Monday, October 25, 2010

Please Check Your Stash!!....

Teri from Indiana is on the look out for this striped fabric!

((the one in the center, used in the sashing))

Do you have it? Do you know someone who has it? Can you ask your quilty friends about it? Send them the link to this post so they can look please, we need to find it for her!

She is hoping to find at least 1/2 yard of it. If you DO have it..she is willing to beg, barter or steal BUY it from you!

She writes:

It is a stripe and I no longer have
the selvage.

The colors in the stripe are red/orange/aqua/white/yellow.

I believe it is manufactured by P&B or Michael Miller, but I can't be certain.

Please contact her via email at tjfritch@mchsi.com if you have it, she might not see your comment if you reply in the comments section of this blog post.

((I will forward comments to her that do show up in my inbox via the comments section))

Ready? Set? SEARCH!


  1. Looked through my brights...no luck yet. I sure hope she finds it!!

  2. It's not looking familiar to me, but I sure will check with quilty friends. Just a thought....Does the piece in the picture happen to have the selvedge in tack, providing further info??

  3. I found this info by accident a little while ago and was able to locate a hard to find fabric. Send an email to the email address below, with a picture and as much information you can about the maker of the fabric, it goes out to quilt ships nationwide and they will email you if they have it...it is worth a shot!!

    fabsearch {at} aol {dot} com

  4. We looked for Teri's fabric at Erica's in South Bend on our way to Chicago. No luck. I emailed Teri to let her know.

  5. http://www.findmyfabric.com/
    try this website. you can upload a picture and it will search using image recognition.

  6. She could also try:
    http://missingfabrics.com/ (emailing this directly too)

  7. Something that I do that might work for others in the future (just as an FYI).

    I cut my selvages off at 1.5 inches (sometimes at 1 inch, depending on how much I absolutely NEED of the fabric). I then store the selvages, and if I ever need to find an extra 'hunk' of fabric, I can quickly refer to my selvages.

    Someday, I may make a selvage quilt, but for now, I just collect and bag the selvages. :D

  8. Try this brand new search site:


    You can even upload a digital picture of the fabric!

    Good luck


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