Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Walk Through Lawrence, KS

I love old historic areas of towns, houses especially! So imagine my delight when I found that the Kaw Valley Quilters Guild was putting me up at the Halcyon House B&B for my stay with them! (Can you hear me squealing from here?!)

It was lovely. I'd never been to Lawrence before....and I spent the early mornings prowling the quiet historic streets before my pick up time to go teach for the guild.

A Walk Through Lawrence, KS

There are SO MANY neat old houses down there! Many have been converted into apartments for college students, because Lawrence IS a College Town, home of Kansas University..

A couple blocks away tho, it's all single family homes and manicured yards and just had my mouth GAPING as I went down row after row of gorgeous old beauties.

The one church you see has been turned into 4 apartments.....I cracked up when I saw the 4 mail boxes labeled as "Matthew, Mark, Luke & John!"

You'll have to click to my page to view the slide show. And I think the slide show only holds so many, so you might miss some if you don't click the link below the window to go visit the actual webshots album.

I also love weird yard art, so this photo cracked me up:

Look at those eyes in the bush...hehehehehe!!!

I had a great time, and can't wait to head back to Kansas City in August!

I got lots of quilting done on the plane yesterday....my flight out of Chicago was delayed an hour, and then after we were all boarded and taxiing over to our runway (seemed to take 1/2 hour to taxi there!) we came to a halt and stayed there parked on the taxi way for ANOTHER HOUR because of weather and winds. I'd rather be safe than sorry, so it was fine with me..but you know it's not a good sign when the captain turns OFF the seat belt sign, tells us we are free to move about the cabin and use the rest room while ON the taxi way!

I did get into NC about 7 pm or so last night...just beat. Soup for dinner, and off to bed.

I'm getting caught up on mail order...and then plan to spend the weekend SEWING in my basment! I need some machine time, and there is a quilt calling my name that needs a border. Picture a productive Bonnie with her book on MP3 playing in her ears, making a complete creative mess at her own "at home" retreat for the weekend!

Come monday, I'm flying off to Decatur, IL....and we do it again!


  1. I loved your pictures of Lawrence. I went to Baker University in Baldwin City (just a hop, skip and jump from KU) and the place to GO on the weekends was Lawrence! So I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  2. I have to wonder if that bush with the eyes is grumpy since it looks like Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street.

  3. Lawrence has a wonderful history.... and a turbulent one just prior to the Civil War. It is definitely one on my list of places to visit.

    have fun!!

  4. What unique buildings you saw! I enjoyed "seeing" them even if it was not in person. Thank you.

  5. what a beautiful town. the houses are amazing. I grew up in a historical home. I think I have some ancestors from Lawrence, will check into that.

  6. I'll have to look up this town. Must have been properous when it was founded and all these lovely homes were built! Love the bricks/sidewalks! :)

  7. I loved seeing your slide show! I so miss the architecture of the Midwest. My mom's family grew up near Lawrence, KS. I grew up about 70 mi. from Decatur, IL, another college town, where I hope you'll get to see many more wonderful homes!

  8. Don't you just love older homes, well maintained, just gorgeous? My favorites! Have fun, Bonnie!

  9. That bush is hysterical!! Reminds me of the tv show HR Puffnstuff!! Remember that show??


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