Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Drive Through The City....

Friday was an errand day! A very important errand...because Randy and I drove to San Francisco! We were on our way to pick her son Ben up at the airport, but we left extra early just so we could see the Amish quilt exhibit at the De Young Museum! What an AWESOME exhibit! I was especially excited because these were the quilts from the collection of Faith and Stephen Brown.

YES! The same quilts found in the book Amish Abstractions that I wrote a review for a while back! Having the book at home, and then seeing these quilts up close and personal was SO INSPIRING. First off...you can't really tell the size of a quilt by a picture in a book. Second off...there is no way a book can show you the depth and detail of the quilting stitches and the texture,the phenomenal color choices, and the artistry in these quilts. We were just SO thrilled to have gotten there early enough that we were nearly the only ones in the gallery at the time.

And yes, the docents DID have to tell us to "BACK AWAY FROM THE QUILTS!" I guess our noses were too close to the stitches as we marveled..lol!

Since I already had the Amish Abstractions book, I bought this one! And I can hardly wait to peruse through it and see what goodies lie within. Books on antique quilts feed my soul like no other!

From there we took a driving tour through the city, bypassing all the regular touristy spots, because Randy wanted to take me to an awesome bakery down in the Mission district. More on that to follow....

San Francisco Drive By
The weather was so lovely that we had the top down, enjoying the sun and the oldies music coming out of the car stereo.

As with all slide shows, if you are reading this in a reader, you might have to click to my actual blog to view the pictures. If you can't view them in slide show format, click the link under the photo box and it will take you to the actual album on webshots.

We left the city behind to head for the airport to pick up Ben. I just had to get a pic of the sign as a momento!

And what's not to like about sitting behind the wheel of a convertible in California in MAY!? Just call me "Goddess on a Highway!"


  1. Oh I would love to see the quilts from Amish Abstractions live and in person! Love that book! And American Quilts & Coverlets is one of my favs! Enjoy!

  2. seeing your slideshow makes me what to go back to San Fran soon...thanks for the reminder..

  3. It is so much fun traveling with you thru bloggerland. You do such interesting things. Keep traveling and posting so us homebodies can have some fun. LOL

  4. Ok Bonnie if you are still in San Francisco you have got to go to a great place called stacks. It is in the Hayes area of SF. They hav the BEST crab omlett!!! get the sauce on the side and they will give you two fruits instead of potatoes. When we were in SF last fall, it was our favorite place to eat. Pricey, but worth it. Have a great time....

  5. ah bonnie, me thinks you are having waayyy too much fun there!

  6. I have been enjoying your travels through your blog...glad you are having fun! Hot blond mama in a hot car on the California beach...how fun! Happy belated Mother's day.

  7. I do love the book and the challenge we've all been doing with Tonya from the book.....oh I do hope to see them in person soon.

    Happy Sewing

  8. I'm SO glad to hear that your trip is going well and that ya'll are having FUN! :)
    Thanks for letting us know about these books! I'm on it! :)

  9. I'm headed to San Francisco in a week and a half to celebrate my wedding anniversary with my hubby. I wonder if I can convince him to stop in at that museum for a peek at those quilts...


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