Tuesday, May 04, 2010

With Crumbs From Austin!

This has been such a FABULOUS trip!! It's been fast paced, run run run and go go go, but I have loved every minute of it!

I have some pictures of Saturday's Crumbs workshop to share with you! The students showed up raring to go, some even went so far as to bring crumbs they wanted to see GONE from their hoards..no wait....stash...to share with everyone to add to the variety. what we ended up with was a true mix of everything, and to me that is the best recipe for a great scrap quilt!

Austin TX Crumb Class 2010
Those of you on readers will probably have to click through to my actual blog to view the slide show. If you can't view them here, click the link below the window to be taken to the actual webshots photo album!

You have GOT to see the lovely BLUE featherweight! I am in love with it! Remember "Ugly Betty", the Singer 301 that was gifted to me in Altoona PA about 1.5 years ago? She spent the winter under a blue tarp out at a fair grounds/flea market place...her black finish is completely chipped down to the aluminum in more than one place...I'm thinking she needs a paint job like this, dont you? IN fact, every time I get a pedicure, I am looking at those little bottles wondering what color would look best on Betty :c)

At this point I'm leaning toward a hot iridescent fuscia! *LOL* I just might do that in the future...I've got 2 years to go til I'm 50, but I'm thinking I can get Betty painted in honor of the occassion. It's a mile stone!

On Sunday, my Star Struck workshop went from noon til 6pm because the church we were using for our class room space was occupied during the morning hours. I got an email from Lucy and Rene telling me they had arrived in Austin, and arrangements were made for them to pick me up after class!

HOW FUN TO SEE THEM!! Driving a hot red little rental car...complete with GPS so we could find our way around.

We went down to the South Congress area, very fun and eclectic, and walked and talked and laughed and visited, and hugged, and laughed some more. Lucy has become quite the shutter bug! And since I was only taking pics with my iphone this trip (yep, left the real camera at home? :c|)I let her be the photographer for the evening.

When they get home to Haarlem, She'll upload the pics and email some, and I'll get you caught up after the fact. She looked so WONDERFUL, they both did...and we discussed my possibility of a short stop over to see them if I can get this trip to visit with a Guild in Stuttgart together for next February.

No matter how many miles we are apart physically, friends are always close at heart!

Austin, you have been wonderful and welcoming, and I can't hardly wait to come back to visit you again!


  1. Bonnie - don't look now, but there's a MAN in your photos...

    very cool, Austin!! Way to go.

  2. Stuttgart! How wonderful. I lived near there many years back and would have loved to have been there for this potential visit of yours (perhaps if I win the lottery I still can LOL)

  3. LOVE the blue machine!! I want one...please!

  4. Lve the blue machine! I am a blue girl so that would be my choice. I sooo enjoy your photos. Can't wait til June when you get to my guild!!!


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