Thursday, May 20, 2010

Living Life Near Lawrence (and MO) Too!

Its been a few crazy busy days, and I haven't even had time to tackle much email, or even THINK of updating this blog..but let me tell you, the quilters in Kansas are incredible!!

But before Quilt Granny Sharon brought me to Lawrence, we had time to run around and visit a great Antique place where many goodies were found.

This little shed was just TOO DERN CUTE!! It reminded me of the little house in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...remember the grandpa goes in, and gets carried off by the bad guys in the blimp? I so would love this in my back yard!

These are the goodies I found....can you believe it? The bricks top was all of $28.00 and the little octagon one with the inset squares was $35.00!! I knew I was never going to want to hand piece an octagon one like this, and the selection of fabrics in it is so fabulous...30's & 40's!

I also lucked out and found two rug hooked chair pads....BOTH for $12.00! Those sunflowers are my little bit of Kansas to take home with me.

And I love redware, so this deep dish plate just had my name on it too....there were some other goodies, but I'm saving those for a special occasion coming up so I have to keep you in the blind side for that for a bit ;c)

Here is a fun pic of me and Sharon just before my lecture....what fun! We've known each other for at least 15 years, have seen each other from time to time and it is always a blast. All because of this INTERNET thing...look how much it enriches our lives!

I want to show you this one fabulous show and tell...just look at this string quilt! It was made with the trimmed off Margins from squaring up regular string blocks! Is it NOT FABULOUS?!??? Oh...I am so inspired by this one. It was huge, used everything, and weighed a ton. My kind of quilt!

Here is the piecing detail..can you see all the bits? WOWWWW!!

Sharon is on her way to pick me up at the B&B where I've been staying in Lawrence, and we have plans to hit some more antiquey places today, as well as some quilt shops, and when i have more time to fill you in on more details, I'll write a bit more! As it is, I've barely showered, I'm sitting here typing frantically with wet hair and a half packed suitcase! Oh the excitement of life "on the road!" as a traveling quilter!


  1. I cannot believe what a wonderful price you got those quilt tops for...they are amazing!

  2. Wow!!! I also love the string quilt! Looks like you had a great time! Can't wait to see what you post next!

  3. What great finds. I have hopes someday of finding some old quilt tops that don't cost an arm and a leg. What great old quilts. Love your other finds too.

  4. Love that string quilt -- it's fantastic!

  5. Bonnie, I love that little house, too. It is soooo cute! You found some great finds at the antique store, and that string quilt is fabulous. It would be so fun to be there with you!


  6. Oh wow thanks for sharing your "finds"....it is all so fun to see these quilts....and yes great stuff!
    Love the bits and pieces....oh my it is huge!
    I think you are so smart to turn your business into a mix of work and play...otherwise you'd probably be burned out by now.

    Happy Sewing and Safe travels

  7. Bonnie, you got some wonderful buys and I have to say that you look fabulous!!!

  8. Thank you for taking the time to share your joy of life with us who live a much slower paced life. Shirley

  9. Bonnie,
    Wish I could have been there with you. You always seem to find the cutest things. Love the string quilt!

  10. Bonnie,you are a "divey". Remember the BBC's show, Lovejoy?!?!
    You're right about that cute little house! I'm so glad you are having FUN and take the time to share all of your travels with us all. We're so lucky to be able to see some of the great quilts like this string quilt!~all from the comfort of our armchair, thank you! You look great by the way... XO

  11. Now I know what to do with my "strings" and left overs!!! I have some pieces left over from a Lone Star quilt that I cut in the wrong direction, now I can do this with them!! How brilliant! I have the beginnings of a string quilt!! I'm very excited! Love their quilt!! ~Nancy in MI

  12. I want to add my Amen! to those who have commented on how great you look! Your finds and the quilts are fabulous, but you are most fabulous. You've been losing weight, haven't you? Looks like you've found a way to look younger too! So will you share that creative tip?!

  13. wow what a grand time you had
    thanks for sharing

  14. Great finds! Lovely quilts. I have to make a string quilt.
    Sometimes after I read your post, I have to take a nap, LOL.
    You are amazing.

  15. Love the string quilt! I think I'd like to make one like that. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing that with us.


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