Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Evening Walk through Belfast --

I’m not sure if I posted this before…

Our last big meal together was held on the top floor of the Europa hotel.

It’s a beautiful hotel – I couldn’t believe how lucky were were for the entirety of our trip with the hotels we stayed in.

Okay, so the first one in Galway was a bit rambunctious with the pub being right below my window, and then there was that wedding party that went past 2:30am – and the rowdies then beneath my window at 5:30 am yelling at each other.

It couldn’t be helped that it was HOT –and the hotel did not have air conditioning because that just never happens in Galway ---

but all in all it was a beautiful hotel!

The Europa…TOP NOTCH!

Except I heard from locals twice on that leg of the journey “Oh, the Europa?  Don’t you know that is the most bombed hotel in all of Belfast?!”

It’s been quiet in Belfast for many years now….but it sure brought the reality of the whole Northern Ireland experience forefront in my mind.

Can you see everyone taking pictures of the rainbow outside the window?  Here is a recap:

Belfast_Ireland2013 130

Left side--Yes, it’s a double!

Belfast_Ireland2013 129

It seemed to get brighter every second ---

Belfast_Ireland2013 128

Right side! 

Ireland is so far north that it was light til way past 10pm at night.  It feels weird being back in the south where it is dark just past 9:30 or so.  After dinner a few of us put on our running shoes, grabbed our cameras and went out walking…in Belfast, Northern Ireland – and were out past 10pm!

Belfast_Ireland2013 094

The sky was clearing after the rain storm –and the setting sun lit up the clouds.

Yes, this is a KFC!

Belfast_Ireland2013 095

Entrance to a pub…tile floors again!!

Belfast_Ireland2013 096

This street had lots of churches of every variety…they were beautiful in the fading light.

Belfast_Ireland2013 098

Tall square bell tower --

Belfast_Ireland2013 103

Belfast_Ireland2013 097
Towers, tall, round and pointy like a pencil.

Further down the road we came across Queen’s University

Belfast_Ireland2013 122

What a magnificent building!

Founded by Queen Victoria, the Queen's University in Ireland, was designed to be a non-denominational alternative to Trinity College Dublin which was controlled by the Anglican Church.

Belfast_Ireland2013 106

Just SO beautiful!

Belfast_Ireland2013 108

Doesn’t this look like something out of Harry Potter?

Belfast_Ireland2013 110

Statue in the front court yard --

Belfast_Ireland2013 113

Magnificent clouds!

Belfast_Ireland2013 112

Marker on the monument

Belfast_Ireland2013 114

Close up of awesome windows!

Belfast_Ireland2013 116

Angel on the door archway

Belfast_Ireland2013 119

Oh, those clouds!

It was a great evening walk in a fascinating city with some new traveling quilter-friends!

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  1. You know what is nice not to see?
    graffiti! We saw it all over Europe on beautiful historical buildings. Make me ill to see it.
    Ireland, isn't it magical?

    Thanks for sharing your trip, welcome home and
    Happy Sewing

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the photos from your trip. It has been a fun coincidence that I am reading TransAtlantic by Collum McKann right now (just finished last night) and many of the landmarks I read about are in your blog soon after I read about them!

  3. Anonymous10:40 AM EDT

    Bonnie - your photography is getting so good you should sell these to National Geographic! Thanking you once more for the Ireland Tour.

    How you keep your schedule is well beyond me lol. Relax whenever you can, please.

  4. Beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Anonymous12:30 PM EDT

    Bonnie, you are so blessed with the life you lead. and then theres we who live through you vicariously. wouldnt have it any othwr way. i loved touring Ireland with you every step of the way. thankyou for sharing the most fantastic trip of a lifetime.
    i consider you a great friend.
    Blessings to you, Sara

  6. I've really enjoyed your photos.

    I in the tropics and here it's well and truly dark by 6.30, I miss light filled evenings.

  7. What an amazing trip you had!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  8. What amazing pictures. I hope to get to Ireland one day, but until then I travel with you.

  9. HUmmm, I've seen house patterns, barn patterns, Cottage patterns, bird house patterns.... Maybe a Church pattern somebody?


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