favorite “must-do” on the list when it comes to sight seeing for me.  I love everything about them – the history, the sense of family, the connection to the past, even the conflict of the ages --

Standing on high ground in the oldest part of Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral is one of the city's finest historic buildings.

Part of the Anglican Church of Ireland, the cathedral is the mother church for the diocese of Dublin and Glendalough. It is one of two Protestant cathedrals in Dublin; the other being St. Patrick's Cathedral, just to the south.

We only had enough time to hit ONE church ---and upon high recommendation, off we went in search of spires, of stained glass, of statues and angels, and of course…tile floors!

And OH! The tile floors!
Dublin_Ireland2013 077

Where do you start?!

How about with a bit more history?

The first Christianized Danish king, Sitric (Sigtryggr Silkbeard), built a wooden church at this site in 1038. On the brow of a hill inside the city walls, it was the most commanding position in Dublin.
The present stone cathedral was begun in 1172 after the conquest of Dublin by Strongbow (a.k.a. Richard de Clare), a Norman baron. Construction continued well into the 13th century, so a transition from Norman to Early English Gothic styles can be seen in the architecture.
The cathedral's vault collapsed in 1562, bringing down the south side of the nave with it. It was rebuilt in the 17th century.
Funded by the distiller Henry Roe, the cathedral was heavily restored by architect G. E. Street in 1871-78. As with many Victorian renovations, the work was important for preserving the ancient building but also robbed the cathedral of much of its medieval character. The exterior was entirely refaced and the interior was fully renovated in a Victorian Neo-Gothic style. Street also rebuilt the tower and added external buttresses.  Sacred Destinations.com

But I know you are really after what it was like on the INSIDE!
If the slide show doesn’t play for you, click the image below to be taken to the photo album.
Christ Church, Dublin Ireland 2013
As this posts, I am on a plane from Dublin back to New York City!  I'll be staying the night near JFK airport and flying the rest of the way home on Sunday morning -- so the next time you hear from me I will be back in my own time zone -- and all of this will seem like a far away dream.

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  1. Anonymous7:10 AM EDT

    How beautiful! There is so much history just in that one place. I imagine Ireland is like walking into the pages of a history book.
    Thanks for sharing your travels and finds with us.
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  2. Thanks for taking us through Ireland with you. What memories you'll have! Wishing you safe travel home.

    Myrna in KY

  3. What a wonderful trip! Safe travels & welcome home

  4. Wow, Bonnie. Those tile floors are beautiful! Thanks for sharing so many pictures of your trip to Ireland. We hope to go there soon and now I will a guide for planning our travels.

  5. I see grand inspiration for future scrappy quilts from you. Thanks for sharing your travel with those of us that could not go with you!

  6. I se new quilt designs coming up!!

  7. Oh, those tile floors are wonderful. I'm sure you were all drooling as you snapped your photos. What inspiration! Have a safe trip home. What an awesome trip you have had. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi There, I have loved your tour so far but these churches are really my favourite!!!The history is so unbelievable!!!I wish we could still have architecture like that today!!!So much better than what you see today!!!Somehow new building just don't have the same character!!!Enjoy the rest of your time there!!!

  9. Love the pics and the end of your trip to Ireland is sad that it is now a memory but you LIVED it! Most people only get to live vicariously through you like me! Thanks for all the great pics along the way and our own personal tour. Glad you are getting a night to readjust to US time again before being bombarded when you get home with friends and family ready to hear those memories from you over and over :) Have fun reliving it... hope you relive some on quilt cam! Kathi

  10. My husband and I were fortunate to have the chance to travel with a choir group 8 years ago that performed at Christ Church and St. Patrick's in Dublin. Christ Church was so beautiful and the people were just lovely. Thanks for the photo tour. I can't wait to see the quilts inspired by those tiles!

  11. Hello Bonnie,

    Fantastic tiles, but what are those rogue Spanish tiles doing in there?

    Safe trip back,


  12. As I've looked at all of your beautiful pictures of tiled floors, it has made me wonder if many of our so-called American patchwork patterns are actually rooted in immigrant remembrances of home- of the floors of the churches and cathedrals they had worshiped in prior to emigrating. Then, as a way of tying their old lives to their new, they gave the patterns names reflecting their new surroundings. As these patterns were passed down from generation to generation, their original sources would have been lost. Could it just be coincidence.....

  13. So many different quilt patterns all over Christ Church Cathedral! It is an absolutely amazing place. Thank you for bringing us with you for your visit!

  14. I have enjoyed the trip through your posts. Can't wait to see the patterns you come up with from this wonderful experience! Maybe the next mystery quilt?

  15. Welcome back to the good ole USA! I loved the Ireland posts - thanks for sharing! I noticed the creamy, yellow "painting" on the tiles and wonder how that has lasted through the years. I noted that the tiles have remained in the floors for decades if not centuries and yet the tiles in my kitchen are coming off after 2 decades. I want their glue! And I'm under the impression that men did the tile work...so does that mean that women didn't really "invent" new quilt designs but we learned them all from men! Or were women weaving the designs into the fabrics on the looms back then and the men copied the women's designs for the floors? Just a thought...

  16. Thanks so much for sharing all of these wonderful spots with us, Bonnie! You're awesome! And the pics of this gorgeous church are fantastic! What a beautiful place! I'm so glad you got to experience it in person!

  17. What an amazing trip this has been for you, Bonnie! Thanks for sharing so much of it with us! My goodness, those floors are AMAZING! Sweet dreams for tonight and safe travels back to The Tarheel State tomorrow. ☺

  18. Hi Bonnie
    I'm so glad you liked Christchurch. My office is across the road from it and I love to see the many visitors enjoying it, especially when we get really good weather.


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