Monday, February 15, 2010

Talk About Matchy-Matchy!!!

This pic is from my recent visit to Athens, Alabama!

Carla just sent me a picture of her gorgeous "Double Delight"....I absolutely fell in love with her border treatment. She quilted the whole thing on her home machine, kudos to her, she did a great job!!

After looking at the pic for a minute...it struck me how funny it is that she and I are dressed to MATCH the quilt?!? I know this isn't intentional. It was a cold and dreary rainy drizzly yucky weekend, and I dressed for the occassion in my favorite velour cowl necked sweater. It's baggy. But comfy! And she dressed for the comfort of taking a class too....who would have thought we would match the quilt?

Without the quilt you wouldn't have thought a thing of what we are wearing, but the moment you pull the quilt out, it looks planned...hehehehe

Come to think of it....often when teaching a class I can look around the room and see who is dressed to match whatever project they are working on! The lady working on the red and black would be wearing red, the lady working with patriotic colors is wearing red or blue, the lady who loves pink...well, her machine is pink, her chair is pink, her totes are pink, her clothes are pink, and yes...she has the pink rotary cutter, mat and her project is of course, pink as well.

The colors that we are attracted to are just the colors we are attracted to, and it is fun to see where and how that shows up!

I've had a productive weekend! I finished the quilt with the ohio stars in it. I can't show a pic because it's for the next book...but it's on the machine now and I am so tickled with how it is turning out!

I'm on a run to get to the gym, I've got an appt with my trainer at 10am. After that, it's book order stuff, tax stuff (BLEH!!) and working on a checkerboard pieced border for another top.....just color me BUSY today!


  1. The quilt looks great, I enjoy seeing how others are interperting the piece and adding a little of themselves to it. cw

  2. Very pretty! HAPPY SEWING

  3. love the pix! anxiously awaiting the next quilt you are doing!

  4. The quilt is gorgeous!!

  5. I too seem to dress in what I am sewing on.
    I try to wear light colors as then the threads don't show so much. After a couple minutes my fav dark gray sweater looked as if I had picked up a white fluffy cat!
    She did a beautiful job on the Double Delight. I made one too. But it was gifted away. I need to make another one!
    XOXOXO Subee

  6. You are so right! This is a gorgeous quilt, thanks for sharing!

  7. That is a truly gorgeous quilt - even if I'm not too fond of light blues. You are so right about colour choises. As a redhead I dread pink - also in my quilting, even if I'm not going to wear the quilts.

  8. So true about the colors we tend to love. Sort of how we look like our dogs, I guess. LOL

    I sure hope your next book is all about what to do with the billions of bonus triangles we have all accumulated!! I spent all day squaring mine up and sorting. They range from 1.25" to a full 2". It's those pesky 1 & 7/8th inch that are the most numerous. Please....ideas for using them are desperately needed.

  9. Anonymous7:33 PM EST

    A knitting blog I read, rose-kimknits.com, has discussed the concept of "camouflage knitting" where you realize that your knitting doesn't show up against your clothing because you're wearing the same color. It happens a lot. I have multiple pictures of myself at quilt guild show & tell where I have inadvertently dressed to match the quilt I'm showing! I wonder how much is coincidence and how much is the subconscious at work. Great quilt, Carla!

  10. mmm - looking at my clothing today, and planning my next fabric shopping items, the colors are the same - browns and corals/melons.


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