Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Smithfield Aquisition

When I was in VA last weekend, since class didn't start until 12:30, I mentioned that I had a chance to visit the farmer's market, and the classic car show...did I also mention about the 1760's court reenactment? I just found some pics that I took, not great, the light coming from the windows kind of blurred everything, but it was based on actual court cases on record from the 1760s!

The court case started at 11am, so before heading over there, I made good use of my time wandering the car show, and passing things that made me giggle like this:

The Andy Griffith show had Floyd's Barber shop, but if you are in Smithfield, you go to the HAMTOWN BARBER! And they were doing quite a steady business when I walked past too! (Guess while the guys were out cruising the classic cars, they may as well stop in for a trim, right?)

Along with the Thomas Jefferson statue at the Smithfield Center, I also fell in love with this old couple...after all, Virginia IS for Lovers!

You can't tell, but she is holding a valentine in her hand. I think this is just the sweetest thing :c)

Back to court!

It seems, that THIS GENTLEMAN has been picked up for vagrancy and general disorderly conduct and for being under the influence of too much ale!

Court is in session to try him and apply sentencing. (This was extremely hilarious because he was totally drunker than skunk DURING the trial too, and falling all over the attendees ;c)

Let it be known that drunkenness is not tolerated in the colony of Virginia, and if you don't behave yourself in a manner becoming a citizen of such town, you just may find yourself locked in the stocks!

So what came home with me? While wandering town, between the old lovers bench statues, and the barber shop, and before finding my way to the courthouse, I stumbled upon this at an antique mall:

It's been used, and used lots. The blocks are pieced by hand, but the top was assembled by machine. I'm guessing 1910-20? It's that pale pink that is throwing me off because the red/black print looks earlier. But that's nothing..I've got fabric that is 30-40 years old in my stash and I mix it with new stuff all the time!

This quilt is SO heavily quilted, you can scarcely find a place that is left un-stitched! There are feathers, flowers, pots, wreaths, all manner of foofy quilting....on this quilt that looks like the blocks were more fit for the farm, than for the fancy! Someone REALLY REALLY loved the hand quilting part!

I especially love how the feathers don't turn the corner...look at how this one just is set there to fill the space and goes out to the end of the border...it doesn't match any other corner either! FUN!

Now for the really amazing part.....what would you price a quilt like this at? In a place that was quite historic and very touristy? How about a whopping $92.00??

SOLD! I just love my little piece of Virginia history.

I am headed down to Charleston, SC...another one of my favorite cities on the planet! I'm meeting with the Cobblestone Quilt Guild for a lecture/trunkshow tomorrow night, and two days of classes Friday, and Saturday. I'll be returning on Sunday!

DS Jeff is wanting to go with me...he has some friends in school down in Charleston and if he can hitch a ride with me, he can spend the weekend with them and then ride back up home with me on Sunday. It's about a 5 hour drive from here...it all depends if we can do a "drop off" of Sadie at Jason's house in Columbia because DH is going to WV to go motorcycle riding and though the cats can be left for a few days to fend for themselves, we all know that dogs can't. Here's hoping it all pans out....


  1. Now I am pea-green with envy...here I live 20 minutes or so from downtown Smithfield, across the river in Newport News. I love going to Smithfield as it reminds me of going home (Mathews Co., VA). We normally would go over several times a year and hit the antique malls and shops. Haven't been over this summer...anyway...I am in envy of that quilt you found...if I had been over and seen it I am sure I would have grabbed it up too!!!

    I would love to have been in the classes you taught but didn't know about them until too late from a blog I follow of a lady who took a class while you were there.

  2. Congratulations on your lastest acquisition! It's a beautiful quilt.

  3. OH WOW. What a find. I just love living in Virginia.

  4. I love your new quilt Bonnie. The quilting is so fun!! I've seen more quilts lately with motifs and no real rhyme or reason of placement. Just the kind I like!!

  5. lucky , lucky you on that find!! Wish i could have a conversation with the quilter

  6. Glad you had a chance to have some fun while you were in Smithfield. I love antiquing!!
    I will have to check out the court reenactment. Haven't done that yet!
    Still working on my blossoms--hope to have my top done soon.
    Loved the class--can't wait for next year.

  7. A beautiful quilt! Lovely colours and block design, plus very creative quilting! Don't you wish you could have met that quilter?!?

  8. What an amazing find. That hand quilting is stunning. We would never find things like that in my area.

  9. Love that quilt....you are right, who ever quilted that, must have LOVED hand quilting!!

  10. Guess what? That is another of George's sculptures. And it's called... wait for it:


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