Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hexagons on the Brain!

Big Cities, Old Buildings, Tile Floors!

Three things that make me ooooohhh and ahhhhhhh! I just love old tile floors....This was in the ladie's restroom at Quartino's!

Yep.....can you see that as a border? I made SURE to catch the corner turn for future reference!

I've been so gung ho happy with these hexes that I even handed a stack of paper pieces and some scraps to Randy so she could start doing some too. It kits so easy...a few pieces of fabric, some thread, a needle, a pin, some paper pieces....and you are ready to go for hours! It was a 3 hour drive to Shipshewana from Chicago....and since we were being chauffeured by Darlynn who was driving, and Andrea, who rode shot gun....we stitched in the back seat and looked out the window and talked and gabbed and laughed...and stitched some more!

What about THIS one???

This was the floor at a little corner bakery where we got breakfast on Wednesday morning....the very beginning fuel up station for our 7.5+ miles power walk around Chicago day! I love the variations I see in tile floors....and there were LOTS of them. Some in entry ways of shops, some had designs in the tiles to spell out a name, a date. It was hexagons everywhere you look....when you open your eyes and start noticing them!

From here we went to a little hole in the wall nail place. Randy got a manicure...and since I was standing there, and they offered the service, I had my brows waxed! >_< It was a nice treat. She did such a good job that she actually used a little comb and scissors and trimmed the brow hairs to a better length. I guess in my old age, my brows are growing way out of control. I had no idea!! LOL!!

Happy Hour snacks were found at a place called "Rock Bottom" later in the evening while we were waiting for Ben, and this was the floor in THEIR restroom!

Yes. I admit it. I was taking pics of the floor while sitting in the stall..LOL! And it's also crazy, but i was wishing I had a floor like this at home, and a pack of dry erase markers so I could color them in any way I want....My Hexies have put a Hex on me!!

After posting this post...I got an email from Carla in Michigan, and she sent me THIS pic of a tile floor: ((of course I had to upload it and edit this post immediately...I was WOW over this one!))

She writes:

Love your post on hexagons and floor tiles. I found this floor in a Madison WI bar last month, old building with oak trim.
I thought the edging was a different treatment for a hexagon center.

Thanks for sharing Carla!

I took some time to lay out the progress to see how the border was going to fit...and after the time spent stitching at retreat, and the time in the Suburban all the way back to O'Hare yesterday morning....and the time spent stitching in between the time that Randy's flight left, and I still had 3 hours to wait for mine...and all the stitching I did on my flight home...I've finished another border section and have partly assembled another, so it's a bit farther than this now.

I'm still not counting how many hexagons there are, or how many there will be, or even how big will this be when I am done? All those kinds of questions I don't have an answer for, and of course they are questions that people want to know. I'll know when it's done. I know it will tell me. And I know I will probably move on to another!

Just give it a try....I know the little hexies will put a hex on you too!


  1. After 3 years of quilting with a machine, I decided to try hand stitching a quilt - and like you, could find nothing better than my beloved hexes to work with. I have a disabling spinal injury, that can keep me bed ridden on worst days, so much better to sew than feel sorry for myself:)

    I have made a few patchwork bags for friends - and they have been hand stitched hex based too:) There is just something about them! I use a plastic template, and happily cut a batch at a time, then sew busily:)

  2. Good Morning, Bonnie - just had to drop you a note - your hexie quilt is amazing, fantastic, and awesome! Can't think of enough superlatives to describe it - please post more progress updates on this extraordinary hexie quilt!
    Thea in PA

  3. you DO have hexies on the brain.. now I want to get MINE out!

  4. Bonnie, I pieced an entire king sized plus Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt using my preassembled kits. Pieces went everywhere with me! That top holds loads of memories for me. Enjoy!

  5. Bonnie,

    Can you get those hex cutters for bigger size hexagons???If so any ideas where I might try.

    I fancy doing a hex quilt, but have a problem getting the papers cut equally if you knoe what I mean.

  6. I love your hex quilt, so much so that I copied it (on paper). I've asked for the punches for Christmas. It's because of this quilt that I'm back into quilting again. Thanks again.


  7. If I remember correctly the restroom floor at the old Marshall Field's store in Chicago had the hexes on the floor, too. In fact, lots of the old Chicago buildings did or do. It's been a long time since I was there. What fun to see all of your floor pictures! Your quilt is amazing, I love the colors!

  8. Do you remember the name and/or the location of the Costa Rican restaurant in Chicago? My friend is going there in a few weeks and she loves Mexican/Caribbean food. I already gave her the name Quartino's for Italian. Thanks. The hexies sure look enticing!!

  9. Now you've done it...I'm digging into the closet and pulling out my old hex-project!

    BTW...you can still buy the hex tiles and there are paints you can use on the tiles...for all that spare time ya have!

  10. I am afraid to even put my toes in that ocean!! WOW! It's a whole new (to me) addiction!

  11. Hi Bonnie -
    What a great inspiration those floors are for hexie quilts. Brings back memories of my Grandma's bathroom floor. I've printed off the photos and will share them with my GFG quilters group :o)

  12. AWESOME, I love those tiled floors!

  13. LOL! You'd swear that we were in the same stall. :D

    I snapped this photo in Sander's Court in Corbin, KY --- home of the famous Kentucky Colonel's first restaurant.


  14. love the hexagon floor tile those are awesome. your hexagon quilt is coming along so nicely. makes me jealous...lol.

  15. I love hexies as well! My 6 1/2 year old grandson and I have been sewing them for 3 years, someday when we finish, the quilt will be his. Such great memories for him and me!-Sandy

  16. Nice article and great knowledge about Hexagonal floor Tile. I love this story and enjoy with your words!


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