Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thelma & Louise in Austin!

Lucy sent some pics of our evening in Austin!

We really did have lovely weather and a beautiful evening to enjoy. Austin is such a hopping place, and very tourist friendly.

Word has it that they are still jaunting around Texas for another day, seeing the coast, and heading back to the Netherlands on Friday. I'm sure it will take them a long time to readjust to life in a European time zone, after Gallivanting around Galveston!

As for me? I'm here in California to spend Mother's Day weekend OFF with my dear friend Randy!

I grew up in San Jose, and haven't been back since my 15 year high school reunion, 15 years ago. It's time!

We have lots of things planned, some sewing to do, some walking of the dogs, some visiting with her family,seeing other friends and mostly some BIG decompressing after a very heavy teaching/traveling schedule!

I need some mornings to sleep in without having to wake up to an alarm. I am going to enjoy some down time!


  1. You chicks are so cute together and obviously having a great time. Thanks for sharing the pics :-)
    Enjoy your Mother's Day off!

  2. Enjoy mothers day and a much needed rest. I always look forward to reading and seeing what you are up to.HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

  3. Great pics. of you and Lucy. Now, see I didn't know you grew up in Calif. Bonnie---Isn't the weather great this week. I'm north of you up in Santa Rosa. I'm a native CA. Girl! Happy Mother's Day!

  4. So nice to hear your plans of rest, fun, sleeping in, ENJOY! Bonnie, you gals look GREAT! HAVE FUN! Do what ya wanna Do! :)

  5. Happy Mother's day Bonnie! I hear you rocked Austin! enjoy CA!

  6. Dang! San Jose is just down the highway from my daughter. I really should have stowed away in those quilt duffles!!

  7. You both look fantastic!!!
    Have a great time with Randy and enjoy your down time. I am so looking forward to July!!

  8. What nice pictures of you and Lucy. It must have been fun to have time to reconnect with one another.
    You are one busy lady these days.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures.
    Warmest regards,

  9. Looks like you had a great time :-)


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